YES! ‘Matron’ McLaughlin was the next Labour resignation!

Matron 011

Hit the road Mac – and don’t you come back no more,no more,no more,no more…

As you all know we already knew the answer to the question we posed yesterday  Is ‘Matron’ McLaughlin the next Labour resignation?

And indeed as we revealed it was the ECHO who brought us the news. Although we’re sorry/not sorry we pissed all over ‘Local Democracy Reporter’ Tom Houghton’s carefully planned ‘exclusive’

You get a flavour of what’s to come from the headline “We’re on road to Militant’  as Matron McLaughlin is indulged ad nauseum… if you’ve got the stomach for it you can read the deranged rant here

However here are some observations from Leaky Towers . It seems to us there are very good reasons as to why the local party are getting heartily sick of ‘long-serving’ – or should that be ‘self -serving’? – Labour councillors. Describing their own party members as a ‘hard-left clique of unelected Labour Party officials, driven by their rigid and unrealistic ideology in their distorted version of democracy  – an ideology which is not shared by the communities we are elected to serve’ . Who wrote that for you Matron? – is Martin Liptrot back writing the purple -headed prose? You lot certainly love the word ‘distorted’ don’t you? And as for ‘clique’ – Matron has benefited from being part of Frank Field’s bent cabal for years and seemingly doesn’t like the taste of her own medicine.  Our advice to Matron would be to take two aspirin and tell us  how she feels in the morning.

And of course no press release ,sorry, report would be complete without allegations of ‘bullying’ and ‘intimidation’ . Examples of ‘intimidation’ included a local campaign forum sending “observers” to group meetings and calls for every piece of literature put out to constituents checked”.  Somebody call Amnesty International –  have you ever heard of such heinous violations of human rights?!

And all this feigned victimhood nonsense is coming from someone who oversaw the most appalling  PROVEN bullying and harassment when she was horrifyingly the Wirral Council lead for the notoriously dysfunctional Department of Adult Social Services and who went on to add insult to (personal) injury by publicly declaring her loyalty to those responsible for creating the toxic culture and the toxic debts!

Needless to say Matron goes on to have a moan about ‘targeted abuse’ on social media but wisely doesn’t mention ‘a certain website’ :

I wrote at regional level and sent them the social media posts.

I said you have a duty of care to us as individuals. To protect them from the hard-left clique. I asked them ‘would you please fulfil your duty of care to me?Use what information you have to control them – but I didn’t even get a response.

What a telling comment from Matron that is and a typical response from Labour North West. It’s all about me,me ME!!!  Tell us Matron where was the duty of care to protect social care staff from harassment and disabled people from abuse? As we’ve previously reported Labour North West have known about the deep seated problems with the Labour Party on Wirral and have simply ignored the festering pustule that is about to pop! However the killer comment is :


Now if there is one phrase that sums up everything that is wrong with not only the Labour old guard  but senior public officials on Wirral it is this perfect encapsulation of their mutual modus operandi . They’ve all got something on each other and it’s a means of retaining power and control.  We think this is reason enough to drain the cesspit of Wallasey Town Hall once and for all.

However we couldn’t finish without commenting on this breathtaking hypocrisy from Matron likening the current day to Labour’s Militant period of the 1980s, she said:

The hard-left are working to take control of the council. But it’s so difficult to run the council in current climate with the budget allocation we have got. I don’t know where they are going to nick money from, or how they will implement their policies.

Perhaps they can ‘nick money’ from disabled people, Matron. After all it (almost) worked for Wirral Council and the drugs money launderers who they did business with on your watch.























12 thoughts on “YES! ‘Matron’ McLaughlin was the next Labour resignation!

  1. The lady doth protest too much methinks, affirming her loyalty to an imaginary ideology that left the ‘Labour’ Council a long, long time ago. Once the Cabinet adopted the guise of corporate jargon and ensconced themselves inside their own bubble of toxic self-justification, the dividing line had been firmly etched between those who live in the real world, and those who live in the isolation of a belief system which validates itself every couple of years thanks to an apathetic turnout at the polling booths. Something had to give and though I’m pretty central politically, I applaud the ‘hard left’ for actually doing something to change the stench of corruption in the Labour Party. Perhaps if these so called ‘Labour’ politicians had avoided shoving their snouts in the corporate trough of rewards for failure, then perhaps the ‘hard left’ would have never needed to act at local Party level. The likes of McLoughlin and her ilk can moan and blame ‘till the cows come home, but this simply prolongs the length of being in denial of their own failures, the same failures those of us on watch wouldn’t let be swept away by the Liptrot spin-a-lie machine. These charlatans have been on notice for a long time, they just haven’t realised it yet.

      • I and the honest people of Wirral will/should be in your debt for those 1000+ posts. I am merely following up on the work of better people than myself, especially those who have been wronged in a professional capacity by the toxic culture inside Wallasey Town Hall. Our Aussie friend and Mr Cardin immediately spring to mind as receivers of the spineless shit-stick wielded by WBC. That stick now appears to be at last, disintegrating piece by rotten piece.

  2. Drum doctor is an excellent précis.

    However it has been you Lord Leaky who

    Where I have been dark has illumined me

    Where I have been low has raised me

    To the height of thy great argument

    To unjustify the ways of Labour to Men

    You have entertained, educated and assisted in bringing matters to the pass that venal councillors have resigned.

  3. Sorry you very wise three men

    The Lord
    Drum Doc

    I am about to lower the tone.

    What has this gang of crud, dross and shite and their bullying got to do with

    Looking after disadvantaged

    Emptying bins

    Fixing potholes


    Bring in some form of ADMINISTRATION and let this lot kick each other to death in their new footie stadium.



    Luv you boys and your decency XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    You too “Inty”, Paul, Chuckles, Jon, Alison
    and all who want to see this shite like the Jones’ Davies’ Foulkes Armstrong Ball Basnett Adderley gone for ever more. XX

  4. These new candidates only seem to be selected on the basis of being of “The Left” which, while better that the incumbents, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be good local councillors and if there’s one thing Wirral Council doesn’t need it’s any more ideologues who couldn’t give a toss about the places they represent.

    • Well we could have written that story a few times for as we all know our once great leader can get tired and emotional.
      As for the headline – other ‘F’ words are available.

      • The final net must be closing in now. Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, who will jump in to help the lamest of the lame? Or will we see more rewards bestowed for poor service from our outgoing chief of naff?

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