Christmas Cheer for Cammell Laird Workers


Pic : Ross Quinn, Unite


Very welcome news that the 291 planned redundancies for Cammell Laird workers have been rescinded just before Christmas.

However the fact that a ‘task force’ has been set up by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson to save shipyard jobs raises yet more questions about the role of Birkenhead MP Frank Field and his failure to publicly support the recent strike action. It is interesting to note that also on the ‘task force’ is Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies. We understand Pip even made an appearance on the picket line although  it was in the aftermath of high profile political and public support for strikers.

We have to say as an observer of local politics and local media that recent events have been a PR disaster for Cammell Laird’s current management and particularly CEO John Syvret who had to publicly apologise for claiming that strikers were  “pandering to negative stereotypes of Merseyside” . But then Syvret was given the platform to make such claims in the local media without initially any discussion of why strike action was considered to be necessary by unions. This was not just about redundancies but about the ongoing spectre of ‘casualisation’ which is something that the local media seems to have  belatedly acknowledged in the wake of widespread public and political support.

There may have been a Christmas truce declared in this particular battle but the war against employment practices which undermine workers rights continues…

5 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer for Cammell Laird Workers

  1. Davies, WBC and MP`s did absolutely nothing to save 60 jobs (a large proportion of whom had disabilities in one form or another) at our works despite being told by the Minister of Transport and the DVSA that their action in removing contracts from us was unjustified. It may well be considered that 291 jobs at lairds is more important than our 60 jobs but I bet not of the Lairds employees under threat were disabled. Thats Wirral Clowncil all over, couldnt give a s*it about the welfare of the disabled.

    • Not more important at all…and you’re right, the most powerful on Wirral don’t give a damn about the disabled . Although they make the right noises ,their actions speak louder than words.

  2. Great news about Lairds.

    imagine this temporary agreement won’t be a lot of skin off the parson’s nose of the huge, magnificent turkey resting on the dinner table inside the dining room of the detached, countryside palace (Billown Mansion, Ballasalla, Malew, Isle Of Man, IM9 3DL) of tax avoiding John Whittaker, Chairman of Peel Future Investments Limited, 75% owner of the Cammell Lairds shipyard and the man behind a personal fortune of £2.3 billion (which would be a little bit smaller if he did the decent thing and lived here so he could fund the NHS and the public services that his company relies upon) like the rest of us, placing him 31st on the Sunday Times UK Rich List, who enjoyed a bumper £10 million dividend recently along with a very small group of Cammell Lairds shareholders, including CEO John Syvret, just before they pleaded poverty and the need to sack hundreds of workers after landing a ship-building bonanza contract for Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels.

    No, I imagine it won’t because his pockets are very deep and his determination to cut costs at the expense of suffering workers…………. legendary.

  3. Some good news then but, it looks like we’re going back to the days of the ‘blocker men ‘ and the ‘docker’s tanner’

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