Who are the real ‘Red Menace’ ?

Red Menace

Thanks to those who have got in touch with reactions to some rabid stories which have appeared in both the local and national press concerning the ongoing melodrama within the local Labour Party (and specifically Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party).

First there was the Wirral Globe front page story which was headlined : ‘Death Threats made to to Birkenhead MP Frank Field‘ although the article provides no examples of such threats being made on social media. Tweets wishing someone is dead may not be very nice but they still doesn’t constitute a death threat. Consequently the article just provides Frankenfield the opportunity to resurrect memories of Militant Tendency that resemble nothing more than McCarthyite-era fears of reds under the bed .

This ‘Red Menace’ theme was expanded on yesterday at great length in what can only be described as another piss-poor piece of scaremongering even by The Daily Mail’s risible standards under the headline :

How the hard left is reclaiming Merseyside: Three decades after Derek Hatton made them unelectable, Corbynistas are forcing Labour moderates from their heartlands

This week local Labour Party Secretary  John Maher and Labour councillor Tony Norbury are featured after last week’s Frank Field inspired press tsunami which starred his superannuated political groupie Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin playing a supporting role as a ‘witness’ to a bullying incident that she heard about secondhand on Twitter.  It didn’t stop The Sunday Times  publishing the story as ‘fact’. Whereas the sad fact in all this is the press attention that is being given to these no-marks for the former’s political ends and the latter’s personal ends.

Read it for yourself and make up your own mind: here

Having said that we’re inclined to believe some of what is written about Maher as needless to say we’ve featured him on Wirral Leaks before . Once again how prescient of us to write in 2016 about this Labour -turned Green-turned Red again political chameleon :

From what we can gather about his behaviour within the Green Party is that if he’s true to his “principles” it won’t be long before he falls out with his suddenly rekindled allegiances within the local  Labour Party  – as it’s a case of Maher-way or the highway.

Read more here :   A Maher-vellous Result for Labour 

However much of what is claimed in the Daily Mail shock horror probe about Maher is all a bit ‘meh’ .  Among the anonymous reports about him making people feel ‘incredibly uncomfortable’ there is this hilarious quote :

I was a police officer prior to re-joining the Labour Party and have been trained in reading body language when in confrontational situations. To me it was clear that the body language displayed by both John Maher and [a friend] was clearly threatening…

Meanwhile regurgitated from last week’s scare stories published elsewhere there’s patronising tales of Maher and Norbury upsetting the Labour ‘laydeez’ with their belligerent ways. All of the above conduct has apparently been reported to Andy Smith the Labour Party’s top official in the North-West by a group of six Labour politicians who plotted, sorry, met with Smith one Saturday at Birkenhead Town Hall (somebody needs to tell Daily Mail it’s not the Wirral Council HQ but again why let a lack of local knowledge get in the way of cutting edge investigative journalism?)

Who are the unnamed ‘Gang of Six’ we ask ourselves? We’d go for  Birkenhead MP  Frank Field , Cllr George Davies (of course), Cllr Phil Davies , Cllr Moira McLaughlin,  Cllr Steve Foulkes , Cllr Brian Kenny  or Cllr Jean Stapleton  (you may have your own pick of the politicians – let us know) .


Whoever they were they were complaining about an ‘an orchestrated campaign to remove long-standing and hard-working’ Labour officials in which ‘suggestions have been made that people are corrupt and ineffective’

We have to say that this is something we can wholeheartedly get with. What’s more we think that knowing what he knows about the local Labour cabal Maher has been rather restrained – and yes, Mr Maher we have seen the emails which contain similar information to that which was sent to Anna Hutchinson – Regional Director of Labour North West.

Under the circumstances is there a more sickening, hypocritical spectacle than Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies whinging that ‘Bullying is a serious issue, and to have it ignored like this just beggars belief.  Isn’t this someone who was part of a small gang of Labour politicians who tried (and failed) to suppress allegations of a bullying culture at Wirral Council which we maintain persists to this day? And could this be the same ‘gang’ who are now feigning victimhood about being ‘bullied’ themselves? We think the people of Wirral should be told – and fear not Wirral Leaks will be telling ALL very soon…

… and finally in light of the information contained in the Daily Mail  article can we say the most offensive thing we could identify was the sight of Derek Hatton’s mullet!


18 thoughts on “Who are the real ‘Red Menace’ ?

  1. Can anyone identify the people in the crowd photo illustrating the Mail article? They don’t resemble anybody I’ve ever seen in Birkenhead – although I’m not in the Labour Party.


  2. Morning My Lord.

    It’s also interesting to note how the Wirral Globe “death threats” article omitted to mention whether Frankenfield had reported these threats upon his life to the police?

    Most normal human beings with their very existence suddenly placed in danger would contact the boys in blue, I imagine.

    But not Frank Field MP. Why would that be?

    Was he was fearful of the consequences? Imagine the under siege police, duty-bound, forensically investigating his evidence of death threats and finding very little of consequence or, heaven forfend, nothing at all. That would be a huge waste of resources and a shameful squandering of man hours.

    Could they have responded and hit him between those unnervingly close-together eyes with a counter-charge of “wasting police time”? Quite possibly.

    And how would that look on the record of a senior public servant of 39 years’ standing who is currently very much in the public eye and right where he wants to be? Not very good.

    I’m forced to personally regard this as another groundless Angela Eagle, June 24th 2016 Wallasey CLP AGM style “Homophobia, bullying and intimidation” story.

    Back then, to paraphrase Orwell, this “solidity given to pure wind” was splashed for full impact all over the Echo, the Guardian, Pink News and anybody else who wanted to hitch a ride, all done to pacify the MP, and with the handy spin-off of helping their tanking sales figures if they tweaked the headlines to full effect and got the sensationalism right.

    With Wallasey CLP, it was also highly-successful in getting them all closed down for 18 months thanks to the rancid contribution of people like Wirral Council er… “Member for Law & Order” Councillor Paul Stuart before any votes of no-confidence in Angela could arise.

    Vice-Chair of Wallasey CLP Paul Davies is still suspended to this day and completely innocent on any and all charges.

    These methods are as old as the hills and are very succinctly categorised as…


  3. Hello Mr Chock,

    You sound the sort of person with a ‘can do’ attitude..

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see Cllr Adrian Jones in a Cll Adrian J ones(ie)…

    ( I doubt even the Aussie can come up with a better pun than that…

  4. McCluskey gets it right.

    A band of ci-devants bewailing the onrush of being accountable to their party workers.

    Gosh we have had criminals in Wirral become Councillors under the old ways how can it get worse if Momentum calls the shots?

    I think not for at least Momentum has a socialist mission and new and redder blood.

  5. My Lord,

    I am very annoyed.



    Thinking thinking about the two million Wirral Biz/Council knock off.

    And the Leader of the Council routinely being called a liar. (And him doing feck all about it)

    What an odd world.

    • G’day “Inty”

      Spot on the man is a deluded fucking liar of an idiot.

      And…….people vote for him.

      He even paid “Highbrow’s” £10,000.00+ court costs when he attempted to sue them and lost.



      Is that a confession of guilt or WHAT??????????

      It will never improve until the crud and dross is removed


      All over Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off like Davies baggy shiny arsed suits.


      They “The shite at The Chamber Pot” have the audacity to open a HOME office in West Kirby for Davies and probably several of the Basnett family and other associated parasites.

      Luv yer “Inty” XXXXXXX


  6. The only reason field has not gone to the police is because the evidence has not yet been created to back up his story, maybe they are waiting for Reecejones to be better so they can pin it on her?? Let’s be honest Field, Davies and Foulkes all gave a character references for Crabtree in court, telling them what a great person he was. The man convicted of threats to kill and malicious communications, some great bloke he is??? 12 weeks in jail and a restraining order plus compensation.
    I know who I believe is the bully and it’s the one convicted. The police went no further with the set up against Reecejones and Sir field is upset his plot to get rid of her didn’t work out alongside Mcloughlin.

    It’s time a proper investigation was carried out and exposed the corruption going on, Martin Moreton was bullied out and disgraced for speaking out. It appears anyone trying to uncover the truth gets a bad reputation!!!

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