Is There Anything Wrong With This Picture?

We thought we’d follow up a post from April 2017 titled:  Is There Anything Wrong With This Page? in which we called into question the inflated remuneration of Wirral Council chief officers. This time we’d like to concentrate on Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson ( £178,158 pa + Returning Officer ‘expenses’) and pose the question ‘Is there anything wrong with this picture?

IMG_1676 (1)

The above picture is the profile picture from the Wirral Food Bank Facebook page where we find Stressed Eric posing smugly at a foodbank like only someone on  his salary could and if it’s something to celebrate. But then again as we identified in 2015 -forget about Wirral Growth Company , Wirral’s Growth Industry : Foodbanks

As we wrote at the time :

In our experience the only area of growth on Wirral that we can identify are foodbanks.

That’s hardly surprising as my goodness our Wirral politicians love those foodbanks don’t they ?- it’s a pity some of them have never been reliant on one.Let’s face it having to live off tins of spaghetti hoops and spam might make them focus their minds before they issue their next caring,sharing soundbite…

We wonder whether Stressed Eric is donating his ‘Returning Officer ‘ (£10K +)  expenses to charities yet – just  as former Wirral CEO Steve Maddox used to do. Perhaps his contribution to Wirral’s foodbanks will be to provide a continuing supply of volunteers/customers as Wirral Council staff are being asked if they’d  like to take up Eric’s offer of redundancy/retirement to meet the ‘ongoing financial challenges’ of Wirral Council, one of which, might we suggest, is the excessive salaries of senior officers and external consultants!


4 thoughts on “Is There Anything Wrong With This Picture?

  1. The council workers need to look into the voluntary severance or early retirement as my wife was made redundant after 27 years employment with the council to be given half a years pay (10k) and the job that did not exist any more was filled by another area.If these clowns that are receiving extortionate wages and expenses were given a pay cut there might not be so many job losses.

  2. When I resigned in 2003, my pay off was £120, this being the payment for a few night time street lighting scouting rounds that I’d carried out before being suspended for five months.

    Director David Green was hugely upset when I successfully claimed this. He thought he’d held onto the cash for his beloved council and had managed to get one over on me. Wrong!

    Someone then spitefully “took a crowbar” to my “private” drawer before I came in to collect my stuff.

  3. Another “nice little earner” on its way for our beloved C.E.O. with the forthcoming by-election in Upton Ward.
    Why the residents could not have managed effectively with their two remaining Councillors until the May elections I do not know.
    However, that would have meant less Xmas spending money for Mr.Robinson.
    It might have caused him to visit a Food Bank for a large tin of corned beef for his Christmas lunch.

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