Wirral Council playing the ‘Numbers Game’ with the Green Belt

Green Numbers

The turf war political tit-for-tat over the Green Belt continues. The latest instalment comes  courtesy of Wirral Globe giving Conservative group leader Cllr Ian Lewis and then Deputy leader of Wirral Council , Cllr George Davies, a platform to repeat the same empty soundbites about who’s fault it is that Wirral’s Green Belt is under threat (although we did laugh at the suggestion that Cllr George Davies was ‘writing exclusively for The Globe’ .)  We’re sure we all know who the ghost writer was . We wonder whether this could be one of the ‘shadowy figures’ that  Cllr Lewis refers to in his conspiratorial opinion piece? Whatever neither of them seem able to definitively identify how many houses that Wirral needs over the coming years and where they should be built. Of course not having a ‘Local Plan’ in place doesn’t help does it?

Thankfully we have ‘The Prof’ on hand to dig a little deeper than the shallow political rhetoric . We’d like th


Gentlemen …for the (dated) record I have used the best ‘official’ ONS data I can find. I doubt we can do any better until the next census in 2021. The bottom line is I doubt if the population driven housing need will be more than 100 houses per annum or 1,500 over the plan period…a long way from 6,600 and 12,000. This means only a small fraction of the brown field sites already identified by the council and Peel will be needed. I want this latest analysis on the record since I have been told the council has hired someone from Liverpool University to ‘have a go’ at my work.

Should I be flattered do you think ? My contact now tells me that councillors are being told about the Liverpool University ‘critique’of my work. The contact was surprised that the council had not informed me of their intentions as a matter of courtesy. I agree.

17 thoughts on “Wirral Council playing the ‘Numbers Game’ with the Green Belt

  1. I have been told the council has hired someone from Liverpool University to ‘have a go’ at my work…

    I’d be VERY interested if there’s actually a name involed.

    • G’day Clowncillor Chris Jones

      I wouldn’t worry your long suffering arsehole err I mean your old old man (man using the term very Loosely) “The Pretend Friend” will have done what he does best.

      He will have an “audit trail” to cover all your fuck ups.

      That’s what he does when he gets involved in dodgy activity like the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 kmock off.



      That’s why he’s been “Dunny Chain Wearer” more than once he keeps his stinking nose out of it whilst “PRETENDING” to be yer mate.

      Keep up the filth Chris I used to write to you regularaly….accidently. X

      • Martin Liptrot we have you marked dear boy and by the time Davies leaves amongst others then your days will be numbered then we can see how us lefties drive through sustainable change without the dross you write for the so called members or throbbers as I’d like to call them.

  2. Who do we believe? Professor Gregg or the buffoons in Wirral Clowncil, I know who I believe. So how much will it cost us tax payers to involve Liverpool university. FOI question me thinks!

  3. I see Birkenheads second tip, the so called recycling centre in Cleveland street went up in flames last night. This unofficial tip, with no operating license also has no power so I wonder what it re-cycles? It is in effect a council approved fly tipping centre, located with complete disregard for local residents, not fifty yards from houses, a primary school, a church and a police station! You couldn’t make this up. Now it is a smoldering heap of rubbish, even more attractive and dangerous to local people. Funnily enough I wrote last week to Brian Kenny about the tip and Frank Field. Mr Kenny is investigating and sounds very worried, while Mr Field said he had no or little influence with the local council. What a bunch!

  4. What a tangled web of deceit, mismanagement, lack of ability, aptly demonstrated by the leading members of WBC, who even as the fiasco is crumbling as the light of truth shines, they collectively are a Disgrace and their the total inability to actually own up and be honest about being unsuitable and totally out of their depth in providing proper governance to the Wirral residents. Do please remembers this come election time. “Pick a New Face”

    • Keep spreading the word Hugo.

      They are crud dross and shite and should take “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s lead” and bin themselves and I don’t care whether the dump is clowncil approved or not.



      Any idea where “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s farewell junket will be?



    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

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