NHS & Green Belt Supporters : Dates For Your Diary

September calendar


We understand that things are getting back to what passes for ‘normal’ on Wirral with it persisting down with rain and the kids going back to school.

So as the nights draw in we thought we’d share with you some information sent to us by readers about upcoming events that might interest you.

Dear friends of the NHS

The stealthy but rapid pace of health cuts and privatisation HERE in Wirral has quickened further during recent months.

We guarantee that very few Wirral councillors – let alone the general public – have any idea what is meant by “integrated care” or “accountable care” or “place-based care”. (Or how closely these terms resemble those used in the American health system. How long before Wirral has ‘managed care’ or ‘health maintenance’?)

But that – changing names along the way – is exactly what the Council leadership and the local NHS (the CCG) are implementing. The previous term they used (the ‘STP’) was too easily translated into Plain English as “slash, trash and privatise”.

This is a crisis of huge proportions. You or someone you know will have been affected by delays or shortages or rationing of services (GP appointments, hospital treatments, ambulance times). Things will get worse. Unless we do something about it.

We don’t like labelling everything a crisis but this truly is. If the Council won’t tell the public what is happening then we certainly will.

Please come to our PUBLIC MEETING on THURSDAY 27th at 7.00pm in BIRKENHEAD Town Hall.

Speakers will include our longstanding supporter Dr Alex Scott-Samuel and Wirral insiders who will reveal the local and national dimensions of the scandal.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

All Wirral councillors will be invited.

Please spread the word to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS


Our second  upcoming event came with the following message :

Green belt campaigners may be interested in this talk.

Richard (Mawdsley’s ) light is hidden under a bushel; here’s more about him: http://www.wirralchamber.co.uk/Press-and-PR/Strategic-Partner-Interviews-/Richard-Mawdsley-Development-Director-at-Wirral-Waters/ (BTW the word ‘affordable’ does not appear on that page.)

And, as you know, his employer is often in the news: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/peel-told-put-roof-over-14906451and even: https://wirralleaks.wordpress.com/tag/peel-group/

There are other interesting items in the news: http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=211 and https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/the-biggest-company-youve-never-heard-of-lifting-the-lid-on-peel-group-the-property-firm-owned-by-8890201.html


There’s a ‘Friday Talk’ at the Parish Centre , St Saviours Church, Oxton titled ‘Wirral Waters’  where the speaker is the aforementioned Richard Mawdsley from the Peel Group on FRIDAY 28 SEPTEMBER at 8.00pm (no attendance before 7.45pm) . 

If we were a member  our question to Mr Mawdsley  would be “Is Wirral Waters still a thing? Or is it a ramshackle ,opportunistic ,ad hoc series of developments reliant on public monies?… 

3 thoughts on “NHS & Green Belt Supporters : Dates For Your Diary

  1. And thanks for the Warren commission download.

    £3,000 for time and trouble, times 4, gosh how is that “legal”? How much more will the Colas whistleblowers have received without our knowing? All without the time and trouble of testing their claim in a court of law.

    law is a pliable instrument when held by powerful hands ,the Pharisees.

    No such reimbursement for the wirralbizz whistleblowers who had to trawl thru documents and databases to FORCE the WBC to do anything,to correspond with Margaret Hodge MP, to drag the goverent auditors in, to give the same testimony three times and more to internal audit WBC, to external auditors and to government auditors. Why not? BECAUSe it could not be LEGAL!!!

    We might better have taped comments made by senior internal auditors and policemen…at least the public would better know just how feebly they are protected from fraud.

    • Or wirralbizz

      They are just cheating lying scum bag arseholes.



      I really admire wirralbizz your intellect, detective skills and genius.

      Not one fucking peanut in that “Kitchen Cabinet” could debate you on the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off.

      So they just get the gang of 66 to keep their gobs shut.

      Not a jot of decency amongst them.

      Luv ya la but you more The Great Lord XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      C’mon scum bags speak up…….

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