Fieldwatch 3: ‘Everyone has their price…’


We are really,really sorry we started this ‘Fieldwatch’ mullarkey .We promised we’d keep you posted on the media appearances of the political anomaly that is Frank Field. He’s the MP for Birkenhead but he’s not a Labour MP and not an independent MP either. What exactly is he? – all a bit unsatisfactory but as far as we’re concerned Frankenfield has been more than unsatisfactory for many a year.

However the alerts we get at Leaky Towers about Field are absolutely,bloody relentless . Media whore doesn’t come close to describing the media coverage this man craves from predictably, Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo , inevitably The S*n, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph , The Guardian and surprisingly to Horticulture Week (!) to The Sydney Morning Herald… on and on and on it goes.

We’ll just concentrate on a couple of stories and taking a leaf out of Field’s playbook we admit that we’ve chosen them for our own purposes. If you want further details you’ll have to take us on trust and Google the stories yourself.

First – let us consider Frank and prostitution. He’s certainly got his money worth out of this particular ‘story’. There have been a number of press stories where he claims that women have been forced into walking the mean streets of Birkenhead directly because of the implementation of Universal Credit. It may be false,it may be true but nothing stops a Fieldian anecdote from becoming a press-worthy fact . What’s more surely he’s been well acquainted for a long time with people at Wirral Council getting big money for screwing over the people of Wirral (and sometimes each other)?

Second – and again inevitably – Field gegs in on the ‘Sir’ Philip Green being identified being ‘not a very nice person’ by Lord Hain using – some might say abusing – parliamentary privilege in the House of Lords . Who knew Green could be such a serious baddun’ ? We all bloody did!

Field’s press comments haven’t deviated from his own belief that Green is a baddun’ but skirts around the more problematic areas of NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) where money is exchanged in return for silence, or bullying or allegations of racism. Might we suggest this could have something to do with such matters being a bit too close to home when it comes to his local political allies…


4 thoughts on “Fieldwatch 3: ‘Everyone has their price…’

  1. G’day Leaky

    You made my Sunday morning.

    I thought “Philly “FUCKING” LIar and his boss “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer” were only two faced.



    When is the Fuckster gonna join his mate “Crapapple” in nowhereness?

    Just a pity these two have to decide to go they should have been dumped in Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters at least six years ago.

    They’re only goin now because they can’t help themselves and feed their fat bloated pink faces anymore with austerity and them being watched closer.

    Luv ya more this Sunday Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Good Morning My Lord,

    I have just been thinking about the way my brain works ( yes I am beginning to feel like Professor Brian Cox this morning)

    Firstly, I was impressed by the Mighty Highbrow and his story of the Wirral Biz/Council naughtiness. Then I internet wise stumbled onto the also ‘Mighty’ Wirral Leaks, where I encountered the foul mouth Aussie ( and joint whistle blower of the Wirral Biz scandal) You gave this Mighty Aussie a platform and his words seemed to transform into great wisdom to me. (His cleverness at times seem to equal the Mighty H.)

    And then what happens in terms of my brain development? I become aware of the Mighty Morton, the Mighty Paul (very nice cardigan!), the Mighty scandals, that come thick and fast. (No I have not forgotten the New Brighton Lifeboat fucking sacking scandal) Or any of the bad buggers such as… you know all the names..

    And my brain now seems to settle on something called ‘journalism’ well ….. that is more brain/time consumption.

    The cheeky fuckers charging me to park my motor at Royden Park when I want a nice pleasant autumn walk. So much for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…

    Well anyway that’s all kind of my point this morning

    (Yea ok I have had a bit of a session last night)

    Cheers My Lord…

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