Nearly three years ago Wirral Leaks first brought to your attention Kingdom Security Ltd (Kingdom) and the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) on behalf of Wirral Council in our Cash for Trash  post. We asked the question then :

Is this more about swelling Council coffers than about environmental concerns ?

Now with Wirral Council resorting to desperate measures to raise cash by any means, be it parking charges, car emissions, business waste and land disposal those concerns have continued to grow . When it comes to Kingdom they have intensified even further due to the following report we have received from one of our ever increasing roster of roving reporters:

What will it take to break up the ‘love in’ between Wirral Borough Council and Kingdom? Street cleaning costs haven’t reduced whilst Kingdom have taken over a million pounds away from our Borough since they started their  ‘Environmental Enforcement operations here in July 2015

WBC have allowed Kingdom to rewrite the rules – when it comes to environmental crimes on Wirral the onus now appears to be on the alleged offender to prove their innocence when the only evidence against them is the word of the Enforcement Officer (whose word appears to be sacrosanct, despite receiving minimal training) .The ‘zero tolerance’ approach to littering is the complete opposite to the guidelines issued by Department for Environment ,Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Within these guidelines DEFRA makes it clear in what circumstances FPNs should be issued. DEFRA’s  view is that it is not in the public interest to issue a FPN where there was ‘not clear evidence that the individual intended to cause litter’. DEFRA’s suggested practical ways to deal with such situations ,notably where there is a doubt over a person’s intent, was ‘for the enforcement officer to challenge the person and to state that they have seen them drop something and to ask them to pick it up . Should the individual refuse to pick up the litter then there would be sustainable grounds for issuing a FPN and pursuing prosecution , should the FPN go unpaid’

Following the recent Kingdom WhatsApp leak reported in the Liverpool Echo and Mail Online : Shocking Leaked WhatsApp Chat Kingdom denied WhatsApp was an official means of communication. A spokesman for Kingdom said : ‘Kingdom do not recognise that form of communication . Having seen some of the language used an investigation will be carried out and if necessary disciplinary procedures may follow Kingdom expects more from its staff’ 

Please note that Eoin Henney (Business Manager at Kingdom until Summer 2018)  set up both the Wirral chat group and the North West chat group, which included Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales councils. Below you will find from the What’s App extracts that Eoin Henney was one of the most frequent contributors . We understand that two of the other main contributors are still with the company , as team leaders . Of these two ‘MOR’ is part of a mobile team which is an ‘elite’ group that travels the North West (and North Wales when Kingdom were there)  to prop up areas where the ticket totals were flagging.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 16.04.49

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 22.28.13Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 22.29.18

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 22.58.21

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 23.01.37

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 23.06.37

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 23.14.56

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 23.18.24

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 23.21.40

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 23.29.05

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 23.29.05

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 23.27.25

There are references to the club within both chats we have viewed   – membership to this “club” is restricted to officers that issued 100 or more tickets within a month, which earned them a special competency payment.
This has recently been changed to £5 bonus for every ticket over 4 issued in a single day with no upper limit.
The constant request for “scores” is proof that it is just giant competition between officers and regions, where they win and the public lose. There is no mention of the environment,of educating the public or anything professional whatsoever in the attitude, whilst the fact that numerous official instructions are issued through this medium proves Kingdom used WhatsApp as a business tool. The contempt the Kingdom staff (who are after all acting on WBC’s behalf) have for the public, particularly those in Wirral is painfully obvious.

On May 9th this year, whilst the tendering process for the new contract was underway , WBC sent the following emails to Kingdom which includes the following line from Susan Bannister : I have been advised that we only had 1 officer out on patrol on the Bank Holiday Saturday (I’m unaware of patrol hours ) and no officers on patrol on both Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday . This is unacceptable and Rob Cain will be looking into a default notice in this regard’ 

Kingdom email 1

Kingdom email 2

Kingdom email 3

However as you can see from the WhatsApp chats ,once the enforcers reach their target on a Sunday,they are free to go home,irrespective of the contracted hours … wonder if WBC agreed to that ? How ,less than 5 weeks later , were they awarded a new contract for 3 years with a 3 year extension option?

As we know WBC have often denied that Kingdom staff are incentivised and receive bonuses for issuing FPNs as we also have copies of Wirral competency payments spreadsheets . We have to say for a company handling so much personal data there have to be serious concerns about Kingdom’s security ,given the leakiness of its own documents and communications.

Finally, Kingdom enforcers like to give people the impression they have caught an offence on camera. People need to know these recordings don’t start until Kingdom start speaking to them. Now that’s an ‘information deficit’ that you won’t find in WBC’s Wirral View…and whilst we’re discussing what does/doesn’t happen we’ll leave you with some video footage of a Kingdom operative threatening to stop someone from boarding a bus .These people have NO powers of detention , even a PCSO can only detain for a maximum of 30 minutes , Kingdom enforcers – zero minutes. Has this staff member been suspended,reprimanded or advised as to what the limits of his role are?

Or what about the Kingdom officer openly selling  cigarettes on Facebook? Shouldn’t people who enforce the law for a living be equally scrupulous in their private lives? We wouldn’t like to think that someone who makes a living from taxpayers was depriving HMRC of revenue and especially when we understand they were involved in a particularly shocking example of Kingdom’s ‘zero tolerance ‘ policy’



Brace incident



19 thoughts on “SPECIAL REPORT : Kingdom Con

  1. Dear Lord Julian Wirral council should be ashamed of themselves employing these cowboys whereas they should have used their own in house staff where 100% of the PCN. Mayor Anderson has the right idea getting rid of them yet Wirral have given a mandate for the next 6 years you could not make this S;;T up only the Wirral way.

    • G’day Jon

      They employed Wirral “Funny” Bizz and when me and “Highbrow” reported they knocked off £2,000, 000.00 they continued to pay them for 18 months.

      It seems anyone who gets a contract with the Clowncil can take the piss.


      The dosh.



      “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” paid for a £50,000.00+ investigation from Grant “ChocolateTeapot” Thornton and then hid it with Beverley Edwards Report that showed AdderleyDadderleyDooLally asset stripping.

      Get your free money here Get your free money here Get your free money here.

  2. this is unbelievable, these Kingdom operators are nothing but scammers, they do not follow DEFRA guidelines, they conceal themselves from the public and pounce from behind bushes and other barriers, they operate in plain clothes against their remit,and issue fraudelant FPN’s through threats,lies and intimidation. It is clear the Kingdom directors, managers and team leaders were involved and indeed encouraged this behaviour towards the public to gain as much profit and bonus as possible. The Council’s are to blame as they employed this company and I assume passed through scrutiny of the various council’s. All council’s who have employed this company should refund all FPN’S as they cannot be sure they have been issued correctly and Council’s should then claim back the money from this company.

    • G’day Dickie

      Am I missing something?

      If you litter it shouldn’t matter if the shit is behind a tree or up your arse you are guilty.



      If I was to report a £2,000,000.00 Wirral “Funny” Bizz knock off someone should go to jail.

      Oh Lordie what the fuck is wrong with the world?


    • I sincerely hope kingdom are made to pay back their ill gotten gains, a lot of people have paid up out of fear and intimidation and fear of a criminal record, this outfit has picked on vunerable people in society,
      They are not trained as we see even team leaders aren’t capable of being professional, the litter stays on the ground instead of asking people to pick it up, who would rather pay a fine than pick up a dropped tissue?
      It has taken a group of citizens to out them, shame on the council for refusing to recognise this… they had ample warnings for years, it’s criminal.

  3. The law is an instrument for the powerful to bend to their purposes whether to extract revenue or to hide wrongdoing.

    The film Peterloo rather marvellously shows the piddling magistrate reading the Riot Act in an mumbo jumbo incantory way through a balcony onto the square where none can hear..I think the director marvellously highlighted the vast chasm between law and the people.

    The dozen or so magistrates quaffing wine in the balconied room looking out over the square really reached the heights of the scene in Madame Bovary where Flaubert has Rodolphe seduce Bovary , supposedly romantic , to the sounds of the cattle market.

    Juxtaposition of illusion to reality. Kingdom security s supposed noble intent and the reality of its low grade operatives. And all for lucre pretending it is LEGAL, whatever that damned adjective infers

    • And the council have branched out into movies. Will they have noble intent here, or should we expect yet another rip off?

  4. Eh? Have I missed something? They’re using plain clothes operatives?! I take it Kingdom have the required surveillance authority as required by RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act)?
    I doubt it as I can’t imagine litter enforcement (apart from maybe commercial level fly tipping) ever being PROPORTIONATE, LEGAL AND NECESSARY. Maybe someone should ask the council/Kingdom for their Ripa authority and which magistrate signed it.? I’m sure the Office of Surveillance Commissioners would be very interested to hear of this blatant breach and have the Council reported it to them (as is required of them)!!

  5. A note only…You probably know of this Milord, that in Merseyrail stations, which have free Wi Fi, the only website I can’t get, is yours.

    I deduce they have blocked you. Yet all you do is bring the truth to the fore.

    Is it LEGAL to do this since you are not a pornographic nor terrorist nor violent site. Is being a reader of yours tantamount to being in a proscribed organization?

    • Wow. Of course we wouldn’t know would we as we don’t use Merseyrail. Interesting but then we suppose it’s not surprising when you look at the Wirral Council representatives who sit on Merseytravel board.

      • Those are my thoughts exactly. However I am not content to leave it as it is because this is supposed to be a free country. It is not for a few representatives to decide to impede the free exchange of information.Doing so is peevish and worse.

        I will start with a freedom of information request.

        Evil prospers when good men do nothing

  6. Had a letter published in the “Wirral Globe” on the 30-01-2019.
    I had never heard of Kingdom until they ambushed me in a supermarket car park last December.
    Their conduct is outrageous and I have exhausted expletives trying to describe these modern day Dick Turpins.
    I am attempting to research the legality of what they are doing on the Wirral.
    Am also questioning their non-compliance with GDPR regulations.
    Good luck to all those seeking this wrong to be remedied.

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