Wirral Waters One : Brown Nosing on Brownfield Sites

Wirral Waters One-WatersideView RevB-SC-02

Presumably we’re not on Wirral Council’s distribution list but we’ve just received their  ‘Wirral Waters One’  news release anyway. No doubt it will be reproduced faithfully elsewhere but here it is in its original form. Needless to say we predicted there would be an upcoming media onslaught about how Birkenhead was ‘on the up’ .  No wonder Peel Land & Property – f’chrissakes how many names do they go under? – are said to be ‘delighted’ at the news  about WW1 . They must be laughing all the way to their Isle of Man tax haven as more ‘national funding’ has been secured to kick start development on their land . It’s becoming increasingly clear that we’ve been sold a pup and the promised  ‘International Trade Centre’ of ‘Wirral Waters’ has been traded in for ad-hoc housing  projects of ‘Wirral Waters One’  and to prove that Wirral Council is committed to development on brownfield sites to distract from the Green Belt debacle.

No doubt we find out more about how much money this involves and where it came from at the Wirral Council Cabinet meeting on October 1. Considering that the Cabinet meeting is the week after next we presume that the timing of the news release has something to do with the upcoming Labour Party Conference in Liverpool and the fact that journalists from all over the place have been sniffing around looking for stories in the wake of Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party spat.

2 thoughts on “Wirral Waters One : Brown Nosing on Brownfield Sites

  1. Did Councillor Matty Patty have anything to do with bullying this into place and making 20% of these apartments [cough] *affordable* before disappearing to London?

    I’m also hearing that another hard right councillor, Paul “Danceaway” Doughty is off on his travels. That’s three of the hardest of the hard right on their way and bailing out of the foundering vessel in a few short months.

    Things are looking up around here for a change.

  2. What with West Kirby’s finest, the Labour Leader Pip Davies losing his Tranmere seat in May ’19 – the return of the Prodigal Son Foulkesy to the top of the toxic pyramid, and the rest of the squatting, hard right shysters and failed Tories bailing out to Parkgate and London – unopposed by prostrate Ian Lewis and crowd who’ve had nothing worth opposing because it’s all f*cking stolen Tory policy – exactly who are these new bright-eyed, moneyed residents of Wirral Waters going to vote for after moving from DARN SARF and settling in…?

    …the new secretary of Seacombe Labour, Father Christmas perhaps? Or Nurse Ratched? Or the overgrown Pilsbury doughboy “Member for Law and Order” who squandered hundreds of precious police man hours with his false #Brickgate allegations done to impress his controller Angela Eagle, who then instead of risking counter charges of wasting police time, went for a summer 2016 of trial by media with bogus homophobic smears against good, honest lefties who were ultimately proved innocent, one of whom still remains suspended two years later?

    Where’s the choice here?

    Spoiled papers all round. Didn’t think it through. If this is all Seacombe has to offer then at least address the self-inflicted stench that’s hanging heavy in the air over this dump and make Wirral more of a welcoming place to newcomers.

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