Golf Gaffe

golf gaffe

We’ve long held that the Hoylake Golf Resort proposal is not so much a golf course as a Trojan horse to a housing development on the Green Belt…and we’re not the only ones who think so. A message we received this week rightly questions the Wirral Council ruling administration’s boundless passion for a sport in decline and the gaffe they’ve made in a report which highlights this fact. But then we need to remember that golf is an enthusiasm pursued by some influential people within the Council and the local business community (we’ll let you join the dots) and which inspired this lament about a senior officer who has been “spending months organising a Wallasey golf day for managers to use up their flexi to play with contractor sponsors who generously donate to your day and prizes …”

Hi Wirralleaks,

Why are the Council proposing to spend £millions of public money on building a new Golf Resort (and luxury housing estate) on Green Belt Land in Hoylake when they are proposing to “offoad” municipal courses because golf is in decline??? You couldn’t make this stuff up!

Wirral Council are reviewing their future provision of Municipal Golf Courses.

In a Golf courses Cabinet report to be presented to Cabinet next Monday, Councillor Phillip Brightmore, (cabinet Member of Leisure and Recreation) is recommending the transfer of Arrowe Park and The Warren Municipal Golf Courses to an “alternative specialist golf provider”.

Interestingly the report states “…….with the national trend in golf usage being generally down, (not just for municipal golf courses but also for the majority of private golf clubs)” and “Participation in municipal golf in Wirral is in decline and follows a national trend in that people tend to have less disposable leisure time to spend on playing a five or six hour round of golf. Those people that would have traditionally played golf in the past have migrated to a more ‘time determined’ sport (such as cycling, running,fitness) to fulfil their leisure time demands. Some smaller private member golf clubs are suffering from the same problem and it is noticeable how some ‘community’ based golf clubs have responded to this problem by reducing membership/joining fees and offering ‘pay and play’ packages which compete favourably with our existing municipal fees and charges”.

So, at a time when even the Council acknowledge that golf courses are becoming less and less financially viable – is it really the right decision to invest £millions of public money in a new Golf resort in Hoylake – or will the resort, as many believe, become just a white elephant, ripe for further housing development once the new access road and luxury housing estate has been built?

Best wishes!

7 thoughts on “Golf Gaffe

    • G’day Dr Um

      AdderleyDadderleyDooLally said at Burgess’s public meeting into the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000,00 knock off

      Its not our money anyway.

      The Stinking Ashtray must always be in a nicotine haze/daze.



      Fancy sleeping with the ashtray YUK

      Who would she have preferred?


  1. What does he mean by “transfer to a specialist golf provider?”Is this a plan to sell off a chunk of Arrowe Park now? If the council don’t want/can’t afford to maintain the golf course there, then they should let it become again what it originally was,a part of the Park land for the people of Wirral to enjoy at leisure.
    Stop destroying and privatising our amenities. A Labour council who have lost their way and forgotten what the party was founded for.Deeply sad.

    • So true. This party was founded in a proud and mighty struggle against capitalist oppressors. Slave-drivers who’d have kept Labour’s workers subdued and in chains.

      When did this once-proud party’s leaders decide to make the transition across and be measured up for the same capitalist oppressors’ Savile Row garb: the top hats, tails, posh suits and dresses?

      When did they voluntarily muddy the waters and assume the whip hand over their own? The very people they were elected to represent?

      Well, we know. Blair. A lying, entryist traitor who sold us all down the river and betrayed historical aims, values and the party’s founding fathers.

      In the here and now, the war criminal’s remaining acolytes on Wirral don’t wear this finery well as they turn out “for Corbyn” looking fidgety, RAGGED, unkempt and let’s face it…exposed.

      Let’s keep the pressure up, hold their arses to the fire, continue stripping the traitors naked, shaming them, and exposing their lies, before thrusting them into the cold, outer world.

      Field – going
      Davies – going
      Sullivan – going
      McLaughlin – going
      Meaden – gone
      Abbey – gone
      Mooney […to be ratified]

  2. So is Robinson, the victor in Upton, hard right ToryLabour or what?
    Can anybody either quell our fears or confirm the betrayal?

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