Defend Wirral’s Green Spaces


There is some heartening work being done by community activists which requires your support. Defend Wirral’s Green Spaces have been distributing well researched, vital information about the threat to Wirral’s Green Belt . They are also encouraging concerned members of the public to attend an Extraordinary Meeting of Wirral Council – see details above (note the curious change of time – could this be to prevent maximum attendance we cynically ask ourselves?)

For more information :

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Defend Wirral’s Green Spaces

Stop Hoylake Golf Resort

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Also a reminder from us to complete Wirral Local Plan Feedback Form via this Survey Monkey link Wirral Local Plan Survey Monkey

or using this form to be found in your local library /One Stop Shop or information hub as they’re no doubt calling them these days  – that’s assuming that the former hasn’t been bulldozed down and turned into non-affodable housing!


7 thoughts on “Defend Wirral’s Green Spaces

  1. I would like to know what action the council is taking against Peel Holdings. They promised in 2010 to build more than 13,000 homes on the largest brownfield site – Wirral Waters. It transpires they have renaged on their promise and are now only intending to build around 2,400 and that’s over the next 15 years.

    • Peel Holdings are ready to build 6000 at Wirral Waters, but WBC will only commit to assisting them with 1000 new builds. Planning permission is already in place but the deal seems to be based around the Council making some sort of contribution to the builds, originally agreed at 6000. I was told yesterday, since they dropped their offered assistance to only 1000 new builds at WW, Peel are a bit miffed, shall we say…

  2. G’day Leaky

    10.35pm Saturday night and they are, wiirral bc clowncillors crud dross and arseholes.

    Or in other words impotent.

    If you haven’t done something that has improved Wirral generally you are a waste of space and allowances.

    They can’t control the clowncil so they should put their hands up and say administration should be brought in.



    I am too pissed to go on but for fucks sake this lot are shite shite shite.

    Luv ya Lordy but I shouldn’t be allowed to a bbq in Wirral.


    Fuck I’m pissed.

    • James, I do believe you have very clear vision. I feel very clear about this. I am keeping this simple because you are….


  3. until more transport, schools and hospital facilities are provided Wirral cannot accommodate more residents.

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