More Light On The Subject


Prompted by yesterday’s blog post further light sources have come forward with information which we thought we’d share with you prior to our upcoming special report on Wirral Council’s mini-me , the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

I should point out the pictured floor light on FB (Facebook)  – Hamilton Square – supplied by the BID  (Birkenhead Improvement District) to the tune of 50,000 – they also installed so I’m led to believe CCTV cameras in the centre by the Monument – CCTV Cam is bogus – and is there to deter not record. No use

Seeking some corroboration and further information from a well placed source we received this response :
Well that’s a strange one because a complaint went to (David) Armstrong about staff being monitored and their conversations picked up via the CCTV having sound.
That was rightly refuted by Armstrong as he started it does not have sound and staff are not recorded.
Hence if staff are not recorded I take it the public are not.
The truth about the Hamilton Square project is plain and simple. David Armstrong and the council leader.
The Chamber are a law unto themselves , the council are terrified to upset them . Why ! ?
Simply because the Chamber said leave them as they are, you don’t have the money to do the works we do, to this end the council has backed off.
It’s not just the electrical issues and wastage, they employee one company who do the works who are a cleaning company specialising in widow cleaning who then employee local cash in hand lads who dig up the place making a mess .
The council will not take them on . All true sir I guarantee it. The point you make about highways doing the work is the question everyone is asking. Their managers do know the legislation . But the council need the Chamber’s dosh. The Chamber want something doing do not have specialists in their team so do what any ignorant client would do employ cheap incompetent contractors…
We’ll have more on the curious tale of the tail wagging the dog and other stories tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “More Light On The Subject

    • Good old labor Paul.


      Check em out

      Crispy Crème Dough(nu)ty
      The witch williamson

      All all over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz like “The Chamber Potty’s” rash.



      Then you have
      The Blinking CEO Robinson

      and everyone’s stinking ashtray AdderleyDadderleyDooLally.

      No wonder Little Matty Patty and Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 Year Old took off I did warn them.


      Keep up the great work

  1. I regret the necessity but do remind the readers

    ” They employ cheap , incompetent subcontractors…”

    Plus que ca change, plus que ca reste la meme chose…Wirral biz

    Just sayin’

  2. G’day Lordy

    I suppose you know the hospital is going to be rescued by the government.

    I do hope the dosh goes nowhere near the labor clowncillors because they will just put it in the massive melting pot and probably buy lights for the new football stadium.

    As that stinking ashtray of an Evertonian with his own childish football shirt with his name on the back L I A R AdderleyydadderleyDooLally would say

    It’s not our money anyway.



    If you want an accountant Lordsville don’t go anywhere near Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thorntonn mate.


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