Tales From The Chamber : Chapter 2 – Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…


Wirral Chamber CEO Princess Paula and new Chair Sandra Kirkham

As the late,great David Bowie once sang ‘Ch-ch-ch-ch -changes…’ have been afoot at Wirral Chamber of Commerce (WCoC) this week. We’ll leave you to judge whether they’re for the better.

First of all there’s the news that Kate Eugeni has been appointed as the new WCoC ‘Visitor Economy lead’ ( and if someone can tell us WTAF that means we’d be grateful)

Gorgeous pouting Eugeni
A WCoC insider has contacted Wirral Leaks to comment on this particular appointment and commented as follows:
Because of course Kate has a background in the Visitor Economy. Ffs.
Headline states she’s ‘new visitor lead’ when she’s been appointed as Director of Visitor Economy.
Who’s budget is she being paid from? How many members in the visitor economy exist in Wirral, is it enough to pay her salary and deliver outputs?!
Has the council given money to the chamber to deliver on these outputs? And isn’t Lucy Barrow the lead for Visitor Economy in Wirral?
All valid questions but they need to be put in the context that the poor love once had to return from a Christmas break skiing in France with her father only to find that a treasured sculpture had disappeared from her garden . Can we please just imagine the sheer horror of that situation for a moment? #prayforsuperlambanana
Did we mention that Ms Eugeni’s father is, of course , former Parks hamper magnate,Tranmere Rovers owner and current tax exile Peter Johnson. We don’t have to tell you how this insular peninsula nepotism shit works again once again do we?
Meanwhile another source tells us :
Worth noting that another chamber member left this week. ‘An agreement’ was reached and she left straight away. Lisa Furlong was the only person on the Enterprise team who actually had any knowledge of running a business and who was credible to offer business advice. 
Good luck Warren Ward
But the big announcement was the appointment of Sandra Kirkham as the new Chair of WCoC following on from Asif ‘Massive’ Hamid, who having squeezed every bit of financial advantage out of the role, has moved on to pastures even more lucrative as Chair of Liverpool Enterprise Partnership (LEP).
We’ve a bulging file on the previous exploits of Ms Kirkham but her profile hasn’t been big enough . But as this promo video shows it is now :
Now as you know we try not to judge at Wirral Leaks but the most interesting aspect we gleaned from the promo, amid the corporate BS,was the fact that ‘Our San’ is a Kylie Minogue fan. But then, let’s face it ,she would be wouldn’t she?
As we can exclusively reveal here are ‘Our San’s Top Five Inspirational Kylie Minogue Tunes’ for Wirral’s business community :
Theme tune : Better The Devil You Know  (even if it’s Kevin Adderley)
I Should Be So Lucky ( to be ‘best buds’ or related to Princess Paula) 
Especially For You ( Duet with Cllr Phil Davies) (but mainly for us)
Spinning Around (spin is what we do – get over it)
Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (but if you sign a non-disclosure agreement it would help) 

7 thoughts on “Tales From The Chamber : Chapter 2 – Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…

  1. G’day Leaky

    My experience, fist hand, with the “Chamber Potty” is she is just AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s dogsbody.

    Yes Stella’s boy, no Kev, what did “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” say ohh have ya got a job for my kin.

    Through Wirral “Funny” Bizz and their £2,000,000.00 knock of and getting awy to Portugal scot free she doesn’t know shit from shit and is morally bankrupt.



    When I blew the whistle to her and The Stinking Ashtray Adderley on 5 July 2011 she knew more about them than I did but het I’d sussed them out in 49 working days.

    She should be sacked just because of her involvement in Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    She is ……………………


  2. Hello again Darling

    Yep I am pissed.

    Re-reading my last post I am intoxicated and should be having drank half my weight but I would still not shit all over the wirral public.

    I would not knowingly waste the public purse.

    What school did these scum bags go to?

    How can they turn up, or, be allowed to turn up every day to shit all over the wirral public?



    She is a crass specimen of human excrement in my qualified opinion.

    She asked me about the forged signatures.


    They kept paying the thieves for eighteen months after that day.


    Her and The Stinking Astray.

    Lordy I’m still fuming almost eight years later.

    Time changes nothing.


  3. Strategy Manager, Culture Manager, Visitor Lead. How many different jobs has Lucy Barrow (Beed) been through? Not an ounce of strategy in her body. All her ideas are usually plagiarised from other Councils. She’s one of those shifty ones that will do anything to remain relevant!

  4. “Christmas skiing break”
    “Vyner Road South, Oxton”
    “The Lord Mayor’s Charidee Fund”
    “Multi-millionaire businessman”
    “Moved to Switzerland”
    “Snapped up by Mr Johnson”

    In other words, how to alienate your readers.

    The Echo article about the stolen Mona Lisa Superlambbanana (yes, in the non-Pseuds world it attracts a double “b”) reminds me of that time when I stupidly bought a Jeffrey Archer novel, settled down with it, turning each page, only to find myself losing sympathy with the heroic Tory protagonists before giving up halfway through and slinging it.

    Similarly, who in these godforsaken parts would not have been cheering on the thieves and in their mind’s eye replaying the scene as they silently turned up at 3 am, lovingly deploying their specialist equipment to winch the ugly beast onto a sturdy flat back wagon before making off. Then later, painting it yellow in accordance with Ms. Eugenie’s marketing advice in the Echo and selling it?

  5. G’day “Inty”

    Did yer know “The Chamber Potty” had the hots for “Highbrow” as well as that lady, using the term lightly, judge?

    What is it with “Highbrow’s”



    that women of wirral find so attractive?



    And, we are only jealous of his high viz jacket!

    Or, is it, he just has all the filth, shit, crud and dross on the Clowncil?


    “PHILLY “FUCKING” LIAR out of Tranmereiedre

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