LRJ : The Return of Her Royal Highness of Hardfacedness


You may remember our disappointment at the announcement on social media by local Labour Party luminary Louise Reecejones (LRJ) that she was ‘retiring’ from politics. LRJ was such prolific source of gobsmacking stories that we felt momentarily bereft – although we did note that she did say in her valedictory Facebook post :

I’ve not gone anywhere and will be back stronger than ever, just without the noose…

Full story here : LRJ: An Unofficial Announcement

So imagine our delight when we saw that familiar name at the head of the recent letter calling for the removal of the whip from Birkenhead MP Frank Field  and finding that LRJ was the Chair ,yes! – the Chair of the Bidston and St James Constituency Labour Party (CLP). Read here :  Exclusive : Will Frank Field have the Labour Whip withdrawn?

We can only speculate that the only other candidate during her election was an actual chair – one with four legs and a backrest.  But what a metaphorical smack in the face that must have been for ex-Bidston & St James ward member, ex- Wirral elected member – we use the term ‘member’ advisedly-  and convicted criminal – Jim ‘Crabby’ Crabtree. All we will say is someone is doing a fine job keeping Jimbo away from the telephone and the late night light refreshments.

Nevertheless LRJ’s comeback has not been without its setbacks as can be witnessed by this month’s Disability Labour AGM motion :

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 14.01.18

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 14.01.02

Oh dear !  it would appear LRJ’s little local difficulty involving sanctions and suspensions and wrist slapping  from the Labour Party slipped her mind. Last thing we knew she was suing all and sundry at Wirral Council for bringing her good name into disrepute (no laughing at the back). The question we’d like to ask is : How on earth did LRJ get to be Secretary of Disability Labour in the first place?

We just continue to be appalled at the calibre of  politicians in general and local politicians in particular. Such developments reinforces our belief that there is but one attribute that is required to achieve high office. You only have to peruse the rap sheet of some of the serial liars who pass themselves off as our local politicians – it would seem you don’t need to be intelligent,ethical,moral or honest  – you just need to be HARDFACED.

We all know that humans are the only species that blushes (or indeed needs to) but those marble busts in the Lady Lever Art Gallery would crimson up before any of the shower than run the show on Wirral.

Nevertheless we have to confess to the guilty pleasure of witnessing Her Royal Highness of Hardfacedness (LRJ) taking on the Czar of Chutzpah ( Frank Field). We know it’s a bit of a mismatch but nevertheless it has all the potential to get very messy . Indeed we look forward to chronicling the fan-assisted flight of the excrement…


4 thoughts on “LRJ : The Return of Her Royal Highness of Hardfacedness

  1. Q. Who was the HARDFACED member of the local Labour Party who covered up the theft of £736,756.97 from DISABLED people over a 9-year period, never admitted it to the media, but hid the admission away inside an internal council document?

    A. Former Council leader Councillor Steve Foulkes.

    Q. Who was the HARDFACED member of the local Labour Party who THREE TIMES refused to reimburse DISABLED PEOPLE who’d had this money stolen from their bank accounts?

    A. Former Council leader Councillor Steve Foulkes.

    Q. Who was the HARDFACED member of the local Labour Party who covered up the bullying and mobbing of Social Services whistleblower Martin Morton (who fought for DISABLED people) and forced him out of his job?

    A. Former Council leader Councillor Steve Foulkes.

    A. Who was the HARDFACED member of the local Labour Party who, scared of revealing the existence of a pay-off, oversaw his officers hiding details of it inside a “New Suppliers” budget, thereby evading the payment of £7,000 income tax on it?

    A. Former Council leader Councillor Steve Foulkes.

    Q. Who was the HARDFACED member of the local Labour Party who concealed a letter from Mike Smith, Chair of the DISABILITIES Committee of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission which found that Wirral Council had committed DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION?

    A. Councillor Moira McLoughlin.

    In other words, we have to wonder, from exactly WHERE is the pressure originating to have Louise Reece Jones removed from her position? Exactly WHO is having their noses put out of joint by her being Secretary of Disability Labour?

    Because it seems to me senior and prominent members of Labour Wirral Council going back many years DO NOT appear to have the interests of DISABLED PEOPLE close to their hearts.

  2. G’day The Great Leaks, Inty, Paul, Chas, Jon, et al

    I’ve been off air for a couple of weeks and I’ve missed you all.

    Catching up on all the wirral SHIT.

    And, boy it is shite!

    I believe it vindicates me insulting and abusing these gutless, egotistical, cheating, lying scumbags, Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Foukes, Crapapple, Armstrong, Green, Gilchrist et al.

    The Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal, might be small change but shows them at their worst and “business as usual” modus operendi.

    They fuck everything up and then all keep their filthy gobs shut till it all comes out.

    And, then they all keep their filthy gobs shut when it does come out.



    Why would anyone want to be a party to that?

    Because they are vile people.

    Luv yer Lordy missed ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • You Barstard “Interested”

        That vile revolting insult is enough to make one do something really really stupid.

        But I do luv yer.


        James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        I will just raise your insult “Clowncillor Adrian Jones” and Clowncillor Christine Jones” with their Little Matty Patty sitting in a tree
        K I S S I N G

        How long before that child goes the way of Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 year old…..

        The arseholes at wirral don’t have a good record with kiddies.

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