Tipping Point


It’s not an unusual occurrence when a concerned citizen writes to us out of sheer frustration after hitting a brick wall of politician’s indifference. Makes us wonder what Cllr Brian Kenny and Birkenhead MP Frank Field are being so coy about ? Yet another failure of planning and scrutiny by the ruling administration at Wirral Council? 


I refer to the rubbish dump that has appeared at the end of Cleveland Street adjacent to the police station.

Apparently this rubbish dump has a license as a recycling centre, although seeing as it has no power source it is difficult to see what it can be recycling.
The whole area is full of old settees and caravans and black bags full of God knows what. It recently went up in flames on bonfire night as you probably know.
I have contacted Councillor Kenny who informs me that he is lost for words and the Council is investigating as well as The Environment Agency.
Rats are regularly seen exiting the huge brick shed used as a rubbish store although I cannot remember any works being carried out on this derelict eyesore.
The council tip is one mile down the road, this official fly tip is being used to dump foul smelling bags and mattresses. It is 50 yards from a primary school, a church and residential housing.
It shows utter contempt for the people of Birkenhead to allow this now stinking sealed site to exist. I have had replies from Councillor Kenny informing me of his outrage but nothing yet as to who gave permission for this so called recycling centre to begin operations.

Also attached is letter from Environment Agency, I am yet to hear from Councillor Kenny re: who approved this strange business.

It’s the strangest recycling plant I have ever seen, unless they’ve come across a three piece suite recycling machine. The brick building has been derelict for as long as I can remember and I am 60 years old! People are now dumping mattresses outside.

Best Regards
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12 thoughts on “Tipping Point

  1. Dear Lord Julian I have passed the site on several occasions & seen it being filled to now overflowing and it will cost tens of thousands to clear this eyesore up. If the council licenced the “Recycling” center then it must have been to a registered company who have Directors with addresses so councillor get your finger out and get after the culprits you know who is responsible so get a move on and see these people are given full force of the law & Jail them and seize their home assets to cover at least some of the cost.

      • The company was registered in Febuary this year and according to companies house Letter dated the 6th November the company will be dissolved. So Mr Wyn has probably set up a company to get the waste recycling business instead has just used as a dump so councillors get your finger out and get after Mr Wyn asap.

  2. This seems to be standard operating practice for this sort of facility. There have been numerous similar cases across the North West over the past few years. The business model appears to be: 1) obtain a licence as a “recycling centre”; 2) charge less than licensed landfill sites to accept non-recyclable waste; 3) make a fortune; 4) find that your site is rammed to the rafters with non-recyclable junk; 5) set an ‘accidental’ fire to make space, and 6) assuming no-one in authority has noticed, start the process from step 2) all over again.

  3. No mention of the Kern brothers who own the land? and granted Mr Gareth Wyn
    from Wrexham a lease on the land

    God help Mr wyns new landlord! A local indoor market in his home town of Wrexham
    we’re he’s opened up his new venture GWs discounts

    Let’s hope when he clears of from there he leaves it a bit tidier

  4. BIRKENHEAD COMMERCIAL LTD OWNS THIS SITE ,THE OWNER MR JOHN JOSEPH HENNESSY & HIS WIFE SHARON GRACE ,,FORMELY ZONE FIRST,?? at wirral magistrates court on 06/april/2018 mr j j Hennessey pleaded guilty to burning huge amounts of rubbish on his site causing huge plumes of TOXIC SMOKE OVER BIRKENHEAD,INC,PLASTICS FURNITURE & EXCCELERANT, he was fined 10.000 ten thousand pounds, mr m buratti arson team manager for Merseyside fire & rescue said,fire crews had to attend this site 13 times to extinguish fires that had been lit on this site,involving a range of waste materials including tyres wood & plastics which gave off large volumes of toxic smoke, so were is the council now he knows all the labour Cllrs on the wirral ,especially Cllr phil davies Cllr brian Kenny Cllr jean stapleton, so the investigation by the council wont take 5 mins, or is this heading for another cover up, again.?? wonder if he,s paid his fine off ,or the council for him ?? all mates together..

  5. G’day Leaky


    Can’t follow this blog.

    Isn’t that a picture of wallasey Clown Hall full of crud and dross?



    Just recycle all 66 useless elected wombats for accepting and living “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s” lies over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off.

    No need even to mention Lyndale, Girtrell Court, junkets to all over the world and not bringing back anything.

    Luv ya La, are you missing us? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    ha ha ha ha

  6. Eco recycling NW Ltd Application to strike the company of the register 22/10/2018 Fist gazetted Companies House Ref Def6a/ 11185153 6th November 2018 . If i can find out this information surely the council can. This how originally they obtained the recycling licence filled the site with 1000 of tons worth of waste and then deregister leaving a huge problem for the council. Hopefully the council will go after Me Wyn & the landowners for an enviromental
    disaster .

  7. Who is to blame ? the council was informed months previously , the environment agency was informed months previously . By the time all of these public funded authorities woke up into the real world the damage was done and now we have another sh*t hole in Birkenhead . All local (hard working to pay taxes to these clowns )companies have just received a letter from the environment agency reminding us all of our responsibilities to dispose of waste correctly what a joke . These clowns are over educated over paid public servants with no COMMON SENSE .

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