Peachez Creams Wirral Council

Peach arse

Red cheeks all round : Wirral Council makes an arse of itself over Peachez

Oh dear , another, er, cock up at Wirral Council as it makes yet another arse of itself . Wirral Leaks readers who have followed the Peachez ‘gentleman’s club’ debacle will know all about the lap dancing club and the hypocritical/hilarious attempts by Wirral Councillors , and particularly council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’, to close the strip joint down.

You can read the unfolding episodes of the full sordid saga here : Peachez

However the ,ahem, bottom line is that after initially being approved by council officers and six months after the bump’n’grind was, er, firmly established ,along came the tut-tutting councillors who have mistaken the constituency for Tunbridge Wells and tried to use planning laws to prevent Birkenhead falling yet further into moral turpitude. Clearly they’ve never been out on the lash on Conway Street of a Saturday night where cavorting about with very little clothing on is the norm.

Inevitably Wirral Council lost the case. Badly. Not only did they lose the case YOU dear reader had to pay the full costs as Peachez creamed Wirral Council for making  ‘”an unnecessary appeal”.

The Government’s Planning Inspectorate were particularly scathing about Wirral Council’s moral crusade saying it had made “vague and generalised assertions”, had acted “unreasonably” and provided “no evidence” of any requirement to “promote a positive image of the area” in the council’s development plan . Consequently the Inspectorate ruled that Peachez did not have a “significantly harmful effect on the vitality of Birkenhead”.

Now if this ruling isn’t enough to make you want to take your Council Tax contributions out of Power Boy Pip’s knicker elastic we don’t know what is!


14 thoughts on “Peachez Creams Wirral Council

  1. It has to be the Conservative Government’s fault doesn’t it?…..or that’s what Phil will be telling us next! Yet again, no thought for the taxpayers of Wirral – still the costs are likely to be less than those given to retiring Council executives I suppose….

  2. Council Tax payers should not be required to pay the appellant’s costs in this appeal. Councillors decided to reject the advice of their officers without having reasonable planning grounds for doing so – that has now been proven, it is not only an opinion. So, planning staff did their job professionally and gave Councillors the correct (i.e. legally sound) advice. There is provision for Councillors to be personally surcharged in cases like this. The costs involved in this case are not huge – surcharging councillors on the planning committee would cause them no financial hardship but would make them think twice in the future about making similarly unsound decisions. Do councillors who sit on the planning committee have sufficient integrity and humility to accept that they have a personal responsibility for these costs and will they voluntarily pay their share rather than expect Council Tax payers to subsidise their political indulgences?

    Having said all of that, officers failed to submit the council’s appeal statement within the statutory time limit and it was sent back, unopened, by The Planning Inspectorate as out of time. So, the council may have had very good arguments but the Inspector didn’t see them.

  3. G’day Leaky and “Inty”

    People moaning about paying legal costs.

    Why did “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” pay “Highbrow’s” legal fees when “Highbrow” took them to court over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off and lost?

    They weren’t cheap either they had a top barrista and a friendly Judge who I think fancied “Highbrow” in the small claims court in BirkenBloodyHell….at least £10,000.00.

    Because “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy Elusive and Lying Dill” Davies is a L I A R.

    And, more importantly they can waste your money as much as they want with the blessing of the government the police and the courts to cover their cock ups.



    Don’t get me started on their cock ups “Inty”.

    How is that market going for the poor downtrodden?


    Like you too “Inty” X

    • My Lord, the Aussie is correct about that court case with the lovely judge and the Mighty Highbrow. It is one of those things that are good but odd. The Council seem to keep getting whacked for things to do with costs. Ten Grand plus (poss) is a lot of dosh.

      Come to Wirral for free dosh. And lots of cock ups. Ha ha.

      • G’day “Interested”

        If someone was suing you would you pay their costs?

        “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” is just a dumb fuck nincompoop.



        He should not be allowed near the public purse.

        What is worse Wirral “Funny” Bizz that he says was a success or Wirralgate where they are just racist allegedly and scumbags like “Crapapple” and his mate “Fartenfield”.



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