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Such is the sage advice we receive on a daily basis we really should do a ‘ Wirral Leaks’ self  help book.

Chapter 1 would be about the ruling administration at Wirral Council taking themselves down the steps at the back of Wallasey Town Hall and throwing themselves into the River Mersey. If this is a hate crime we are proud to say we are guilty as charged.

However in the mean time we publish the recent contributions we have received that we feel the need to share in the public interest.

First off we follow up our Wirral Council Have Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two… with this pertinent advice :

Dear Sirs,
I have as well as many other businesses received a letter stating that I will be fined if I do not process my business waste via their channels.
I urge all businesses to send the letter back minus their name and address to the sender of the letter stating that in future we do not want their waste!
Next up we have some advice from down south (not a euphemism) as we know when something is kicking off when we get loads of hits on a long lost post.On this particular occasion it is our updates on the progress of infamous local government cheque collector Anna Klonowski . You know the one , she flew in to Wirral ,made a killing telling us what we already knew  that Wirral Council was a basket case and offering absolutely nothing to rectify the situation she moved on to her next lucrative gig ticking the boxes of mutual mediocrity along the way – for cold hard cash of course.

However it has been revealed that another pay-off of almost £100,000 made by Bristol City Council to its former chief executive ‘the Blessed Anna’ was not a contractual obligation, according to auditors.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees insisted Anna Klonowski was entitled to the cash when she left in September 2017.

But the council’s auditors said it was “inappropriate” for the authority to say the payment was contractual. Read full story here : Bristol council’s £98k payout to chief exec ‘not obligatory’

So can we advise when Wirral Council wants to pay off the likes of  Webb, Noone, Fowler, Maddox, Coleman, Wilkie,Adderley ,Burgess, Degg ( we always put these 3 together – we can’t think why!) , Fish, Hassall, Blott, Norman, Lyon  etc; etc; they need to act in the public interest and remember the words :


However we’ll leave the last word to ‘our betters ‘ at Wirral Chamber of Commerce  and particularly their Chair, Sandra Kirkham aka ‘Our San’, who advises us lesser mortals in a Tweet from last month:

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 21.53.35

Whilst is looks as though San has also attended the ‘Sybil Fawlty School of Statin’ The Bleedin’ Obvious’, along with Anna Klonowski, it would also appear her message about skills and what we do in schools is somewhat undermined by the fact that she (or whoever writes Wirral Chamber of Commerce’s tweets) doesn’t seem to know the difference between ARE and OUR…



4 thoughts on “Good Advice

  1. G’day “Highbrow” “Inty” Paul and The Great Lord

    “Highbrow” you said

    Is right..the labour councillor collective has since 2012 been under a version of mass delusion blinding them to their own immense inadequacies

    Particularly your “FRIEND” “The Pretend Friend Jones and “Missus Bilong Him Nurse Rat” and “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” shat all over you and me.

    It had nothing to do with democracy.

    Nothing to do with decency.

    Just vile spite, deceit and thinking they had bigger balls particularly “Nurse Rat” who knew about the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off at least 15 months before they stopped paying the thieves.

    Why continue to pay thieves of £2,000,000.00 for a further 18 months?




    I hope they all rot in fucking hell after they publicly apologise.


    Has he gone yet has he gone yet?

    What was the point of the useless “Philly “FUCKING” Liar?

    Regards also to Chasser, Jon, Alison, Dr Rum and the Masterful Martin XXXX

  2. Gosh is Sandra the Chairman?

    My spelling mistakes are deliberate to emphasise summat!

    I is not paid to have correct sayins or ritings. I I wos it will been right cos I wos paid.

    San is payed so he tweats oughta been rite else has she bin deweloped by hers employa?

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