Frank Field Will Stand As Independent If Deselected

As Wirral Leaks predicted Frank Field confirmed this morning in a radio interview of his intention to stand as an Independent Labour candidate at the next General Election should he be deselected

7 thoughts on “Frank Field Will Stand As Independent If Deselected

  1. I am delighted the Frank Field will stand as an independent, I think more MPs should put themselves to the test of the electorate as it means they must listen to the voters and not Party Political Parasites in high office.

  2. Christ for such a weasley little nonsense of a being .. he really does think he’s great his ego is huge just a shame his principles, honesty and integrity don’t match .. and those that have pumped him up to think he’s great you’re worse than him ..step down frank you’ve killed Birkenhead and wmbc is a joke all at your feet

  3. Ha ha ha

    Stand as an independent labour candidate.

    They all have this ridiculous fucking idea they are voted for for who they are.

    They are voted in because they spread the shit it is all Thatchers fault.

    These people are very very ordinary.

    They get voted in because they hated Thatcher bullshit bullshit bullshit.



    BirkenBloodyHell is dying and Tranmereiedre.

    west kirby is thriving.

    Isn’t that peanut independent a resident of west kirby?

    Go on vote for Frankie……I dare ya


    get what you deserve…

    the same old shite.

    Whilst the world moves forward.

    Sorry Leaky Helper I am on the booze tonight…could get rough.


  4. This council beggars belief. Someone must be employed deliberately to think of ways of generating money from the dips in new Brighton. Signs have been erected now saying no parking on the grass! This will no doubt be followed up by wardens handing out tickets.

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