The Great Green Belt Deception


The above leaked internal Labour document shows the dissembling and deception over Wirral’s Green Belt that is going on behind the scenes at embattled local Labour HQ.

Labour HQ presumably being council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies’ West Kirby home where faithful factotum Martin Liptrot bangs out the bogus press releases from his well-worn laptop on the kitchen table – assuming ,of course, that Liptrotsky is currently not ‘indisposed’ after his recent ,ahem, travel difficulties.

Prepare for the local press to print ,without question or edit, a news release blaming the Government for threatened assaults on the Green Belt and citing ‘miscalculations’ in statistics and how Wirral Council have been ‘proved right’. Nothing to do with the fact that Wirral Council hasn’t had a Local Plan for 14 years or that the ruling Labour administration have been playing  fast and loose with facts and figures to suit their political agenda or that they’ve been using the local press to try and make out that they are the saviours of the Green Belt when all the evidence points to the fact that they won’t be happy until Wirral is one big concrete jungle with a golf resort.

However it is the contempt with which the ruling Labour administration at Wirral Council (or what’s left of it anyway) treat the people of Wirral that particularly galls us. Fortunately there is a growing number of  well-informed people out there who have sussed out the town hall machinations.  Call us a Cassandra but we called this one out from the outset in our  Green Gauge Summer  post from July where we commented :

Is anyone taken in by this carefully orchestrated bullshit? Shall we gauge this summer by the amount of bogus stories about the alleged threat to Wirral’s Green Belt that clearly emanate from the power elite within Wallasey Town Hall?

Sure enough there has been enough wasted newsprint on the subject to turn Wirral’s Green Belt into landfill . All this is is to set up the scenario where Pip’s posse rides into town to save the day from evil Government interlopers trying to take over Dodgy City. The only problem is we’ve all seen this movie a million times ,the plot is predictable and Pip is no Clint Eastwood. He’s not so much the ‘The Man With No Name’ as ‘The Man With No Shame’ and ain’t nobody is gonna be taken in by this cowboy…



11 thoughts on “The Great Green Belt Deception

  1. This man is either a professional bullshitter of the highest order or has a genuine, real life ‘Walter Mitty’ psychological disorder.


    Whom ever wrote the press release on his behalf lives in a parallel universe of his/her own invention, where honest people believe it’s fine for liars to take credit for actions done by those honest people, which they weren’t capable of doing themselves.

    Either way, WBC leadership have no trouble finding more soil to dig from an already deep hole.

    I think Pip missed his vocation in life as he’d be a great asset hunting for the hidden treasure on Oak Island.

  2. G’day Leaky

    Is that a picture of “Philly “FUCKING” Liar with a wedding ring on?

    Is he married?

    He/she must be so proud of him being a lying barstard.

    Why would you marry that wet, pink cheeked, fat arsed wombat from caldy/hoylake/west Kirby.

    Lies lies lies what a leader they must all be so proud.

    Why does he s(h)it in Tranmereidre?



    Liar liar mens oversized pants on fire!


    What ya say ya fuckin idiot Phil the Dill Wirral “Funny” Bizz was a success?

    You are a demented fool!

  3. Confused by the figures. The letter refers to 500 houses. Is that per year or in total? Does it take account of the 6000 void properties or the thousands of potential houses that Peel Holdings are sitting on?

    I appreciate the Wirral Leaks Schtick is all about conspiracy, lies and intrigue, etc, but can we have some journalistic clarity please.

  4. My Lord,

    You have mentioned Martin Liptrott and his ‘travel difficulties’.

    I often wonder if there will be any further comment on that that story.Why would I ask that? Well, I guess like most of your readers….

    I am interested.

    (Kisses to the Aussie xx)

  5. I really hope this finally takes him down,

    The worry he has caused people, I do hope this will mean no building on green belt. He just cant be trusted though.

    ‘we are brownfield first’ that slogan could now be a reality!

    Whats the bet they still want to release some green belt. It could really back fire for them now though if they don’t put the localplan in the bin as hopefully finally everyone will realise that they cant be trusted.

    Maybe the government have played a blinder here, Big Phil has to now stop the release of green belt which would be doing as he is told, Not doing so would mean he and all his puppets are lying about ‘we are brownfield first’ the message that they are so passionate to portray.

    Prove me wrong WBC, prove me Wrong!

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