Another Wirral CoC Up!

Partners in Grime 004

The Power Boy Pip and Princess Paula Show 

The good people of Wirral have certainly come up trumps this week (insert own joke here ).We’ve just opened our email, checked out a few things and pressed the publish button.

It would seem the urge to leak is almost becoming something of a biological imperative for surviving the ways of Wirral Council and its parasitic offshoots.Talking of which news arrives of Wirral Council’s municipal mini-me – namely the Wirral Chamber of Commerce. According to our corroborating sources it would seem Wirral CoC(!) is but a scaled down (but more upmarket) replica of our dearly beloved council – the nepotism,the bullying,the dubious contracting arrangements etc;etc;

As emotions are running high we’ll forgive the flagrant use of emojis in the following messages!

You not only want to look into who the Chamber of Horrors are employing but the fact that around 30 staff have left there in the last year! Some made redundant ‘whilst’ they employed others to do the same job! 😡😡😡

Yet do you know there are no longer any Town Hosts (maybe a part time one lurking!) and therefore no one taking a wage from the business rates levy ….. sooooo what are they doing with the money?! Also Tourism gone back to the council? 🤔 Marketing Manager forced to resign? More investigation and light shedding on this! People need to know!

And another one :

Re your article about WCoC… A number of council staff who had been working for the council for several years, but paid by WBC, were actually TUPE’d across to WCoC last summer (with an additional 1 for good luck), in a 2 year 1 million pound contract (paid monthly if you check WBC expenditure tables)… Of the 7 staff TUPE’d one was made redundant by Chamber, 4 left, 1 is on maternity leave…. Only 1 remains at the chamber…one of the areas this contract was to cover was tourism… Apparently that’s been returned in house… You should check if the contract is still live or cancelled… But would Princess Paula walk away from half a million pounds? If still live presumably the million pound contract is paying existing staff or new staff… Council staff only have a home for life at the Chamber if their face fits. Ask Heather Heaton… Her arrival was much vaunted but I suspect her departure (allegedly not voluntary) will be less so. Or ask Mark Barrow… With his wife in a council role he has apparently taken redundancy. So that’s 4 redundancies in past 5 months, in amongst a recruitment programme of young ‘uns…. Let’s not mention the other 30 odd staff who have left voluntarily (or been forced out) in the past year….

You do realise, I’m sure, that The Lauries still has charitable status? It just made me wonder if they were fraudulently getting out of paying business rates…. It may be that a lot of the tenants would be exempt under the new rules, with the exemption thresholds, but suspect WCoC themselves wouldn’t be

It’s horrendous the way they are going through public money and also their treatment of staff. They need to be held to account.

These comments prompted the following exchange between Wirral Leaks and our source :

But who’s going to hold them to account ? Blogs can only do so much and we only scratch the surface – we need people to speak up. We’ve had a couple from WCoC come to us and then back out -knowing that behind the pretty frocks Princess Paula wields significant power. Frightening.

I know. Everyone has got so used to just doing as they’re told. I know a couple of people who have left the chamber and as you say… They left full of intent to let people know what was going on. Then decided a quiet life is easier. The stories I’ve heard have been terrible, of them bullying people who no longer fit the mould. We (people in general) need to stand up and be counted… 


8 thoughts on “Another Wirral CoC Up!

  1. It must smart somewhat when your Blairite dream of continuing to network, enrich yourself and empire build via EU hardship fund monies is being snatched away in 2019.

    Altogether now……….


  2. Sounds like an expensive nest of vipers with chief Paula in charge all sponsored by Wirral council ratepayers and business surcharge also having a near million pound council owned building gifted to them and claiming charitable rate allowances. What hold has Paula over councillors & what have the councillors got on Paula.
    With council staff TUPED and then leaving in droves, what is actually going on for God sake????.

  3. Of course the real scandal here and it is a scandal is who is responsible for the council contracts with the Chamber? That would be Alan Evans. And which council Officer is a Director of the Chamber? That would be …..err………Alan Evans! How does he get away with it?! Who has kicked out the tenants of the Birkenhead Ferry Building to make space for Paula’s new cafe? That would be ……..yes you guessed it……….Alan Evans! In any other place this would be corruption but here they just get away with it.

  4. The ‘new’ Chamber has been a cesspit since they forced the original Chamber (100 years old) out of business. People should realise the £millions Asif Hamid, Paula Basnett et al (allegedly) have taken from the public purse to further their own ends – if you wrote a book it would be a best-seller – now it appears you have to have some relationship with princess Paula to get a job (family member; ex-council employee) and to execute her every wish or you get the chop (reminiscent of a certain Queen in Lewis Carroll’s famous novel!). If I were a paying member I would ask myself “What exactly have the Chamber done for me?”……and so the story continues….

  5. Is it true that a key player here is well-connected and deeply-involved in philanthropic football-related shindigs populated by the Metro Mayor and local celebrities engaged in ‘putting something back’? And that this person rustled up a well-funded Consortium bid to purchase lock, stock and barrel, up and coming, recently promoted Accrington Stanley @ASFCofficial?

    Nope. This “key player” (not involved in any of the above pie in the sky bollocks) happens to be a dishonest, self-seeking, self-promoting, self-projecting fantasist.

  6. Ex councillor who has never run a business in his very short adult life taken on by the Chamber of horrors as a new business advisor taken under the Basnett wing.
    How will New Ferry cope without him?

    • He also nailed his colours to the mast of the corporate option, mega-pharmaceutical conglomerate-owned Pfizer’s Owen Smith MP as being the best leader of a people’s party, forged in struggle, industrial oppression and grinding exploitation, caged inside the UK’s satanic Mills.

      Stupid boy.

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