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Consultations and Cover Ups

We’ve been concentrating on a series of special reports but couldn’t let a few recent local news stories pass without comment.


Tomorrow’s Wirral Council Cabinet meeting will feature announcements about two upcoming consultations which have been heralded in the local press. First up we have a press release in Wirral Globe where Cllr Angela Davies tells us she’s excited. However the former short lived Change Grow Live employee is not excited that Christmas is coming. Oh no! she’s excited because there’s exciting plans and she has an artist’s impression to prove it. Generously she wants to share her excitement with us :

Wirral Growth Company's artists impression of what some of the Birkenhead town centre redevelopment could look like

Only by listening and engaging with local residents and deliver thousands of new jobs. We will be asking the question: ‘What sort of place do you want Birkenhead to be?’ and soliciting ideas about improving the public realm, establishing more residential opportunities in and around the town centre and expanding the leisure, retail and cultural offers available.After too many false dawns, Wirral residents are now looking forward to being asked to shape real plans and a concrete set of proposals to regenerate Birkenhead as the commercial and retail heart of Wirral.Wirral Growth Company is an ambitious partnership between Wirral Council and a private sector regeneration specialist, but it needs to be informed by the views of local residents and businesses across the town. This consultation will provide the qualitative and quantitative regeneration evidence base which has been missing.Wirral Growth Company has established some provisional ideas for what a rejuvenated Birkenhead could look like – a new market, improved retail and leisure offers and up to 300,000sq.ft of Grade A office space.The Council is excited by these initial ideas and feedback already received has been positive, but it’s now the turn of local residents to say what they aspire to see. Rebuilding work in Birkenhead could start as early as Spring 2019, so over the coming weeks and months I am proposing the Council and its partners conduct this wide ranging consultation, outreach and engagement to gather the views of local residents.

Full press release here : Birkenhead regeneration consultation

It’s not just the dawns that are false Angie. Are you really telling us that Wirral Growth Company was set up with NO qualitative/quantitative at evidence base ? This consultation is beginning to look like “The people who get paid huge amounts of public money to think up new ideas haven’t got any – so can you lot come up with some for us ?” So here’s one from us – how about turning Birkenhead into Dubai on the Mersey and build a skyscraper hanging from the sky as let’s face it all of these consultations and artist’s impressions are already pie in the sky anyway.


Next up on the consultation front is keen royalist Cllr Janette ‘Milly Tant’ Williamson who is introducing  a consultation on how Wirral Council should  spend the few quid that Wirral Council have left in the coffers with her Budget saving plan . If the Cabinet meeting wasn’t so early we’d suggest organising a drinking game for every time Williamson uses the phrase ‘Tory cuts’. Perhaps she’ll regale us with tales from her time working for the Insolvency Service. Or perhaps not …

Cover Ups

The other story we couldn’t help commenting on was  ‘Embarrassing’ council slammed after failing in 90% of complaints – with some taking YEARS to complete where we find Conservative councillors Tony Cox ( ’embarrassing’) and Chris Blakeley  (absolutely appalling’) commenting on the abject failure of ALL councillors to properly police complaints against themselves but failing to acknowledge that it was Wirral Councillors who agreed to the utterly woeful ‘Standards’ regime that is currently in place. Even Wirral Council’s leading apologist/lawyer Philip McCourt concurred the Council had ‘failed’. Inevitably Labour councillor Chris Jones chipped in that she was ‘happy’ with a 90% failure rate.Which let’s face it is a 10% improvement on most aspects of the ruling administration’s achievements.

This all comes after the recent case brought against Cllr Paul Hayes by Professor Maggie Atkinson ,the touchy Chair of the Wirral Safeguarding Board which we reported here. If somebody had just explained to Atkinson that commenting on the public perception of a cover up is a legitimate course of action for a councillor and is not the same as being accused of being part of a cover up perhaps Wirral Council could have saved a lot of time and money on this particular (non)-case.

Just a shame no-one from the Tory group (or any councillor) has seen fit to make a public comment on a notorious long running cover up involving Wirral Council . We suppose it will be down to us ,once again ,to dissect this particular one in a future ‘Special Report’ :

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 22.20.45


5 thoughts on “Consultations and Cover Ups

  1. G’day Leaksly

    Just scanned the above quickly on my way to a funeral.

    You mention the Witch Williamson and her past.

    Any link to the asset stripping that Adderley. Davies, Jones, Tour and old Tom Cobbly et al of Lockwood Engineering and wirral bc.

    They were all over it courtesy of Beverley Edwards Report.

    And, ignored it.

    Just like the £2,000,000.00 Wirral “Funny” Bizz thieves.

    Wouldn’t surprise me one bit they were totally incompetent. Witch like.



    Sadly the funeral isn’t one of the scum bags you dob in.

    Hopefully they will have a miserable existence rotting in their own lies.


  2. O I did complain regarding cllr Philip Davies untruth see press release July 2013, via the council website so long ago, probably 2 to 3 years and never got any answer.

    May I now complain to the committee mentioned above.

    Did they not answer because there was no answer to my charge?

    • After all clearly it was proven to be untrue that no other Big recipients had gone bust before Lockwood engineering ltd .

      So my complaint was in no way spurious and merited an investigation, speedy to conclude given the patent untruth in print, and some answer consistent with grammar and syntax, ought to have been given.

      • Perhaps they KNEW they were bang to rights and there was no way to defend themselves.

        Hence… “Let’s ignore this pesky individual. He won’t have the funds to challenge us privately, so we’ll rely on our legal might purchased by council tax payers with their arms up their backs and threatened by imprisonment if they don’t cough up, and any potential there is to unseat our “impeccable” council leader will melt away…”

  3. What gets me is, even if they DO respond to your complaint and you don’t like it, you can only take it to the toothless LGO if the council have caused you ‘personal hardship’.

    Define ‘personal hardship’…..

    What if you complain that you believe a council has wrongfuly used traffic legislation for purposes it was not written for? Even if you disagree with a council’s reply, you would have to be able to sustain an argument to support evidence that their action had caused you ‘personal hardship’ before the LGO would accept it.

    So unless a complainant was in a position to gamble £250k on a personally invoked judicial review, there is no comeback. We are virtually powerless to address potential abuses of law because we don’t have access to the funds necessary to proceed in the High Court.

    Anyways….I have one more vexatious-free FOI bullet in the chamber to fire on such an issue, which won’t come to owt; but It’s more mud at a wall already covered in brown stains.

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