Beyond The Green Belt Lies The Plight of ‘The Bombsite’

New Ferry Explosion Damage Map

Quite rightly it has been brought to our attention that whilst the Green Belt furore continues across Wirral there is a place on the peninsula that appears to have been all but forgotten. Yes, we’re talking about New Ferry or ‘The Bombsite’ as locals have taken to calling the area devastated by a gas blast in March 2017.

Several people have pointed us in the direction of an excellent analysis of the history of the disaster and current distressing situation. We recommend that if you’re interested and you should be – Wirral is not all about wildflower meadows, dingly dells and bluebell woods ,there are Brownfield sites that need just as much attention as your beloved Green Belt – you need to check out this excellent report which is based upon the presentation given to James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, on 5th September 2018, as residents and traders met with him at Westminster. The aim of the presentation was to illustrate to the minister that the explosion had been massively understated and underfunded, and that since no government assistance had been received, the victims and the community have been left for 18 months with no hope for recovery, and that now government should step in and help.

The New Ferry / Port Sunlight explosion WAS of the scale that warranted government assistance, and the research conducted and presented in this report proves that.

Video made with PowerPoint. Please press pause on each slide to read the content.

What we particularly applaud is the fact that there are people out there who are committed to making where they live a better place and make the effort to bring to the attention the facts ,the reality and the lived experience of those directly affected by the blast to those who can make a difference. Whilst we understand that local Labour MP Alison McGovern has been particularly supportive of the plight of the people of New Ferry/Port Sunlight we have to ask whether the ruling Labour administration at Wirral Council could have done more to highlight the desperate situation or are their priorities more about distributing misinformation about the Green Belt to support proposals for a golf resort which is far,far away ,not only geographically but ideologically, from the the people of New Ferry who contributed to voting them into power. Just sayin’…


14 thoughts on “Beyond The Green Belt Lies The Plight of ‘The Bombsite’

  1. Whereas Tory Salisbury got 3 million quid immediately to replace a door knob, tidy up some “perfume” bottles and lock away thousands of hours of inconvenient CCTV footage.

    With more of our cash on offer should the er, “situation” deteriorate.

  2. It really is a gross absurdity that this Labour council is proposing that they build 12000 homes on green belt land that are the lungs of the Wirral, land that makes Wirral such a pleasant place to live in and land which seemingly no one wants them to build anything on; one of the sites may even be the lost ancient site of the battle of Brunbuaragh for Gods sake! When, conversely we have so much land that needs developing, The Bomb Site in New Ferry, acres and acres of Docklands in Birkenhead and Wallasey desperate for development, and more importantly land which people want houses to be built on, houses which would also make the area a place where people may want to live. Even politically it takes some beating, to advocate a scheme for an area which is hardly the beating heart of Labours voting stock, as opposed to ignoring again for decades, areas where people have always been and will always vote Labour. It beggars belief it really does.
    What idiot dreamt this up? Brown envelopes anyone?

    • The draw of the brown envelope continuum is a difficult thing to counter. It’s like defying gravity. No one person can resist the pull of this rotten, debilitating force. We’d need many thousands, all informed, all knowledgeable, all focused, all determined and all pulling together.

      The wreckage of Wirral and its forgotten people – beyond New Ferry – that we witness every single day is the direct consequence of these fucking Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and rotten bastard senior officers’ ongoing greed, secret collusion, malfeasance and dishonesty. These swine are actually prepared to attend court rooms, to debag themselves, squat down when required and piss and shit on the Holy Bible before lying through their teeth, long and hard and bare-faced to witless judges.

      The only hope we have is that the elected scum are somehow forced out, deselected and sent packing. Solitary confinement in padded, hermetic cells in a high security prison – done so they cannot infect others with their airborne toxins – would be the fit and proper resting place for them. But that’s just a pipedream thanks to “the system” – the shit one they themselves built and designed and installed in order to protect their own fortunes.

      Corbyn can’t do it and it’s wishful thinking to imagine he’ll ever have the power to sweep away the shite from where it has collected, where it has gathered and amassed in its most stubborn resting places. Like my ward Seacombe, where duplicitous, fake Santa and bogus “man of charity” Adrian Jones has just taken over as Secretary from somebody called Catherine Stuart. Then he’s got his wife and “Member for law and order” and waster of precious police man hours and Pilsbury doughboy looky-likey Paul Stuart backing him up. FFS, there is absolutely no hope of redemption in this stinking, sordid neck of the woods.

      I know you bastards read this blog to check the carnage. DON’T ever knock on my Seacombe door again or you will get another blast of truth. One that will knock you off your feet of clay / walking stick and send you scurrying for cover.

  3. 800k for a footie pitch and nothing for New Ferry! This WBC need to be removed.

    They applaud themselves for bidding for 500k and offer zero help.

    17Million on a road to Big Phils golf course, how much more can we tolerate?

    there is no democratic process here that can help

    Seriously what if anything can be done to stop these crooks.

  4. I have fond memories of New Ferry in the early 70s as a small child. My Nan & Grandad lived in one of the houses in Kendal Close in Bebington, rented from the Maritime Housing organisation as my Grandad had worked as a Stevedore all his life. My Nan used to walk me up to “the Ferry” as she called it to do her shopping and I got to go into all the shops she went to, including a very old fashioned Woolworths with a system of transporting of money from the tills in wooden boxes up to the offices upstairs. There was an Aladdin’s cave of a toy shop literally a minutes walk from the ‘bomb site’ we see today which I held out my hopes to visit every shopping trip. The place was buzzing with activity, the community spirit was alive, I lost count of the times my Nan introduced Mr to her friends with pride – “this is me grandson Nicky, our Jill’s baby!”

    I loved walking up to “the Ferry” with my Nan & Grandad and coming back with a toy and the other spoils from being a doted upon grandson. The community was full of proud, working class manual workers like my Nan & Grandad who loved the place and invested their lives in the area. It had a heartbeat, a soul and a lifeblood in the people who made the place what it was.

    The decline I guess, came in the 80s when employment on that side of the Wirral hit rock bottom. The years passed and “the Ferry” became another forgotten town in a nosedive which has never picked itself up. I don’t suppose our WBC execs would understand or even care about my nostalgia trip down memory lane. But what I remember is real, and the kindness of a 1971 community I have never forgotten. If ever there was an area in dire need of a £26,000,000 investment, it can be found on the A41.

  5. They didnt give a sloppy shite about New Ferry before the botched insurance job and dont give a shite now.
    It was used as a political weapon by the Labour cllrs against the government instead of getting the job done themselves using the 13 million contingency fund they decided to grab headlines in local papers boasting they had spent 330k meanwhile on the other side of the Wirral 1.25 million was being spent on feasibility studies for a golf course and up market housing.
    Whilst New ferry residents continue to worry about their homes and businesses the local cllr jumped ship to the Chamber of horrors as a new business start up advisor so at least one person benefitted.

  6. Wirral council have totally neglected New Ferry. Saying they spent £300k on the emergency… well that doesn’t come anywhere near close to what they should have spent. Wirral council didn’t care what happened to the homeless that went straight to families. All they cared about was keeping their spending to a minimum and even after they spent that £300k, they looked everywhere they could to get it back into their coffers.
    Those guys were left to fend for themselves… they weren’t given any housing, they weren’t given any money to buy food. They were ignored. I heard that people in Bebington held a fundraising event to collect donations to help their friend who had a shop that got demolished in the explosion. They gave the proceeds to the council, assuming it would be given to their friend and the others who needed the money instantly. And you know what? The council kept the lot… she never got a penny from the council, even though she went to them and begged for help.
    I have a friend in New Ferry who was one of those made homeless, and the council did nothing for their family. The council treated them like the scum of the earth… oh homeless people… ya know, you got to go on a waiting list for housing. Jesus christ, she had three kids, they were homeless because of an explosion beside their house. And the council treated them all like scum.
    She told me that another of her neighbours suffered even worse. Did you know that the council have demanded all the money they spent back off the people whose houses were destroyed? Did you know that all of the residents of Underley Terrace (the destroyed houses) have been charged thousands of pounds by the council to pay their costs for the scaffolding that had to go around the demolished houses? So what…. the council paid £300k for emergency costs (oh yay), but then the council go and demand it all back from the victims? WTF??? Wirral council don’t mention this little fact to anyone this when they go and proudly state they spent 300k.
    The council emergency fund was £495k… I looked it up. That was money expressly put aside for emergencies. So how in the hell does the council have the right, legally or otherwise, to threaten the victims if they don’t pay back to the council what the council had to pay out of the emergency fund? (and they have threatened them, I know this) OMG… fury isn’t the word…

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