Spot the ‘BULLIES and parasites’

Bullies and parasites 007

Before we proceed any further we need to reassure our readers that of  course we will be making a considered response to the momentous news that Frank Field has resigned the Labour Whip and detailing what we think are the REAL REASONS for the sudden (if not unexpected) announcement. For now just take it from us that the timing is particularly significant and the reasons given in Field’s melodramatic media appearances are entirely bogus.

Having said all that we don’t know whether you’ve noticed but , sickening as it is, we’re really enjoying the seemingly endless flow of sleaze emanating from Wirral’s political classes and particularly the ruling administration in Wallasey Town Hall…and so it would seem are our readers, for as  you can see above, one of them has sent in a copy of today’s front page of the Liverpool Echo.

It is yet another example of the ongoing smear campaign ‘organised’ by local Labour politicians that has misfired spectacularly. We contend that if you were to walk past the latest edition of the Liverpool Echo , which considering the trash therein we would suggest is the only sensible option, you would be forgiven for thinking that the BULLIES (did somebody leave the Caps Lock on? ) and parasites referred to were Cllr Michael Sullivan and Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies – and who’s to say you’d be wrong?

The Cllr Michael Sullivan ‘resignation’ is increasingly beginning to look like a dry run for today’s media onslaught from Frank Field  – bar the anti-semitism rhetoric and the Martin Liptrot -penned (?) inflammatory language which seems to have  resulted in Liptrot breaking the ‘PR Golden Rule’ of never becoming the story.

The question central to both Sullivan and Field is whether they can legitimately operate as independents – especially Sullivan. He was elected to the Pensby & Thingwall ward on a Labour (meal) ticket . Surely he owes it to people of that ward to stand down so that a bye-election can take place . It won’t happen – and the reason it won’t happen is that Labour very nearly lost the seat in the same ward at the last local elections and after this week’s events there is every likelihood that they would lose! – under these circumstances we would question as to what right Sullivan has to call anyone a ‘parasite’!

7 thoughts on “Spot the ‘BULLIES and parasites’

  1. In his lengthy letter to the Labour chief whip, Mr. Field makes several allegations against former Wirral councillor Louise Reecejones.
    This echoes Wirral Leaks article on the lady published a couple of days ago.
    It looks as if it is not just the national Labour Party who are in increasing disarray but the Wirral Labour Party imploding under the weak and solely self interested leadership of councillor Davies.
    Meanwhile, the long suffering council tax payers look on in helpless bewilderment.

    • Frank Field is now threatening to resign and bring about a by-election.
      No doubt our beloved C.E.O. is already licking his lips at the prospect of another nice little earner as Returning Officer to add to his bank balance which will probably be enhanced by a large sum pay-off when he eventually jumps ship.

      • I see a lot more genuine disarray and division in Tory ranks, re: the long forecast, now impending Brexit disaster. Whereas Labour alleged ‘disarray’ is largely manufactured by the Tory BBC and a few tax-avoiding media billionaires’ journalist lapdogs, keen to whip it up. e.g. there is little or no evidence of any anti-Semitism.

        The genuine division and disarray within Labour ranks is there I agree, and is fixable but it’s the consequences of decisions that were made a quarter of a century ago by (now Lords) Kinnock & Hattersley star chambers that removed left wing MP candidates and replaced them with the likes of hard right, Blairite Angela Eagle, Jane Kennedy, et al. – an undemocratic process which continued right up until recently with the virtual imposition of the likes of Luciana Berger in Wavertree.

        It’s going to be slow and painful, but deselection of these Tories in Labour clothing seeking their knighthoods and peerages will be needed if Corbyn is ever going to get the chance to change society back in the favour of its working people and away from the disgusting 1% of thieves, liars, arms dealers, institutional racists, scapegoaters and power abusers and also the wannabe middle class who vote for them with the hope of sharing their stolen spoils.

  2. I find Field’s statement on anti-Semitism as about as disingenuous as it gets. It’s a non-entity of a reason and I expect everyone outside of Wirral will believe it to be real, whilst the rest of us on the Borough know all is not as it should be – without a Jewish slur in sight. The crazy observation I have made about this anti-Jewish shitstorm, is how both far left and far right commentators share a passion for the ‘Jewish conspiracy’ theory. It has become a fantasists paradise and Field has bought into it for his own convenience.

    On a personal note, I recently did a DNA test and 2% of my Genome come back as European Jew. I guess I should be at least 2% grateful then for Field’s ‘concern’…

  3. G’day Paul

    Good blog but far to complicated for me.

    Are some of them saying there are racists, bullies and parasites?

    Exactly what I have been trying to say for nearly 8 years.

    Plus arseholes, scumbags, self serving see you next Tuesdays.

    They are and have always been orrible.

    66 muppets for some god forsaken reason tag along being their arse wipes.

    Watching BirkenBloodyHell die.



    Why would they want to be involved without standing up to these penni?

    Luv you Lordy and you Paul, Chasser, Jon, and my little “Interested”. XXXXXXXXXXX

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