U OK Ron?


Ron giving us the OK sign in happier times. Unfortunately his own party have given him the thumbs down! U OK Ron?

From our perspective things just seem to be getting  better and better on Wirral. Obviously we’re not talking about quality of life , but the endless opportunities for satire. Indeed the local political scene appears to be beyond satire. Our posts seem to write themselves – we just look for a picture and press ‘publish’.

The latest bout of hilarity comes courtesy of tittylipped Cllr Ron Abbey…or soon to be ex-councillor as he’s been deselected at a meeting of the Leasowe CLP in favour of a certain Karl Greaney . Following the meeting and, as ever, keeping it classy, Abbey tweeted yesterday :

Never mind 22 years of representing and significantly improving people’s lives. Deselected because I won’t be shackled by the loony politics of the left. These people will be the downfall of the Labour Party.

‘Significantly improving people’s lives?’  – If you say so Ron! Care to say exactly how? As for the comment ‘loony politics of the left’ – isn’t it reassuring to know that our Ron has kept his straight-talking sensibility to the very end , even when it comes to mental health issues …



14 thoughts on “U OK Ron?

  1. Obviously not written by Liptrot this time, we can see it didn’t have the hallmarks of his handiwork!!

    Can someone let us know what Abbey has done during his term of office, he’s a bubbling old man, that needs to hang his hat up. Continue that sunbathing Abbey, not at the expense of the public purse this time.

    • G’day Cazli

      I (and “Highbrow have been in the company of this fat old barstard with “Crapapple” and the rest of their gang that would pile in “Crapapples” bus and go to the pub after “Fudge it and Risk It Mis-Management Committee where they would lie their bits off.

      What would really be a happy ending would be if all the lying barstards would end up in the same nursing home and for it to be closed down.



      They’re cleaning out all the shite quite quickly now My Good Lord next to go for Wirral’s sake mate should be

      and everyone’s favourite
      “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s Ugly Twin Brother wit the Comb Over from Hell.

      Luv yer work Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      A public apology to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistle blowers would be the icing on the cake.

      Bring in ADMINISTRATION as said above they just do as the cabal say

      RIGHT or WRONG

      There is no place for it in Local Government.

      When are all those overseas investors moving in after all “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s overseas junkets.

      If only they hadn’t forgotten to take the gifts to Beijing.

      • Wait till Liptrot gets into the driving seat I’m sure it will be brought into ship shape in no time at all

    • He voted to keep his pal, the Leader of an abusive council – Steve Foulkes – at the pinnacle of power even after he’d been rumbled as boss of a corporately bullying Council which covered up abuse of the highest magnitude and disability discrimination against sitting duck disabled people whom they had an obligation to protect.

      Which is unforgiveable. This is karma and natural justice.

      And he was not alone. More please.

      • Now ,now don’t use the term ‘abuse’ RonAbbeyDozy doesn’t like it.
        Didn’t he once complain at a Council meeting about the term and asked for something less upsetting to be used – ‘mistakes’ probably. They like that one.

      • Oh My Lord, I do love ANY opportunity to roll out Graham Burgess’s now ICONIC 29 mistakes in 7 seconds…

        …wise words bestowed upon the grateful Wirral public via Wirral’s (and other North West Chambers with the ready cash) captured Deputy Lieutenant of the Crown, Mr Roger Phillips….as the full, authentic, detailed, comprehensive explanation for a decades long catalogue of carefully-planned abuses, scandals, thefts, cover-ups, clean bills of health for the guilty and the rightful persecution, destruction and disposal of countless, beleaguered whistleblowers.


        Gra: “Roger, allow me to explain to your billions of listeners globally and beyond, it was beyond my control – I was in Blackburn, so not me guv – and it was all an unfortunate series of mistakes…”

        Roger: “Thank you Gra, that explains everything. My listeners will be eternally grateful for you finding a window in your hectic schedule and bravely deigning to appear in the hot seat today. And now here’s the traffic and travel…”

  2. I remember Ron at the audit and risk committee on ISUS chiding Adderley for his

    It wasn’t our money

    And Burgess for asking the committee to agree that ISUS was largely successful

    But as per me learned John Brace Ron was Vice Chair to Crabtree on the Audit and Risk Committee so formed a. Double act in July 2014 to close down the issue without debate

    My only other experience of the fella was at a Leasowe Millennium Centre AGM where he chaired a fiasco…no accounts were provided cos they nevva had dun that before, no finance officer to outline where matters had gone wrong. Basically he might as well have brought his deckchair and settled down to a San Miguel

    For all the fecking good he was!!!

  3. Tony Norbury does not look MP material. I doubt he could navigate the treacherous waters of Westminster as his CV suggests an unsophisticated man.

    San herself does not look the part either for even a local position as Chair of the Chamber of Commerce.

    Are we, and have we always been, in the same bind with Labour that saw a financially ignorant reverend as Chair of the Co op bank? Is it sufficient to attend a few events, spout politically correct nonsense to be elevated to highest positions, while enjoying ketamine fuelled encounters with rent boys?

  4. Can`t prove it but I am convinced this ***** colluded with certain parties to try and close down our charity…….good riddance Abbey . And one day, if you ever become disabled, I hope you are treated the way your ex clowncil treated and still are treating all the disabled people of Wirral.

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