A Scary NHS Story for Halloween


It would appear that this week ‘His Lordship’ will be mainly having an editorial role as the good people of Wirral continue to flood us with leaks and newsworthy articles. As we usually like to do something appropriate for Halloween – read our past stories here – we’ve saved this one for today as it’s one of the scariest stories we’ve ever read…

Amongst other denials from the soon to disappear Council leader was that he had ever welcomed US health corporations into Wirral.

“I don’t accept that Wirral has done what you claim [granted enhanced entry to our local health services to major US and/or US-owned corporations] and you do not produce any evidence to support your assertion.” (Cllr Phil Davies)

He did.

In April 2015.

He denied it in January 2018.

This is what the papers reported three years ago.


And this is the outfit which has been providing guidance ever since . ‘Faith-based’…

Advocate Health


There is a direct line from April 2015 to the closure of walk-in services. All part of the US and McKinsey/PWC/Tory drive to undermine our unique health service and send people into the arms of insurance companies.

There is more, much more, to follow. Our plodding amateur research is unearthing all sorts of horrors.  Not just Davies but he has certainly contributed to what we will publish soon – the story of how Wirral’s health services are effectively run from the USA…


3 thoughts on “A Scary NHS Story for Halloween

  1. Councillor Phil Davies is a low life liar no doubt manila envelopes have been exchanged lots of them, I may be wrong but not usually.

  2. What a shame we can’t place an FOI requesting details of the Wirral Council Leader’s personal, private investor’s glossy shares portfolio.

    If we could, I’d put my money on his money being staked on a broad spread of invading US private health companies, awaiting the go-ahead from the local council to set up shop in a former council-owned building on a peppercorn rent, following the issuing of fat contracts, accompanied by a rocketing in value of the Labour leaders’ stock options, the lying Tory.

    In addition, the hidden kickback envelopes coming back the other way would have Pip’s and Lippers’ West Kirby postman barely able to heft his ponderous sack up off the floor.

  3. If lying cheating and skullduggery were terminable diseases our council members would be long since dead. And good riddance say all of us!

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