Peel, Pip and Porkies

We are aware that  Save Wirral’s Green Belt is a Conservative Party initiative and consequently considering their track record on political opportunism we can only hope it can be differentiated with Defend Wirral’s Green Spaces   as I’m sure we can all agree Wirral’s Green Belt transcends party political point scoring.

However ,having said all that ,we feel compelled to bring you a copy of the letter that was sent to Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies from Richard Mawdsley from the Peel Group that was published on Defend Wirral’s Green Spaces Facebook page and was distributed at Monday’s Extraordinary Council meeting. As we can see the nameplate of Tory  Cllr Chris Blakeley is in the background of the screenshot and therefore we have to be cognizant of possible political motivations. Nevertheless we think the letter is of immense interest and deserves wider coverage as it is highly instructive about the relationship between Peel Group and Wirral Council in general and ‘Power Boy Pip’ in particular.

We mentioned yesterday that attendees who attend Mr Mawdsley’s talk about ‘Wirral Waters’ on September 28 make specific reference to the letter below.

The letter’s most pertinent quotes have been usefully annotated but this comment from Mawdsley to Pip is the most telling :

Given the way you have conducted yourself in recent months , and the very misleading public statements you have made , we ask that you stop this campaign of misinformation and be honest with the people of Wirral and correct the misleading information you are distributing

So basically what you’re saying Mr Mawdsley, in that mealymouthed way you people have , is that  Pip is a big fat liar . Tell us something we don’t know! And it’s not just about Wirral Waters or the Green Belt or Wirralgate . Lying is like breathing to Pip and his ilk. Asking him to be honest is like asking Lance Armstrong to confirm he took performance enhancing drugs or President Bill Clinton whether he’d has sex with Monica Lewinsky or whether Pip himself had heard the Wirralgate tape …Wirralgate – Louder Than Bombs


Mawdsley 2

12 thoughts on “Peel, Pip and Porkies

  1. Interesting, a very damning letter implying that if Davies and his entourage dont get their fingers out and decease from misinformation then Wirral Waterways could very well be in jeapordy (if it isnt already). By the same token, I am not sure Peel can be trusted either but thats my personal opinion. There has to be an ulterior motive for Davies to appear to be obstructing (is that the word) Peel. Could it be that if Wirral Waterways housing projections are shown by WBC to be considerably smaller than the figures produced by Peel then they (WBC) would have justification for pinching our greenbelt for their own ends……Hmmmmmmmm, cynical, maybe

  2. As noted to you yesterday the talk is part of the St Saviour’s talks series and not organised by the Oxton Society who were merely spreading the information.

    • G’day Paul

      He has resigned…

      To LYING at every opportunity.



      He’s not called “Phil the VERY VERY VERY VERY Slimy, Elusive and FUCKING Liying Dill” Davies for nothing or in short



  3. My Lord,

    …and the Council accounts for 2015/16
    STILL not signed off..

    What’s all that about?

    (There is something truly rotten in the state of primark)

  4. I wonder if that scathing letter will be brought to the attention of Wirral voters via. Wirral Globe and the Liverpool Echo, or will the council bully boys put pressure on those publications to ignore it?

  5. Ha Ha, WBC must be furious that Mawdsleys letter is out in the open but unfortunately, Charles is right, local press will be silenced assuming, of course, that WBC did not officially release it

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