Bog Standards

Our thanks go to John Brace for filming last night’s meeting of Wirral Council Standards Panel and for giving us the heads up that we would be reunited with some familiar Wirral Leaks ‘favourites’.

John hasn’t uploaded all of the five part mini-series yet but from what we’ve seen it’s the usual Wirral Council Standards Panel farrago bogged down in procedure ,protocol, partisan politicking and pettiness. However we look forward to John’s incisive eyewitness report with snippets from the investigation report in question at a later date.

The actual hearing concerns an allegation brought against Conservative Cllr Paul Hayes councillor by the Professor Maggie Atkinson – the Independent Chair of Wirral Safeguarding Board. Professor Atkinson alleges that Cllr Hayes was in breach of Wirral Council’s Code of Conduct for suggesting that the decision not to publish the Serious Case Review into the Rajenthiram brothers Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) case was part of a ‘cover up’ ( further allegations made against Cllr Ian Lewis and Cllr Tom Anderson found there was no case to answer).

Ironically the investigation report was written by ex Wirral Council solicitor Simon Goacher of Weightman’s who are the go-to legal firm that Wirral Council call upon to  when it comes to cover ups (most notably the infamous and illegal ‘four week delay’ in the provision of adult care services.) This has not only enabled Wirral Council to hide behind ‘legal privilege’ but allows them to state they have sought external legal advice and therefore everything is ‘legit’ when in fact the exact opposite is true – as was the case in an unreported case of further unlawful charging of disabled people that Weightman’s were also called upon to help put a bit of concealing legal gloss on.

Meanwhile initial observations from us indicate that the Standards Panel played their usual roles – Cllr Phil ‘Anodyne’ Gilchrist dithering about and being in complete,fence-sitting Lib Dem mode. Cllr Chris ‘Bulldog’ Blakeley in full on belligerent ,bulldog chewing a wasp mode and Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ Mc Laughlin in arms folded, eyerolling,  ‘Matron-Knows-Best’ exasperation mode (though we did enjoy the little snipe at Wirral Council’s head of law Philip McCourt – is the honeymoon period over we ask ourselves? )

We await further instalments with interest and be grateful for the fact that at least John Brace was allowed to film this particular Standards Panel and wasn’t physically prevented from entering the Committee room , as was the case in the infamous 2016 Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes  Standards Panel debacle. Now, if you really want to talk about cover ups…

5 thoughts on “Bog Standards

  1. Goacher was Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Monitoring Officer and came down particularly hard on me after I’d made mincemeat of his pathetic colleague directors and members who came after me back in the autumn of 2009.

    He maliciously banned me from making FOI and Personal Data requests (every citizen’s statutory rights no less), in return for my signature on a compromise agreement. Why? Because they had a lot to hide and were petrified that it would end up in my hands.

    I signed because it released my pension early, and to avoid being forced to a tribunal, where good outcomes are far less certain due to shit judges. Simon is nothing if not well-practised in how to coerce and get his own way, but he failed badly this time. The ban was in force for 20 months and then along came Hugh Tomlinson QC who worked pro bono on my behalf and very quickly, from the comfort of his well-appointed quarters, spanked Goacher’s sorry, amateur arse and sent him and his phoney friends packing.

    And because I’d fought the good fight always in the public interest, won my case, defeated the dreamt up “gross misconduct charges”, embarrassed them and put the absolute shits up Goacher, Sam Brousas (no longer with us), Julie Gill, Steve Robinson (then CEO), Tory Councillor Mike Jones (then leader), Julian Pellatt (former Rhodesian policeman who’d never forgotten his roots), the loss of face that ensued and that ‘important’ people feel so deeply made them despise me with a burning passion. Sometimes if the wind is in the right direction, I swear I can still sense the waves of their anger and hatred rippling by. Yes, I’m the small man from Seacombe who taught you bastards a lesson.

    The top and bottom of it was I retired aged 50, but they remained toiling away, hating each other, and the council carried on with its deceit, bullying, lies and mendacity.

    • G’day Paul

      Was he the most hated man/woman/thing at Wirral?

      Or, was it


      All crud and dross and a blight on Wirral?



      What have they done collectively, or, singularly for, not themselves, wirral in the last 15 years apart from lowering the morals, ethics and principles of the shithole at wallasey?

      Luv yer work Paul XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day again Paul

    Just thinking about the low life around wallasey shithouse in brighton street.

    Isn’t it pathetic that there are sixty six clowncillors and numerous senior officers that go along with “The Ex-Dunny Chain Wearers” North End philosophy on

    No grasses here.

    Does that Davies Hale Green Gilchrist realise they are no better than the scum that won’t grass.



    Can you imagine Missus Bilong “The Pretend Friend” Nurse Rat grassing up “The Pretend Friend”.

    The place is sick sick sick dishonest and evil their mothers if they have one, if they ever had one must be ashamed.


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