Don’t Fence Me In

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We very rarely get contacted by West Wirralians . Perhaps it’s because that generally life is fairly pleasant that side of the peninsula (as the 10 year difference in mortality rates between East and West Wirral , neatly dissected by the M53 motorway, seems to prove). Here’s our take on the situation and which we think would save Wirral Council’s Public Health team time, trouble and money in consultations –

Q: Why do people die earlier in East Wirral than West Wirral?

A: Because they want to…

Even Wirral Council can’t seem to mess the quality and quantity of life up of the people who live as far away on the peninsula from Birkenhead as possible, as they only seem to take an interest in West Wirral when ‘The Open’ golf tournament is on.

However we’ve been contacted by some ‘Hoylakers’ (is that the collective term?)  asking us whether we know anything about why contractors were out at a local school over the weekend.

There are suggestions that we’d be interested because it possibly relates to a previous story on Wirral Leaks about Wirral Council, local contractors and school fencing which we hope to revisit shortly. Whilst they tell us that Hoylake is a lovely place to live -although Market Street is looking a bit tawdry at the moment with some boarded up shop premises – but as an exposed coastal area it is sometimes subject to fierce winds like those that were experienced last week. They suggested to us that wouldn’t it be awful ,if during such fierce winds, a fence fell down at a school and landed on top of a child who ended up in hospital because ,on inspection,the fence was not put up correctly and had securing brackets missing ?…


6 thoughts on “Don’t Fence Me In

  1. You may be right about the amount of contact with West Wirralians but it’s not our fault that many of us were born here and many of us older folk can remember being taken into a thriving and smart Birkenhead shopping for Xmas presents or … whatever. Privileged as we are to live here in the west, it’s also not our fault that Birkenhead has become what it’s become.

    While you may think of the protest about the intended destruction of our Green Belt to home the hordes flocking to the dreams of working in the new Shanghai or Brooklyn with two brand spanking new golf courses to play on – one for the rich one for the poor – as western NimBYism, most of the protest I’ve seen from here has also suggested that the Council should be focussing its attention and money on the east building the sort of affordable homes with easy (public) access to decent work environments, schools, medical and recreational facilities, shopping and entertainment, green spaces and seaside – not exactly new Caldys or Gaytons, of course, just altogether better places and way of living a bit longer and better with a lot less money!

  2. Your east-west divide based on the M53 – straight from the mouth of Angela Eagle – is overly simplistic and does nothing except further the misconception. Plenty of wards to the west of the M53 have a lower life expectancy than the Wirral average: Moreton, Saughall Massie, Leasowe, Moreton East. But Prenton and Oxton on the east side are among the higher life expectancy wards.

    Click to access life_expectancy_update_june_2016_v4.pdf

    • G’day Johnnie

      I notice your attachment is from wirral bloody clowncil.

      From experience and not a pleasant one I would not believe one fucking word out of that shithouse.

      The leader “Philly “FUCKING” Liar Davies is exactly tha and proven.

      It gets gets worse Jonny when he lies the 66 muppets on the clowncil will just go along with his shite.

      If a kitchen cabinet member is racist allegedly they all just ignore it.



      And as for The Blinking CEO with over age acne he is feeding in the same sewer.

      Believe anything they say Johnnieboy and you are being very simplistic.

      Luv the fact you commented XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      Even though…..

      • Yeah, well spotted. That’ll teach me to rely too much on a link’s URL and skip the document’s cover page! 🙂

  3. Take a look at 1901 census returns .. these western peninsula villages are populated by people from Wallasey Birkenhead etc and of course Liverpool … so did they know they were dying in Birkenhead and moved out ? How mean of them not to tell everyone .. 😬

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