Train Rage

Train Rage

Wirral Leaks readers will know that we like to do our bit for the community and highlight anti-social behaviour – particularly of Wirral Council councillors and officers.

With this in mind we thought we’d share the above picture issued by Merseyside Police

Police issue CCTV after assault on train platform

Apparently officers would now like to speak to the man above as they believe he may have information which could help with the investigation involving two men who were punched several times at Liverpool Central Station.

Anyone with information should call British Transport Police  on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 with reference number 337-16.08.18.

Alternatively, information can be passed Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

We think that the picture would be strangely familiar to our readers. We may need to go  to Specsavers but could this possibly be Martin Liptrot who heads up Wirral Council’s Wirral Well Hard ,sorry, Wirral Well Made? If so we think Merseyside Police should be told!

16 thoughts on “Train Rage

  1. Think it’s fair to say this guy must now be innocent now that the story has been removed from the globe, out of common cutesy & decency then may I suggest you remove the story to prevent anymore harm done to what seems to be perfectly legitimate normal working fella with a possible mistaken identity.

    • We’re not quite as malleable as other media sources.The post is published in good faith and in the public interest and is going nowhere.
      Perhaps ” a perfectly normal working fella with a possible mistaken identity “(!) will get in touch and put the record straight.

    • Dear Doctor
      Just to let you know that the ‘perfectly legitimate normal working fella ‘ we know as Martin Liptrot had called in and attended BTP’s Liverpool office. Whilst this does not confirm any culpability on the part of Mr Liptrot in an alleged assault it does confirm that it wasn’t a case of mistaken identity. Might we suggest that the BTP’s appeal for information about the individual they wanted to speak to was withdrawn for this reason and hence why the story was taken down from the Globe site.

  2. Uh oh.

    This is getting curiouser and curiouser.

    The paper that doesn’t believe in bringing us alleged Councillor #racism (×2) has now jumped in and removed its earlier urgent spread.

  3. BOOMERANG….. (for Martin Liptrot)

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (James Griffiths, the Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

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