Bright Spark Illuminates The Lights In Hamilton Square

Twilight Zone

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The mystery of the non-stop lighting of Hamilton Square may not have been solved but perhaps may be explained by a bright spark (pun intended) and a response from Wirral Council to a Freedom of Information request.

My Lord,

In my opinion, you wouldn’t leave a “fault” to stand, untouched, allowing the burning of several floodlights for 24 hours a day and permit this wastage to endure for what appears to be many, many months.  Huge amounts of money will have been wasted by now and the lifetime of the equipment will have been shortened.

If you were doing your job properly you would get your BAM Nuttall outsourced contractor to fix it pronto by issuing a job request.

You also wouldn’t say “Oh, we’ll leave it until the end of the year when we’re due to change the lanterns.”  I don’t know how these lights are fed and controlled but I can do a bit of armchair diagnosis.  One thing’s for sure: changing the lanterns will not eradicate the fault, which (if it exists) will be at a switching / control point somewhere remote from the lights themselves.

If this is the case, which seems highly likely – unless we’re being spun a yarn – the photo-cell will have switched to open circuit when it failed, turning all the equipment ON.  Such a fault could have been resolved very, very quickly by changing the photocell.

A spark would explore, fault-find and get the thing resolved quickly and cheaply, and NOT leave the lights to burn and burn and our council tax to go up in smoke.
I suspect we’re being lied to now because they’ve been found out, and Councillor Stapleton has indeed decreed that they’re switched on during the day.  I just can’t get at the information to prove this.
Whatever the truth is here, we have a choice: they’re a. lying or b. staggeringly incompetent.
I’d suggest both.

Twilight Zone 2

5 thoughts on “Bright Spark Illuminates The Lights In Hamilton Square

  1. Very interesting link to the Paul C information request. It is actually a joy to read. Haha.

    What a seriously embarrassing Council…

  2. I`m no electrical engineer Paul but will it not be that our council tax money is being wasted by heating the atmosphere and sending light waves out into the universe at 186000 miles per second, not polutuing the atmosphere with smoke (couldn resist a tounge in cheek comment Paul)

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