Tripping The Light Fantastic


Wirral Leaks reader sheds further light on the Hamilton Square round the clock illuminations:

Not only have they ruined the grass , there is murder. The council parks staff will not work there because the cables are just below the grass and in shrub beds. Unbelievable! , they fear they may get electrocuted if they damage a cable.

But hey what’s a few sizzled and singed council staff and a massive leccy bill as long as a Wirral Councillor illuminati can enjoy the pretty non-stop lightshow and the late night denizens of Hamilton Square can get to see where they’re shooting up , eh readers?


7 thoughts on “Tripping The Light Fantastic

  1. Really annoys me when people are so negative about everything that people do to try and brighten up the borough…I happen to have same lights in my garden and they are very energy efficient…As for “shooting up”…everyone know that if a place is illuminated ASB greatly reduces!

  2. I hate to be a spoilsport but the cables should have been laid 18 inches deep and in strong polyeurethane ducts, which would provide a physical barrier against accidental cable damage and potential electrocution.

    It would also make sense if there was ever an electrical fault. If the cable had been damaged irreparably along its length and needed replacing quickly and easily, you just draw it out, feed another one through and terminate each end in the lighting columns / flood lights.

    However, don’t use ducts (which *seems* to have happened here) and you may have to either mess around fault-finding and doing cable joints or re-excavate the whole trench at huge expense to achieve the same end result…. lights back on throughout the day and Councillor Stapleton over the moon.

    I was a cable jointer between 1987 and 1995.


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