The High Cost of Recycling Trash


From time to time we like to catch up on the local government garbage that have drained public resources on Wirral like a gold-plated sewage pipe.

You may have your own favourite receptacle of filthy lucre (Adderley? Norman?  – the list is endless!) You know the type – everyone knew they were rubbish, they failed spectacularly, cashed the Wirral Council cheque and yet they still managed to pick up another gig with a gullible/desperate council elsewhere or if they were really,really bad and/or a particularly good bullshitter they could always go and get a job with the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

We have kept track of some of the most infamous Wirral Council cases in our occasional ‘Where Are They Know?’ updates. Someone who has featured in a couple of these updates has been Anna ‘Cash Cow’ Klonowski .  Read more here .

Admittedly Klonowski was never directly employed by Wirral Council but nevertheless made a cool quarter of a million for achieving the square root of fuck all when brought in to confirm what everyone knew then and still knows now – that Wirral Council is run by bullying,dishonest incompetents.

Klonowski went on to successfully cash in on the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) scandal in Rochdale before rocking up at Bristol City Council and lasting about five minutes as their Chief Executive. We now understand from the wonderful ‘The Bristolian’ blog that Bristol City Council Mayor ‘the Reverend’ Marvin Rees knows how things work in concentric council circles :

News is also in, courtesy of the council’s external auditors, that the £100k the Reverend handed to departing Chief Exec Anna “Big Wedge” Klonowski last year was a GENEROUS PERSONAL GIFT with public money from the Reverend and not a legally required pay off for her notice period as he claimed.

Full story here

Perhaps Klonowski picked this little trick up from her time at Wirral Council where they bestowed £100K + GENEROUS PERSONAL GIFTS  which were not legally required to bullying, dishonest incompetents Mike Fowler and Maura Noone, prior to the publication of Klonowski’s “Independent Review ‘ in 2012. Needless to say as you can read here this didn’t adversely their future career prospects – because local authorities have targets when it comes recycling trash and unfortunately we’re the ones that pay…







3 thoughts on “The High Cost of Recycling Trash

  1. G’day Leaky

    Love the photo on this blog.

    Is the trash photo?






    All that Wirral trash looks like shit to me.



    Do wirral a favour Lordy and don’t recycle this crud and dross.


    See there football team got beat in 96 minutes ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Losers like them. ha ha

  2. Lord Leaky

    It is as plain as a is what it appears, a local government conspiracy, to look after fellow pirates. A pirate jumps on sip with his booty , then signs aboard another .

    Whether they cruise the Caribbean, or the South China seas, the Mersey or the Solent, they remain pirates.

    • G’day Mate

      Good point but to me the likes of Tour, Foulkes, Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Ball, Adderley, Williamson, Doughty, Abbot all look more like


      than pirates

      Overfed fat arsed wombats if you ask me.

      Grazing in the top paddock fat faced arseholes that have no qualms about living “Philly “FUCKING” Liars” lies.



      There combined high blood pressure from lying converted to pounds would clear the national debt OR sink Britain.


      Why did they pay “Highbrow’s court costs of £10,000.00+ when he lost his case against them????

      Guilty as fuck eh Philly?

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