Frank Field – ‘ The Truth Will Out’…


First of all – thanks to our stand ins who I’m sure you’ll agree did a sterling job in our absence. A few editorial points and one-liners from us and they got the house – or Leaky Towers – style down to a tee. Thankfully some of the more contentious and controversial matters have been left for our return. This included a tip-off to check out a particular post from June 2018 on Frank Field’s Westminster blog which ,if you wish,you can find on his website…

Out of respect for the dead we won’t provide a link to the post especially as it names someone who’s anonymity had been carefully preserved for the best part of a decade. Field’s strange tribute seems to us to be less a eulogy and more a rewriting of history. We reproduce the post omitting the initial naming of the deceased and adding the bold type :

…the power that he put into trying to ensure that the truth that underpinned the case for the group that I call ‘the whistle-blowers’ should be made known.

There is this small group of whistle-blowers who were concerned over the Colas highways contract in Wirral. Wrongdoings were alleged by the whistle-blowers and their case resulted in a clutch of cheating officers leaving the council. Cleverly drawn contracts and powerful legal representation resulted in Wirral having to pay compensation monies to these individuals over the contract – tens of thousands of pounds or more that each of them have had to walk the plank.

What an injustice that Wirral ratepayers had to pay these sums by law to people whose position was untenable in the council once the whistle-blowers had completed their work.

Contrast that with the treatment of the whistle-blowers. These were the agents by which less than proper doing was unmasked. The package of compensation for them, of their careers being blighted, and one of their names being published “by accident” on the council website, was around £5,000.

The injustice to these noble citizens has still to be countered. X died before that day arrived but that day assuredly will come as truth is on their side.

It often takes so long in this country which I love to get this elemental truth established. The inquiry, for example, to establish full the truth about BHS goes on and on, and Parliament won’t give up until it has that truth.

Likewise in the Wirral. Now diminished by X’’s death, the whistle-blowers will go on and on, with my support, until truth is established.

The next stage in establishing that truth will come, I guess, with the publication of the Nick Warren report. The whistle-blowers agreed with the council that this stunning lawyer should carry out an inquiry into their case. The report will be made public, I’m sure, as a freedom of information claim has been lodged.

Slowly but surely the truth will out. The citizens of Wirral owe the whistle-blowers, including X, such a debt for shifting officers that were found wanting in respect of the public good.

We really don’t know where to start with this one. But perhaps we’ll concentrate on the tortuous language and why Field feels the need to use the word ‘truth’ 8 times (count’em). It’s as if he’s trying to convince himself of his version of the ‘truth’.

Furthermore the reference to the publication of the Nick Warren report as a means of establishing ‘truth’ is both puzzling and intriguing . Is this the same report that Wirral Council have kept secret for nearly 3 years and is the subject on ongoing legal proceedings which have lasted 2 years? You’d think that Field and the ‘stunning lawyer’ behind the report would have the power,influence and legal knowledge to have the report published before now wouldn’t you? How does Field know that the Warren Report will be made public? Does he know something that we don’t or is he interfering with ongoing legal proceedings ? What’s more can Field tell us who lodged the ‘freedom of information claim’? So many questions and all of them seemingly so far,far away from the truth.

Wouldn’t it be ironic, when we understand Field’s broken arm was a result of tripping over a pavement stone in Hamilton Square ,that it could be the guys from highways who might be responsible for his ultimate downfall.

However on reflection we don’t think that it will be these ‘noble citizens’ or even the Birkenhead CLP  that will be his undoing . It will be Frank Field’s own hubris.

The truth will out …


10 thoughts on “Frank Field – ‘ The Truth Will Out’…

  1. Are you taking the mickey? Surely this is satire? Mr Field would never write nonsense like that. Some naughty person has made it up. I’m sure Mr Field doesn’t drink, but only somebody under the influence would describe Mr Warren as stunning. Would they? Ah go on.

    • Check for yourself.
      Are you sure Mr Field doesn’t drink? Perhaps he meant that the thought of Mr Warren getting mixed up in Field’s forthcoming shitstorm production was ‘stunning’.It certainly stunned us.
      Quick! – somebody book a double session in confession for Judge Warren!

  2. G’day Leaky Aide

    C’mon the good people of Wirral.

    The Chamber Pot is an absolute joke.

    Paula “The Chamber Potty” Basnett, AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s long term dogsbody is not fit for any decent purpose.

    Particularly Public Service.

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz was criminal and wasteful and she kept paying them for 18 months after the whistle was blown.

    Now she employs Ex clowncillor “Emergency WARD 10 year old, well…. maybe 20 to give away thousands of pounds to start ups.



    The reason I keep banging on Ecca you fucking loser is LESSONS ARE NEVER LEARNT.

    Luv you Leaky Aide XXXXXXXXXXX

  3. So Field graciously hijacks the occasion of the funeral of one of a group of “noble” citizens to benevolently further his own misguided and immoral agenda.

    I think I’ve seen it all now.

    “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society” – Theodore Roosevelt.

    The only TRUTH here is that Field has plumetted down, down, down…lower than a snake’s belly.

  4. Surreal 🤯.. he is getting more unhinged literally as the day goes on .. they say “leaders” brain starts to eat itself when they become so entrenched in their own righteousness that there becomes no challenge.. or something like that .. or maybe it’s simply the Mandela effect ?Quantum at its best!

  5. Does this one serve Field, Nelson Mandela or his damned self?

    • For the attention of Frank Field…

      Yes it’s the BOOMERANG…

      ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

      (James Griffiths, the Aussie, on the the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

      • Thaks “Inty” La

        You know “Highbrow” and I just wanted to report a crime and save Wirral £2,000,000.00.

        Davies Davies Jones Jones Foulkes Adderley Basnett Ball Armstrong Tour Wilkie Norman just blocked and blocked.

        They wasted £50,000.00+ getting a report from Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton and then hid it.

        They got the cops off it.

        They hid criminal asset stripping.

        They are just a shitfull of cabal.

        They don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves that’s why they all keep their gobs shut be it green tory independent.

        They are pathetic weasles just for a few quid and overegged ego.

        They are crud and dross.



        Is there a decent one/

        Is there fuck.

        Luv yer la XXXXXXXXXXXX

        Glad your back Lordie I have missed you so so much X

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