Tales from the Chamber : Annual General Meeting

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The Wirral Chamber of Commerce (WCoC) AGM kicks off any minute now so we’d provide an alternative to the formalities. No doubt with their local connections the Chamber must feel as though they have gold plated protection from criticism from either us or the growing number of aggrieved former employees. However perhaps they’ll take more notice of their own ‘strategic partners’ –  well they are for now anyway!-  who have been getting in touch. It comes to something when their quite happy to share the Chamber’s  audited statutory accounts , revised Articles of Association and the agenda for the AGM. We wouldn’t want to spoil the excitement of tonight’s meeting by publishing them in advance but we would like publish this comment made by one of our sources about the accounts:

Chamber accounts……..less an income and expenditure statement which the
directors would rather not disclose!!!!!!
Moreover here’s a unique insight into how WCoC operates from one of their  ‘strategic partners’ which we guarantee won’t be aired at tonight’s meeting :
I work for a company who are strategic partners with the WCoC.
Well we are until the renewal date and then we will be leaving all together. What a disgrace. On more than one occasion we have used the cafe in the Lauries for dinner and seen the “Golden Girls” Paula Basnett, Kate Eugini, Sara Davies and I forget the other names, sat there drinking wine in the afternoon.
However, the main reason for my email is the Construction Forum run by Sara Davies. The summer forum saw us all at Thornton Hall Hotel (who were excellent by the way). The guest list was pure VIP!! Muse, YPG and Peel all there. Of course it was hard to speak to them because they were placed on a table at the front guarded by the “Golden Girls”. Did I mention the “Golden Girls” were necking bottles of Prosecco on the “Chamber” tab???? I saw 6 and I left at 7pm so God knows how many they had. Muse and Peel, once again, failed to answer any questions and “our chamber” failed to ask any questions.
Paula Basnett told me that she would be personally overseeing this!!! That’s a bit like Harvey Weinstein saying he will look after your wife!!!
I then attended the Construction Forum last month. Sara Davies promised the world, YPG, Carrol Build, Peel!! None turned up obviously, but then why would they when they had already told her they were not. They were placed there to attract people to the forum, which was awful!! “A talk from Jonathan Quinn”. Wow!!! I wont be slagging that gentleman off but let’s face it he brings nothing to the table does he!!!
I have also seen the 2 best members of the chamber staff leave (Lisa Furlong and my favorite Heather Heaton!!!). They both left having a gripe with the chamber!!!
They need new management!! And they need to start working FOR Wirral businesses!!!

29 thoughts on “Tales from the Chamber : Annual General Meeting

  1. I was having a clear out today and found this from 2009. A nice piece of hindsight on the subject of the insular peninsula’s liars, cheats and spivs.

    “WIRRAL COUNCIL BIG FUND… You don’t have to pay it back!”

    Well, WirralBiz’s directors certainly didn’t.

  2. But does not this show that when there is no punishment for failure then the transgressors grow more and more flagrant.Mrs Basnett can knowingly say she will ensure 60 pc local employment because she knows no-one will pick her up on it, and, if they do, she will remain unchanged.

    The evolutions we have seen demonstrate why in the small matter of Wirral biz I was so fervent in trying to place Councillors in a position with no wiggle room to avoid punishing civil servants..and yet they did not. So for example Adderley enjoyed a few years at the chamber which he most definitely should not have had.

    No punishment Leads to wider and wider liberties..Mr Adrian Jones take note!! O was not trying to take the teeth from a corpse but following the maximum of Voltaire when Admiral Byng was shot

    Pour encourager Les autres

      • Oh “Pretend Friend” Jones

        You are a cretinous, vile leach on wirral.

        May your evil doings with Davies, Adderley, Foulkes fester inside your little fat body.

        Just what you deserve you revolting specimen.



        Presume you are “PRETENDING” to be Santa again you fucking horror.

        Luv to wirralbiz and Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. A certain employee has just been promoted to a position which is 50% funded by WBC! Isn’t there a certain protocol to follow

    Just asking

    • Don’t be daft .
      Protocols, Equal opps, scrutiny,accountability are alien concepts.
      Being a relative /friend of Princess Paula or a refugee from Wirral Council are the only criteria required.

  4. er isn,t the lauries centre owned by, and built for the benefit of the locals,?? half of the cash came out of EU GRANT 2 MILLION POUNDS,AND THE OTHER 2 MILLION POUNDS FROM OUR LOCAL COUNCIL TAX, so why is it being run by l/coc,& being used by the local labour party for closed meetings & private parties, with all the locals excluded ,unless you go through the chamber of commerce,surely all these shenanigans are morally wrong at least,if not illegal,is it not about time it was looked into,pref by the fraud squad ??

  5. I wonder if the AGM will produce a statement of accounts showing salaries and expenses for the, apparently, self elected hierarchy?

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  7. Just done a company check on Mr Quinn, he has holdings in 6 companies worth -39k. Am I missing something, he’s giving speeches left right and centre. So thats what he’s built in 12 years as a chamber member!! surely he could have made more by simply taking bottles back

    • There is no stopping the bitterness, trolling and seeking out of crap with no substance from you all. Ive done a company check wow your investigation skills are second to none!!!! my companies are worth -£39k come down see the assets and orders for all 5 companies!!!. Have you actually checked anything come down meet with me I will explain all the good assets, growth and processes i have here UAE, USA & now India all helping growth and environmental impact locally, nationally & internationally. A person doesn’t need to explain their worth in £ just ask anyone who truly knows me about me & my legacy!!!. Rather than zero information crap & tittle tattle why don’t you all be positive for you community, charity or the environment you all have skills in the wrong direction its very very sad!!!. Just back from India massive growth opportunities for us all there update soon on your magnificent credible site. Im here to stay and spread positivity & LOVE not hate and negativity mixed with fake news!!!!!

      Enjoy your weekend folks, God Bless you all.

  8. The figures below include all assets within your companies, no long term wealth is being created within the companies, no bullshit, no hatred, just a credit checking companies facts.

    Mr Jonathan James Quinn holds 6 appointments at 6 active companies, has resigned from 3 companies and held 4 appointments at 4 dissolved companies. JONATHAN began their first appointment at the age of 29. Their longest current appointment spans 11 years, 0 months and 3 days at ENCAPSU WASTE UK LIMITED

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where JONATHAN holds a current appointment equals £9.3k, a combined total current assets value of £219.9k with a total current liabilities of £582.4k and a total current net worth of £-34k. Roles associated with Mr Jonathan James Quinn within the recorded businesses include: Director

  9. Tim if that’s your real name!!! this doesn’t show or prove anything other than you waste your time. I spend my time growing business you have to have losses when building companies with little funding. I’ve spent 6 years in R&D and only just going into commercialisation with 4 of them. Have you looked at the companies??? You don’t have any 2018 accounts filed on UK or no relation to any Global assets or shareholding or companies only appointments I own companies I’m not a director of. I know my worth! life isn’t all about money!

    My best abilities are starting something from nothing. I’ve wrote patents and invented world first products which are global. When business is commercial I have no interest in day to day. It’s the start and struggle & helping people develop that I enjoy. http://www.quinnovations.co.uk – Innovate Inspire Improve

    Why don’t you stick your full name personal details and search on the site with your information.

    Glad to see GDPR is high on your moral compass & the sites.

    Time will tell won’t it. I already have personal success for myself my family and the people I help. What is said has zero creditbilty like your ethos! Happy Saturday with time well spent well done.

    Again zero disruption to my goals! Look forward to more negativity to convert it.

    It proves you should spend your time more wisely but that resonates on this site. God bless

    Speaking at local school again Monday, giving my time again in a positive way!!!!

  10. what products have you commercialised?

    what are the patent numbers to these commercial products?

    I see no wealth creation within the trading companies, which goes against what you are saying in regard to products that have been commercialised.

    to me the commercialisation of a product results in profitable sales channels

    I do not see this.

    is quinnovations a holding company? If not you cannot use the word ‘group’ in regard to all the individual businesses you trade with.

    you state on the web site that quinnovations was formed 13 years ago, companies house suggest it was 6 months ago

    • Wow Big Tim **** the keyboard warrior still trying to call me out to be a looser but won’t reveal your real name. come down to our businesses see the good face to face.

      What have I commercialised see Blockwalls.co.uk & Blockwalls.org –
      We have designed and built giant lego walls for Chelsea flower show 2017 M&G Garden it won 4 gold medals and best in show photo with the duchess of Cambridge in front of our wall and pond.
      We have worked and supplied blocks for Veolia, Viridor B&M, Cita, Seddon, all major waste management companies as well as cross rail UK largest infrastructure project and if you drive down Tower road Wirral Waters blocks!!!! see the case studies. We have JV with one of the worlds largest Aluminium smelter suppliers in Dubai Dubal (Dubai Aluminium corporation) which our partner toll recycles blocks and Aluminium for UAE gov.
      We work with charities to grow and plant trees Wirral, UK and abroad. We are the only company with 87% recycled product which will be 100% by 2020!!! also we have PCT on having highest safest strongest wall due to a wall (not ours falling and killing 5 people Birmingham 3 years ago) we then invented the R wall making it higher safer and stronger! this sells to top construction companies UK under immediate sales and licence. This product stops walls from falling!!!

      Quinnovations is a new company to encompass the other companies in the group under 1 roof the companies under it fall as far back as 14 years ago. Most going through UK grant projects for R&D through to commercialisation.

      Sonox has 1000 units in production it was invented 18 months ago and gone through 12 months of testing before it goes to market. 500 units pre sold USA and EU 500 to sell when landed designed and made UK.

      PCB recovery has a major UK company, Swis & German EU grant partner and does test work for Foxconn who make iPhone and Samsung mobile phones and the worlds largest electronic company. We also have 3 new companies interested in India!!!

      RangeX only started March has an engine designed to extend EV cars range & cut range anxiety arrives from US early Jan will then go into car at LJMU, its original function was for a JV NASA project in Florida for a back pack generator for US special forces this is being made and supplied now 150 units PA. RangeX will also sell and supply change points 2019 under ChangeX

      I know most about start off, R&D spend and growing global companies Ive worked on projects from £5k to £150m but yet you still question. I agree with you but if you know business inventions its a money spend and a loss until commercial with start ups its called spend and risk with R&D. You will see a lot of me and my companies also the companies I help!!!

      I have nothing to prove but being an innovator and growing my companies even through difficult times with Carillon, forest and now interserve etc, Ive taken knocks business partners die, fires and cancer but get back up to prove I can do it to myself, family & colleges not YOU or Wirral leaks. I originally got involved in this because of trolling which now turned to me which I don’t mind I can take this all day long.

      I also help other start offs and 90% of my employees come first from income support back to work program so creates long ten employment, my shortest length staff is 2 years from LJMU and longest 12 years. How many do you employ? or help? others get employed my re employment legacy is in the 100s and we trained 3000 people over 5 years though DWP very successful.

      Search espacenet & write to the IPO for PCT for patents that will keep you busy Sunday. Metals recovery x 4, Blocks x 2 & ultrasonic cleaner. Or again come down nd read the files we are only in Bromborough.

      Instead of trying to catch me out, why don’t you help someone who needs it !!!

      You don’t see wealth creation that’s because you’re fixated with money. I see massive value & credibility creation with massive community and environmental benefits that’s why I have invested all my time and funds to these great causes and businesses. Why would I want immediate wealth Im growing these for long term to grow into business which employ people, reduce waste which will never create wealth only re invested into these and new projects. I don’t want wealth Im very very happy with my legacy thanks Tim.

      Again God Bless and enjoy your very very productive weekend!!!

  11. I am not trying to catch anybody out,

    If I do not see Money, I do not see sales, so it follows that you are not helping anybody as nobody has got your product because they have not bought it

    If you extrapolated your thinking across the UK, with many companies following your lead, the country’s GDP would fall.

    Amazon are famous for making zero profits for many years, with cash rolled into R&D and new products whilst building a strong balance sheet.

    You have said this is what you have done yet the balance sheets across your companies are very weak and as a group (your words not mine) they are insolvent to the tune of £-39k

    I look forward to your 2018 figures and I sincerely hope you do very well

    I will leave it there

  12. Happy New year

    so blackballs is “patent pending” see link below:


    yet these are a complete copy of these:


    some other guy tried to patent the same a few years back and came unstuck, apparently ‘legioblock’ has been patented since 2004

    Click to access o49615.pdf

    So whats going on here Johnathan? I’m baffled. Is it not illegal to claim something is patent pending when its not?

    • Hi Tim

      Happy New Year all the very best for 2019 may it bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

      My last reply was wanting you to explain your legacy how you have set the world on fire. How many lives have you changed or our local/global environment?

      My community knows my legacy! Check out my profile LinkedIn

      I will make some big announcements soon you will be first to know.

      If your chasing Quinn Technology enjoy it as it is dormant from trading after a deliberate fire when someone who didn’t pay me rent set 80% of that stock on fire and has 3 fires since!!!!, It hurt 4 of my other businesses cost me probably £80-100k I couldn’t even claim on insurance due to future premiums and my business partner died of cancer same day. But as you can see nothing keeps me down. God sends you a problem to create a solution! Also by the way QTL didn’t owe anyone any debt and not the crown. I took that pain to ensure the other companies & other business employees survived.

      Goodnight and God Bless and remember if your not making anything better your definitely making it worst!

  13. What about my Patent question?

    Nothing unique about blockwall right? lots of companies selling them?

    Do you have to pay a license fee to Legioblock for the use of their patented design?

    Oh and don’t start quoting John Haynes because that is the beginning of the end.

    • Patent is at PCT stage, there are many unique things about blockwalls we are the only company that have holes in the blocks so we can build a wall higher safer and strange than any of our competitors as well as self draining, check out the case studies on the website! we have unique formulas to give the blocks better properties especially environmental benefits. We actually licence our product out to others WE don’t licence anything from anyone! LegioBlocks is a competitor with far far less advantages than us, they put lead glass hazardous materials into their blocks as well as importing from Holland we make and only sell UK and licence abroad no other Block company is scaleable in the UK so if you can do your research again please or come down to site.

      John Hayes is a legend and massive nett contributor love him dearly.

      Again you not saying who you are? or what you do? so again Legacy rules, who will remember Tim?

      I still reach out and invite your down to Bromborough for the positive chat on how your skills and time can be far better utilised, have a great day fly with the eagles!

    • Tim Keyboard warrior Ltd turnover – Loads of bitterness – minus positivity!

      Again your key research skills are on point – 2 for effort
      I had on previous comments said we license our technology to companies in the UK and abroad! these only use D blocks which drain our other R blocks are horizontal for structural products hole has bars through for support its on our http://www.blockwalls.org site. Nothing new wrong comment again read what I have said please, we have patent at PCT stage anyone in breach will be stopped.

      You probably don’t have a cat.

      Your obsessed with value £££, value comes in more forms than cash £ I know you don’t know the other forms do some research on them, how many people has JH helped produce valuable companies and share positivity in times on need & desperation that value is massive, he is a lovely man and nett contributor, I will send him copy good idea!

      One of these posts you might actually reveal your true name, business and how you have helped your local, national or international community or environment!!!

      I look forward to that or again accept my invite to come down to site or any of our forum meetings you may catch the positivity bug so be warned.

      • The fact that Jonathan Quinn is a “mate” of Gary Millar just says it all!

        Check out the Twitter twatter feed for Jonathan Quinn, dear readers.

        Gary Millar = another pretender to success, a well-dressed ponce of an idiot who, with his partner, has spent the last twenty years feeding off Merseyside and its good people.

        Leeches. Worms. A cancerous growth. Insidious.

        John Haynes, Gary Millar, Ken Pye = excrement of the lowest order.

        Shit floats.

    • John Haynes is an ex-life insurance salesman, a financial services commission-based dinosaur.

      He, via his ICA company, preys upon the unemployed, depressed, distressed and desperate people of Merseyside. He ropes them in with false promises to his “motivational” courses for 2/3 weeks….then he invoices them for £1,000 each!

      “You can pay by instalments”!

      He’s a snake-oil salesman, totally opaque – devoid of any sincerity.

      He’s got a very big house in Liverpool though, not to mention the villa in Cyprus where he lives near to Derek Hatton.

      Let’s not talk about that other “bottom feeder” Ken Pye!

    • Agreed Tim bad management sorry but the accountant had passed away this situation is already rectified and sorted and we have put system in place not to happen again with any companies we run. Thanks!

      Again you have been invited to call down and make some positive contributions rather than looking and pointing from a far, there is nett contributions to be made to your community.

      Did you ever say what it is you do for a living and full name! have a great weekend and God bless

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