Will the Red Mist descend at Misty Blues?

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Red-faced Mooney blues

As we brought to your attention in our posts Raise the Red Flag  and Mooney News and New Ferry Blues  that born again Corbyn fan Cllr Bernie ‘The Bruiser’ Mooney scraped by in Wallasey CLP selection battle winning by 3 votes (21 against 18) . However as was suggested everything may have not have been strictly legit with this particular selection process.

Indeed we aware from a leaked email that the matter will be discussed at a Special Meeting of the Liscard Labour Group to be held tonight at ‘Misty Blues’ . The rap sheet of procedural breaches is listed below and has been brought to the attention of Anna Hutchinson at Labour North West, who must be heartily sick to death of hearing the word ‘Wirral’ , but then Anna is a case study in denial when it comes to the peninsula’s political irregularities.

So will there be a re-run of the selection process and if so will the notorious Mooney  red mist descend at misty blues? We’ll keep you posted…

Liscard Labour 

To Branch Members : 
Tuesday 13th November meeting Cancelled; 

Special Meeting called for Tuesday 20th November.
We recently had our shortlisting meeting to consider who to pick as our Council candidate next May. There were a series of complaints that the process had not been fair. 

The Wirral Labour Party “Local Campaign Forum” (LCF) met on 2nd November, discussed the complaints, and decided that the shortlisting meeting should be re-run.
So I organised a meeting to do that, as requested by the LCF..
The LCF asked me to avoid sharing the reasons with you, so as not to be unfair to any possible candidate. I am aware that others have not been so restrained. By 11am on the morning after the LCF met, a Tory Councillor was tweeting about it, and an Echo and Globe reporter picked that up.
I can now tell you that at their meeting the LCF concluded that a number of procedures had been breached:

·       An email was sent to all Branch members from the sitting Councillor, using an email address “Wallasey Labour Party”, when the email was in fact from her personally and not from the Labour Party;
·       The email had the Constituency Labour Party Office address on it, and a photo which included people who had not been asked for permission, and were not in fact endorsing the sitting Councillor;
·       There was canvassing of Branch members by phone using the Party database, at a time when this is not allowed by the Rules;
·       Some of those phone calls also misrepresented the situation, implying that a candidate had already been chosen, and so discouraging members who favoured a full selection process from attending the meeting;
·       There was leafleting in support of a candidate inside the meeting venue, with other copies of the leaflets next to the signing in sheet, which is also not allowed.
·       All of this conveyed the impression that the sitting councillor was the official or preferred candidate of the Labour Party;
·       This was unfair to other potential candidates who might otherwise have been invited to speak to us all, and given the chance to become our Council candidate in May 2019.
Two people were put forward at the meeting as possible candidates. The meeting voted by 21-18 not to have a further meeting where members could hear from both those candidates. The sitting Councillor was thus selected by that small margin. 
The LCF view is that the breaches of the procedures had a material impact on the outcome and it should be re-run.
However the LCF have informed me that the Regional Director of the Labour Party (a  full time official who works for the Party) does not agree that the breaches had a material impact, and that she thinks the shortlisting meeting should not be re-run.
Discussions between the LCF and the Regional Director are continuing.
The Branch Officers have met and decided to cancel the meeting on Tuesday 13th November, whilst the Party resolves the issue. But we think it is important that all members of the Branch have a chance to express a view.
We are therefore calling a special meeting of the Branch on Tuesday 20th November 7.30pm at Misty Blues, Manor Road / Grosvenor Street Liscard CH44 1AG, to consider this Motion:
“This Branch agrees that the Liscard shortlisting meeting should be re-run”.

7 thoughts on “Will the Red Mist descend at Misty Blues?

  1. And here’s a brief snapshot of hard right Bernie, in the days when she was closing disabled children’s schools, voting for massive cuts to the council workforce, outsourcing our precious services to private companies, voting to allow croked senior officers to receive massive Golden Goodbye payments, foisting Tory austerity onto the heads of the population, and holding aloft “Give Racism the Red Card” banners, whilst doing nothing to root out its ugly presence within her own ranks.

    Yes folks, it’s an interview from a special moment in time – when Wallasey CLP was suspended for 18 months – thanks to bogus allegations built by Bernie, Paul Stuart and other malevolent right winger “converts to Socialism”. These charges gave solidity to pure wind for a while in The Liverpool Echo and The Guardian. But all collapsed as expected …after the “Trial by Media” had run its course and the damage had been done.

    And now, here is hard left Bernie’s wondrous embracing of Jeremy, a “conversion to Socialism” and the accompanying chance to carry on stuffing large amounts of public money into her bulging purse.

  2. Wow! (That is good gossip)

    Anyway here is the BOOMERANG (for left-hook Mooney)….

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (James Griffiths, the Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

  3. G’day Leaks

    Is it just me or

    Do all the heavy weights at wirral


    obese/overweight/ just plain fucking fat?



    They all need to get out of that top paddock and do something fucking meaningful like going for a long walk on the short pier at Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    Who’s the fattest, no Lordy I know you thought I was going to say facist

    The witch Williamson

    They must eat all the same vile shite and spite at wallasey pig sty in brighton street.

    Aren’t you glad were under 15 stone Leaksly XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. It sounds like a typical Wirral Labour attempt to ensure the sitting Councillor is re-elected.
    With at least 7, to me as an outsider, quite serious breaches of the rules listed it is beyond belief that a paid Labour Party official can claim “They had no material effect on the outcome”.
    But then this is local politics at play and at its most crooked and nothing which Wirral Leaks. Wirral in it Together and other websites have not been exposing for many years.

    • G’day Chuckles

      Just as long as they don’t start exposing their fat, overfed, scum bag bodies.



      Stay at em Chooks they must realise sooner or later they are shite. through and through, in the name of their filthy politics.


  5. Let’s be fair, Hutchinson is just as corrupt as all the others, its no wonder this behaviour is allowed when she just sits back and does nothing!!

    It appears if your face fits or you don’t have a disability on wirral you will do well! Labour are corrupt and only take action against vulnerable members. People like Abbey, Foulkes and George Davies are allowed to just continue to bully members without challenge. Moira McLaughlin got away with it for years, hard face bullying of vulnerable people and yet nothing was done. SHAMEFUL!!

    Then there’s Jean Robinson, another one who gets what she wants by bullying people, don’t cross her or she will have you.

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