Raise the Red Flag

Red Flag

Raise the red flag, they’re under starter’s orders and they’re off…

As you can see from this leaked ‘ Wirral Momentum’ email to local Labour Party members below ,  it is an important day for the future of Wirral and more particularly Wirral Council as shortlisting and selection meetings for Labour councillors start today.

Important meetings for you to attend

The time has come for you to play a part in shaping the future of Wirral Borough Council.

Shortlisting and selection meetings start on Tuesday, 16th October, and will run deep into November across the peninsula. These meetings allow branches to choose which candidate will carry the Labour flag for them, and you, in the May 2019 Council elections.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. In the conversations we have all had in the past three years, and longer for some, you have expressed that you want to see democratically elected representatives who share your ideas, take them forward, and make Wirral a better, more socialist place to live.

If you have been a member of the Labour Party since 15th May 2018, you should be invited to these important meetings.

Wirral Labour left / Momentum urges all of its supporters to attend the shortlisting and selection meetings for their local branch, and take part in the democratic process that we all signed up to be a part of.

The situation will be different in different branches. If you need any more information about your branch or the selection process, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Reply to this email with a phone number, in case we don’t have that, and we will urgently put you in touch with Labour Party left wingers in your area.

Quick off the starting blocks and perhaps jumping the gun is current Labour Councillor Bernie ‘The Bruiser’ Mooney who sent out this message to Wallasey Labour party members on October 12th which indicates to us that it is ‘squeaky bum’ time for some long standing Labour councillors , especially as we have been advised:

Some points, Mooney sent this out before Liscard has even shortlisted and may be in breach of some rules, she has never before mentioned Corbyn in any of her leaflets , she has managed to find an old photo of her with two leftwingers and the MP. Complaints have gone in ,this will go further.



After eight years working hard to represent Labour values in an era of vicious Tory attacks on our local funding, I am standing once more to be your Labour candidate for Liscard Ward in the local elections.

Here are some of the reasons I believe I am worthy of your support:

  • I have been a champion of the community on the Council since taking the seat from the Conservatives in 2011.
  • I have lived here for 40 years and raised my family here.
  • I am a proud and active trade unionist being a member of Unite for 40 years almost as long as I’ve been a Labour member.

I am currently the Deputy leader of the council and hold the portfolio for children and families. This is a crucial role because after years of relentless Tory cuts one in four local children now live in poverty. This is an outrage in 2018 and we can only stop it by electing a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn. He will govern Britain for the many and not the few.
One of my proudest achievements as a councillor has been to secure £500,000 from the City Region in high street funding for Liscard. Our local shopping area has been in decline for too long. This money will be available from next March. I will work tirelessly to ensure that it improves the quality of our community and begins to address the ongoing issues of inequality and provides new opportunities for local business regeneration.
I have fought alongside those who are opposing the night time closure of our fire station and the proposals to close the local NHS walk-in centre. These reductions in our vital public services have to be challenged and I promise that alongside my other two Labour councillor colleagues I will continue to be in the forefront of the battle to reverse these closures. I have already met with local health chiefs to express my disgust with the threat to close the walk in centres and I along with other community leaders and MPs from all over the City Region, will be meeting shortly with the fire authority to fight for our local station.
I have a record of activism and dedication as your representative. I want to carry on being your champion and I still have a lot more to do to ensure that we can transform Liscard and uphold Labour values on the Wirral. The shortlisting meeting is Thursday 18th October at 7pm at St Albans community centre which is opposite the cherry tree car park. If you wish to take part in the decision you must be at the centre before 7pm. You will not be allowed in if you are late.
I hope I can rely on your support so that I can continue the vital work I do for our local area.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat if you have any questions on issues. You can contact me on: XXXX XXXXXXX
Many thanks,

Cllr Bernie Mooney

Postscript : Can anyone help us identify the mysterious ‘Paul’  mentioned in the following message :

Just discovered that someone called Paul has been ringing Liscard members asking for them to vote for Mooney even before the shortlisting meeting…



8 thoughts on “Raise the Red Flag

  1. G’day Leaky and “Inty”

    I know who Paul is!

    I know who Paul is!

    Its the one and only

    Paul Cardin



    He has a great sense of humour.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  2. I wonder if Councillor Tony Norbury will be let go in favour of a new left wing candidate?

    I only ask because he has after all been a Labour councillor for the last six years, and judging by the total lack of any information to the contrary, publicly or in the local newspapers, he appears to have been propping up austerity, welcoming NHS privatisation, agreeing to swingeing cuts of council staff, backing the closure, selling off and demolition of disabled children’s schools and endorsing the farming out of our precious services…!

    He’s also kept his head down and been pretty damn anonymous when any of the numerous council scandals have come along, be it inadequate children’s services, abuse and theft from learning disabled people, knackered governance, corporate bullying and a whole host of others.

    In other words he’s absented himself from public scrutiny. He’s hardly the left wing firebrand that the Daily Mail and Frank Field would have us believe will be keen to restore the Militant tendency to Birkenhead CLP, send out 30,000 redundancy notices by taxi as soon as he gets the opportunity.

    No, the truth is rather mundane and predictable. He’s been behaving like a pinstriped Tory, holding the fort, closing ranks, and claiming his allowance along with his 37 hard right Labour, Corbyn hating colleagues in Brighton Street from the day he got voted in.

    I sent him an email a couple of years back asking Tony who he supported in the Corbyn versus Eagle / Smith leadership ballot. He ignored me.

    So is Tony a phoney?

  3. I ain’t the mysterious “Paul”. Mooney’s sounding a little overly optimistic about what can be achieved with £500k. I’d say it’s probably enough to line the pockets of a consultant and get a few potholes filled.

    Meanwhile, here’s my contribution to these election proceedings:

  4. I think the guy you are referring to is Saul Murphy who lives off Seabank Rd he is a Momentum activist and did a similar ‘ring around’ for Chrissie Spriggs during her recent campaign!??

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