EXCLUSIVE : Norbury Auditions For The Leading Role

Red Card 009

Apparently the document titled ‘MP for Birkenhead personal statement Tony Norbury’ below was left in the Member’s Room at Wallasey Town Hall and has, inevitably, found its way to Leaky Towers.

We’ll leave you to decide if Norbury’s script for arguably the most powerful and influential political position on Wirral will land him the part as the MP for Birkenhead. Certainly Cllr Norbury makes the presumption that the current incumbent, Frank Field, is a fading star and the town needs a new leading man.

Only one comment from us (for now anyway) . If Norbury is truly committed to “‘Showing Racism The Red Card’ wherever it rears its ugly head”  we’d like to ask whether this is a direct reference to Field’s electoral agent , Cllr George Davies ?





13 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE : Norbury Auditions For The Leading Role

  1. Tony has omitted to mention how many of those special needs kids’ schools – the ones he believes we need here on Wirral – he voted to CLOSE DOWN and eventually have demolished …here on Wirral.

    Was it just the one, or maybe two or more?

    Perhaps he’ll engage with the public, make his first post here on Wirral Leaks and enlighten us?

      • Ahhh. He followed the instructions of Ron Abbey, who’s just “opened his toxic heart” to readers of the captured Wirral Globe. I hope both Ron and Tony don’t read the public comments on this story. Every single one of them pours scorn on Abbey and the outgoing stream of Blairite councillors whose time has finally arrived.

  2. Interesting to see Tony remembering with fondness that time when…

    “Hundreds of people started to join the Labour Party Labour councillors like me Jo Walsh Christina Muspratt were not on our own anymore the rest is written in history with brave comrades stepping up to take the fight for Corbyn to our national and local party…”

    Heady times indeed. Stirring stuff.

    As a council tax payer, I was excited too. In fact I sent an email to ALL LABOUR COUNCILLORS to take a rain check on who they were supporting in the leadership campaign during these exciting times. The addressees in this email included the three Labour “lefties” stated above:

    o Tony Norbury
    o Jo Walsh
    o Christina Muspratt

    Imagine my disappointment when I got absolutely nothing back from the vast majority of Labour councillors including the above three. In fact, the only councillor to respond was Louise Reecejones (later hounded out) who told me she would be supporting Corbyn.

    Maybe the others weren’t too sure and were keeping their options open? Maybe they supported Eagle, later replaced by Owen Smith. Who knows? They weren’t engaging with their public Tony – if you’re reading this.

    Presumably they simply binned my politely worded request… which is reproduced here:

  3. Tony’s (and Christina Muspratt’s) councillor performance for 2017.

    Sample taken from Wirral Council’s internal “COUNCILLOR.NET” casework management system.

    Verdict = DEADBEATS.

  4. Hmmmm.

  5. I hear there’s been a huge delivery of the ‘Leftism For Dummies’ book at Brighton St. Amazon must be running out fast. That Jeremy Corbyn Wikipedia page is getting a lot of Wirral based internet traffic as well.

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