Poppy Appeal


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Following today’s Armistice Centenary commemorations we’ve had a number of appeals asking us do we know anything about the ‘poppy situation’ or rather the ‘non-poppy situation’ at Wallasey Town Hall.

Poppy 2017


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Among the pleas are these :

Looking at the national news and the lengths that communities have gone to commemorate the end of World War 1. The fact that Wallasey Town Hall remains when ,streets,shops etc all over the country have been working for years for this day. Sunday! 100 years on ,yet the town hall in Wallasey is empty. Its poppy has been a focal point for years . Nowhere to be seen,yet no-one seems to care .It’s staggering. It’s not newsworthy.It’s incredible yet social media is condemning all who are not remembering. Where was our WALLASEY TOWN HALL POPPY? Where is our town hall contribution?

Another message read :

My grandad’s parade will leave the Royal British Legion ,Wallasey at 10.15 am passing our town hall with no poppy to be followed by a service at the War Memorial at Magazine Parade, New Brighton, New Brighton ,at 10.55

Birkenhead Town Hall has its poppy. Liverpool and St George’s Hall have hundreds . So where is Wallasey’s ? ‘Eyes right’ … when our veterans walk past this will not be shouted this year. No,not this year, of all years ! Answers please !!!!


Although perhaps the questions should be directed elsewhere we’ve done what we can on this momentous day to answer them.

First of all we’d like to make the observation as to whether Wirral’s  councillors or managers noticed the omission or did anything to address it ? Or is it all about Birkenhead Town Hall this year (and we all know who’s pulling those strings there don’t we boys and girls?)

PD 001

Forget the poppy – the most significant symbol in this picture is the seagull. Just like Wirral Council it has a tendency to shit on people from a great height.

An initial enquiry about the poppy omission at Wallasey Town Hall led to the response : “Some sort of cock up apparently” . Further enquiries reveal that the poppy was damaged last year and despite the fact that one whole year has passed and that 2018 was particularly significant, a repair was not arranged in time. Which leads us to scream at someone : YOU HAD ONE JOB !

Apparently the damaged poppy was dragged up from the basement this week for a photoshoot and then swiftly dragged back down when awkward questions were asked about why it wasn’t up outside Wallasey Town Hall.

So whilst we know in the scheme of things getting a poppy up outside Wallasey Town Hall isn’t the worse thing that Wirral Council have done but we’re talking about symbolism here and the poppy itself  is one of the most potent symbols we know. So as far as we’re concerned this sorry story symbolises everything about Wirral Council.

File under CBA (Can’t Be Arsed).  What a way to commemorate the fallen.



11 thoughts on “Poppy Appeal

  1. The comment by the council is “being economical with the truth” – the Wallasey Poppy was in a store room adjacent to Committee Room 3 2 weeks ago so was not “brought up from the basement this week”

  2. Corbyn’s poppy not big enough =

    o shit hits fan
    o uproar
    o seismic tremors
    o tectonic plates shifting
    o scandal
    o opprobrium
    o get thee hence Satan
    o don’t darken my door again

    Wirral Council doesn’t bother =

    o silence

      • G’day Rum Doctor

        What I have been thinking about this week which you might be able to contribute being a genius.

        Which scum bag arsehole will take over from “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and why?

        Who would want to run


        and the rest of the crud and dross including the feeble, pathetic, weak, slimy, drink alone,

        Blinking CEO.



        If they don’t get rid of the shite they will be on the take like whatisname?

        It shouldn’t be a poisoned chalice unless they are the calibre of


        Luv yer stuff but can you play the RUMS? XXXXXXXX

      • Well Mr James of Griffiths, my thoughts on “Which scum bag arsehole will take over from “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and why?” comes down to the person who will offer the least path of resistence to the independent puppetmaster of olde Burke & Hare Head. And “why?” – because they can!

        Unless of course, there is a mass deselection process by the mow-meant-um-Lay-bore lawnmower of dead-grass doom.

        As the late, great Joe Strummer once wrote, “The future is unwritten.”

        Speaking of the much-missed Joe, I guess he could vouch I was a rum-un on the drumzzz, because he let me and my bunch of rum band mates share his stage in Sheffield, long, long ago, long before the seed of Liprots were looking for fresh eggs to bear fruit for future poundshop spin-doctors.

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