The Great Wirral Land Grab

There are letters and pictures circulating on local websites which have also been sent to us regarding developers wanting to make ‘land grabs’ encroaching on the Green Belt and other pieces of land on Wirral. We have also been sent additional information about housing development plans in Glenavon Road, Prenton.

Might we once again suggest that all the recent bogus Green Belt ‘debate’ was more about  the current Wirral Council administration creating a smokescreen about diktats from Whitehall rather than genuine concerns about the Green Belt or rampant greed of builders and developers.

Exhibit A – Prenton

81 Glenavon road 015

Beyond this vista is this planning application for  81 Glenavon Road which  involves the demolition of no. 81 Glenavon Road (to the left of this picture) and its replacement with a single dwelling and domestic curtilage, and the erection of 28 x 4 bedroom detached dwellings (!) with garages, driveways, private gardens, bin stores, means of enclosure and a sustainable drainage system (SUDS), all to be accessed from a new single point of access via former Pershore House School Playing Fields.

Developers have been wanting to bit of prime real estate since 1992 . The main impediment to a housing development -access to the site – now seems to be resolved by the proposed demolition of a rather nice house. We can only wonder how much over the market price the property was acquired for  – but whatever it was just think of the return on 28 spanking new detached houses!

Exhibit B -Irby

A reader writes :

Hi We have been passed these disturbing letters which are from a number of House Building Companies to a Landowner in the Irby Area. The Landowner has no wish to the sell the Land and has repeatedly told the House Builders that the Land is not for Sale. The Landowner has never contacted the Council to say that the Land is available for houses. The Council say that, all the Green Belt Land up for consideration for release from Green Belt, is land for which they have received submissions from Landowners and Developers.This Landowner has NEVER sent a submission to the Council. It is becoming clearer that House Building Companies are aggressively promoting land to the Council, even if they don’t own it. You DO NOT NEED TO OWN LAND IN ORDER TO OBTAIN PLANNING PERMISSION for it. This Landowner is continuously being bombarded with letters from Developers. Here is a sample of some of the letters……..(the landowner is happy for them to be shared)


PersimmonPersimmon 2Taylor Wimpey 1Taylor Wimpey 2Story 1Story 2

Exhibit  C – Landican Lane/Station Road

We have also been passed this photo from a lady who says “I came across the sign today just past Landican Lane bridge when I was walking my dogs on the Little Storeton to Thingwall circular route.” The sign appears to suggest that the proposed development is a “done deal” ( a wink and a nod perhaps?) and, therefore, the Council Green Belt Consultations are a sham. We don’t know who the “whistleblower” is and we can’t corroborate what the sign says. Can any of our readers help?


Wirral Land Grab 1





















5 thoughts on “The Great Wirral Land Grab

  1. Beautiful house, No 81.

    And these greedy, f*ckers want to buy it just to flatten it and pour concrete over the field behind it.

  2. My house has a bit of land I reckon it’s ripe for a tower block of tastiful made set of ‘luxury apartments’ £2 mill it’s yours!!

  3. It certainly appears that the avaricious developers have noted Wirral Council`s suggestion that they will permit housing on large areas of Green Belt land in spite of the opposition ( and growing) of many of the residents.
    I wonder how our newly, and expensively, appointed Economic and Housing Tsar will deal with the undoubted furore which any decision to allow development, other than on Brown Field sites, will bring about.?

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