Case Dismissed : The Truth Will NOT Out

Wirralgate -Anatomy of A Cover Up

We understand that a most extraordinary court case involving veteran whistleblower and self-styled public accountability campaigner Martin Morton against Wirral Council and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ended with Morton’s case being dismissed. Wirral Council have known about the ruling for a month but there has been no public announcement and the judgment is strangely not publicly available – cover up much? But then the course of this legal challenge has been very strange indeed. A hearing was originally supposed to be held in Liverpool in November 2017 only for the case to be mysteriously transferred to London – far from the prying eyes of the people of Wirral.The case was transferred by Justice Peter Lane who was the then President of the General Regulatory Chamber.

A hearing was eventually held in April 2018 and nearly 5 MONTHS LATER we haven’t had official notice of the Upper Tribunal’s decision.

So what was the case about and what was Morton after? Apparently he was after a report written by close Frank Field associate , Nick Warren, that was supposed to be the final word on the long running Wirral Council highways whistleblowing case dating all the way back to 2008 (!) Please note Nick Warren was the President of the General Regulatory Chamber prior to Justice Peter Lane , to which we can only add are you people beginning to realise how this shit works yet? – establishment cover up much?

Although the Warren Report was completed in 2015 it has never been published. Well that’s not strictly true Morton managed to get the ICO to force Wirral Council to publish part of the Warren Report which we reviewed at the time. We think the technical term for what we read was ‘pisspoor’ .  Read full story here : ‘Ask not what the whistleblowers have done for themselves – ask what they have done for Wirral…’

We haven’t as yet read the ruling but we are led to believe that the reason that the Wirral public are not allowed to see the Warren Report is that it would  cause ‘damage and distress’ to those named in the report. We think the technical term for this is ‘bollocks’.

Isn’t it funny how people are happy to take public money but not happy to subject to public accountability? What’s more it must be the first time in the history of whistleblowing that the so-called ‘whistleblowers’ didn’t want a report about what they’d reported and what they’d been through as a result to be published. Surely genuine whistleblowers would want to act in the public interest and DEMAND the Warren Report was published.

Anyway we don’t think the judgment has anything to do with preventing damage or distress to whistleblowers or former Wirral Council senior officers trekking around India and enjoying their retirement funded by Wirral council taxpayers. It’s all about preventing damage and distress to Nicholas Warren who appears to have been prepared to sacrifice his esteemed standing in the legal profession to help out his old mucker Frank Field by agreeing to play a dubious role in the utterly corrupt clusterfuck known as ‘Wirralgate’.

We have to be uncharacteristically circumspect from here on in as a)  we don’t know whether Morton intends to appeal this seemingly ridiculous decision and b) we haven’t yet read the ruling in full. However from our perspective it would seem an approach to the Court of Appeal would be highly unlikely as ,unlike Wirral Council, Morton doesn’t have a bottomless pit of public money to hire top notch barristers to help get the most senior politicians on Wirral out of a hole of their own making. If Morton were to lose an appeal he would have to pick up the tab for a legal bill that would run into tens of thousands.  Equity before the law? Don’t make us laugh!

However perhaps all is not lost. Could Morton draw upon the support of Frank Field?, who should be equally disappointed in the judgment as all of us who are interested in public accountability . As we have previously reported Field stated in his blog dated 23 June 2018 :

The next stage in establishing that truth will come, I guess, with the publication of the Nick Warren report. The whistle-blowers agreed with the council that this stunning lawyer should carry out an inquiry into their case. The report will be made public, I’m sure, as a freedom of information claim has been lodged.

Slowly but surely the truth will out. The citizens of Wirral owe the whistle-blowers, including X, such a debt for shifting officers that were found wanting in respect of the public good.

Read full story here : Frank Field – ‘The Truth Will Out’

Perhaps ‘stunning lawyer’ Nick Warren can pull a few strings like he appears to have done already and finally get the report he allegedly wrote published in the public interest? Indeed if he doesn’t questions will continue to be asked as to what he was doing getting involved in the biggest scandal in Wirral’s political history whilst he was still a Judge.

Currently it would appear the only way the  truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth will ever be revealed about ‘Wirralgate’ will be via Wirral Leaks  – the collusion, the corruption the conspiracy of silence and the cover up (other c words are available) -involving an MP, councillors, council officers past and present , Merseyside Police , the Judiciary and the local press has yet to be told. One day we hope to dissect in forensic detail the ‘Anatomy of A Cover Up’. Until then we’d like to applaud all those involved so far…

Joker applaud


9 thoughts on “Case Dismissed : The Truth Will NOT Out

  1. G’day Leaksville

    Am I?

    My Good Lord, as Whistleblower 1, in the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal, am I, the only wirral whistleblower that has not asked for any financial reward?????

    All I have ever asked for, not even a job when the peroxided dumb Davies and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally go to girl for supporting lies the Chamber Potty Basnett started to offer me a job at Invest (In myself and Basnett family) Wirral…..

    Stopping the theft, dealing with it, and now in hindsight an admission and public apology.

    It could only be the likes of the scumbags Jones, Jones, Ball, Bradbury, Tour, Crapapple, Adderley, Davies, Basnett and Armstrong that would bluster on living their lies like arsehole criminals.


    In shitloads I hope.



    The Little welsh, arsehole, leprauchaun, egit Jones with his shelalee to hold up his massive fat arsed body full of lies and jealousy of “Highbrow’s” intellect told “Highbrow”

    You wouldn’t understand boyo!

    Luv yer Lordy to the moon and back XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX well to Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters anyway mate XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Wow, always new this country and its administration was corrupt but never realised before that the judiciary were involved to this extent until now. We are all doomed, exactly as the well known phrase from Dads Army predicted…….keep at em, Leaky

    • G’day Guido

      My mate “Highbrow” Whistleblower 2 in the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal sued them for damages of about £5,000.00 and lost.

      They got a super duper barista to go to the small claims court so “Highbrow” couldn’t win and then paid “Highbrow’s” costs of about £10,000.00 plus.

      Explain that one they even had a friendly judge and it looked like she had the hot for “Highbrow”.

      They control the police, that’s another story, and, they ignore senior government with their ridiculous comic wirral Poo er I mean view.



      They are a law unto themselves….spread the word

      • James, the posh, highly-attractive lady judge struck me as a fragrant, middle claaaahhhhss lady, likely to be commuting into Birko from upper crust Heswall or Caldy I would guess.

        She must have been delighted to process this highly unusual case, a true diamond amongst the lumps of coal that are channelled daily through that building, along a conveyor belt and across her bench. I’d also say she was most likely dying to get the chance to throw off her gowns and rough it with this unique, educated occupant of New Brighton …or maybe even a rough arse from Seacombe I found myself wishing, as I watched that carefree smile playing across her lips and her delicate, feminine fingers effortlessly flicking and probing through case law.

        But sadly, I couldn’t quite catch her eye from my position next to you on the back row of the public gallery. Whereas lucky old Highbrow was positioned right up front and holding her sultry gaze for long, achingly sensuous moments. There was something in the air in that Birko courtroom that day. So much so, even I from quite a distance could detect at certain moments, what looked like a blush and a rosy sheen of pleasurable discomfit across her moistened brow.

        I won’t venture below the lady judge’s neckline to any other areas, that would be impertinent of me, but safe to say I registered – as did you – a strong connection between judge and claimant.

        If Councillor Philip Davies had been there to gloat, I think she would have doubled the costs and had him arrested for loitering.

  3. G’day Leaks

    In that rubbish paper over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters

    Some silly old, I think tory, goat has been sacked by his cabal.

    What difference would it make if they weren’t all sacked?


    He has been there a thousand years and he didn’t stand up for Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off whistle blowers, didn’t hear him mentioned defending the Great Martin Morton, didn’t hear him bashing Colas whistleblowers.

    What is the use of the old fool?

    What has he done?

    Probably just been getting his gin money in allowances and looking after his neighbours in hoylake/west kirby/caldy.



    Good riddance


    Did he upset what’s his name the tory idiot leader that took over from the equally idiotic Green?

  4. Wirral council took me to court over council tax ( I’m not against paying it ) and to avoid my application for disclosure of evidence swapped the three magistrates who were supposed to hear my case for District Judge Ableson ( the magistrates must have gone for a cuppa ) he swiftly found in there favour and showed me the door. I later found out through F.O.I he only presided over my case that day and wasn’t recorded as being in the courtroom in fact the official records showed I had been seen by the three magistrates who had presided over the other eleven cases that day. Don’t laugh but the prosecution was the council solicitor.
    So any time the council aren’t going to win they pre-arrange for you to go before one of their puppet judges so they do win, who says crime doesn’t pay!!!!
    Regards Paul

  5. I think he’s been doing a few friends in high places favours before he retired. All I can say is I’m glad he has retired and is not in a position to help them circumnavigate the law any more.

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