Bye, Bye, By Election! Hello, Brooklynhead Boulevard!


Now that we’ve had time to reflect on the totally predictable news that Frank Field won’t be stepping down as Birkenhead MP to contest a by-election we thought we’d throw our couple of Euros worth into the debate.

As far as we’re concerned it’s becoming increasingly clear that Frankenfield has melodramatically misjudged his enduring appeal. We’re minded to recall the Hollywood classic ‘Sunset Boulevard’ with Frankenfield in  danger of becoming the Norma Desmond of British politics . The deluded diva desperately craving the limelight and the flash of the lightbulbs before his fading star is extinguished forever.

Frankenfield claims that he took advice of his adoring local electorate before making the decision . This is an interesting volte-face from the two-faced one isn’t it? Isn’t this the MP in answer to the question as to his constituents views replied :

I’ve no idea what their views are . 70,000 people people? The idea that 70,000 have a view to instruct me! Watch full horrorshow here : Frank Field Hates The People Who Voted For Him

Surely a more likely explanation for Frankenfield’s humiliating climb down is he knows the game is up . A weekend in his Birkenhead bunker with his own personal echo chamber of acolytes wouldn’t have been enough to shield him from the fact that his constituents do have a view and their view of his chances of winning a by-election if standing as an independent were mixed at best. What’s more such a by-election looked setto be a bruising battle royal and had the potential to inflict even further reputational damage on the Labour Party in general and Frank in particular. The simple fact is that Field has too many skeletons in the closet and the rattling of the buried bones of long ago is becoming louder.

Once again the Labour leadership seem to have politically outmanoeuvred Field and are making conciliatory noises with deputy leader John McDonnell calling him his ‘old mate’ and wanting to welcome him back into the Labour fold. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn went on to claim that whilst he’s sorry that Field resigned the party whip he doesn’t understand why he has done so. Whether you trust Corbyn/McDonnell is another matter but there has been no public condemnation of  Field’s political performances by the Labour leadership – not in front of the cameras anyway, behind closed doors may be a different matter…

Remember it was Field who famously nominated Corbyn to be leader in the hope that it would encourage ‘debate’ within the Labour Party.  Debate in Frankworld obviously meaning ‘ I’m always right so when I say something everyone needs to agree with me’.

Consequently Frank is threatening ‘a major legal dispute’ ( it would have to be ‘major if he’s involved, obviously) if there are any attempts to remove him from the Labour Party. We’re left wondering whether history will repeat itself and if it comes to court will Field be able to rely upon the support of ‘a stunning lawyer’ who can help him out of another sticky situation of his own making…

Meanwhile legal disputes notwithstanding and with his political activities severely curtailed Field promises :

The whole of my time will continue ,as in the past ,with trying to serve Birkenhead to the best of my ability and spearheading a whole series of major projects in the town.

This makes us ask the inevitable question as to what the hell he’s been doing for the past 39 years! So stand-by for the endless artists’s impressions of Brooklynhead supported by ,most importantly, photo opportunities.

Frank Field is ready for his close up…



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