Operation Sparkle


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and that some things on Wirral are beyond satire or parody.  Take for example this announcement :

Operation Sparkle, organised by Birkenhead Improvement District (BID) team, aims to ensure that a local area is tidied, made cleaner and attractive for all.

Full story here : Operation Sparkle

Yes, you read that right Operation Sparkle. What bright spark at the Wirral Chamber of Commerce offshoot BID (for it is they) who come up with that shiny euphemism for turdpolishing? Could it have been ‘one of the leading figures on Wirral’  BID head, Gemma ‘Who She’ Nichols who says  :

By tackling issues of fly-tipping, litter and graffiti we are making places more attractive by planting flowers, painting street furniture, lampposts and improving shop frontages. We will continue visiting areas in need of this support, the BID is here to make a difference and this is something we are all very committed to continue in making a real difference to Birkenhead.

We work with closely with voluntary groups, Birkenhead Constituency, the Probation Service and many businesses to pinpoint key target areas and also involve the community in making Birkenhead a better place to live, work and visit.

The reaction has been very positive to the changes made and we are very determined that Operation Sparkle, and our other initiatives are productive.

Might we suggest a more likely source is Wirral Chamber of Commerce CEO  ‘Princess’ Paula Basnett who inevitably chips in :

I would certainly urge people to help in in whatever way they can by volunteering just a few hours of their time to get involved and make Operation Sparkle a lasting success.

Coincidentally the pictures that accompany this blog post were sent to us last week and suggest Operation Sparkle needs to wave its magic wand. The pictures came with the following comments :

It’s like a shantytown you couldn’t make it up!
If I operated a business that was charged a levy on top of its business rates which in turn is handed to the Chamber outfit, I’d be far from happy

We appreciate that some people may criticise our sneerin’ and a snipin’ from the sidelines about volunteers who just want to make Birkenhead a better place.We’re quite happy to own that criticism  (much like how we used to own Egerton House, Pacific Rd, The Lauries etc;etc;). Moreover we’ll slither off the chaise longue and be on the next flight from Nice airport to deal with other people’s detritus the day that Princess Paula dons the sequinned hi-vis and marabou-trimmed Marigolds and gets down and dirty on the mean streets of Birkenhead. Her Ladyship thinks that such an act of selfless volunteering  would be something akin to the time that hissy-fit fashionista Naomi Campbell did Community Service… and watching this report we see what she means . Operation Sparkle indeed!


8 thoughts on “Operation Sparkle

  1. For those eager types desperate to “put something back”, and rushing to volunteer, perhaps hopeful of a close-up glimpse of Princess Paula in her dazzling, slinky “Operation Sparkle” outfit, you’re gonna be out of luck guys.

    She’s always on call for glamorous, paid photoshoots in exclusive locations and well-remunerated pearls of literary wisdom in the “Wirral Life” glossy lifestyle mag (if graced with a month’s notice).

    But don’t expect to be interrupted by La Basnett while you’re getting down and dirty scrubbing and de-infesting the mucky back passages of Seacombe or Birkenhead.

    Such lowlife antics on the mean streets are waaaaaaay beneath her superior station in life. So just take your orders, smile and work, work, work for your affluent, important masters until you’re spent, broken and dispensed with as damaged goods.

  2. well well well,this smells of a local election getting close ,oh yes the leader of the labour council cllr phil davies is up for relection in may 2019,in the shady world of local & national politics ,to them is only around the next corner,hit the panic button time,hence stupid schemes,like sparkle etc,etc,,its over for you phil ,relax & wait for the inevitable,to happen next may ,,2019,you,ve had over 2 decades to sort Birkenhead out, you have left it a dump with no future,next may ,you will know what that feels like on a very personal level,still you got a nice house out of it in west Kirby,allong with most of your labour cllrs,i,m sure you all have plenty put aside for your retirments,good riddance to bad rubbish..

  3. Wirral Chamber of Commerce, nah, more like a department of Wirral Clowncil….we ceased membership after a year once we realised that they are just a mouthpiece for said Clowncil. Not to be trusted if you need assistance with a problem that involves WBC…..save your membership fee, the money is more valuable than their so called support


    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

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