Tab Ends and Trees – Rubbish on the Streets of Birkenhead

Grange Road

Picture : Mercury Press & Media

We understand from that customers at one of Birkenhead’s more interesting and sophisticated shops were witness to a rather unfortunate incident. From our description you will all know we are not talking about a shop in Grange Road and to all you readers who’ve been in touch about the Birkenhead Improvement District (BID) ‘s idea of what constitutes a Christmas tree we won’t disappoint you and let this other unfortunate incident pass without comment . It comes to something when a ‘newspaper’ better known for lowest common denominator stories and littering Merseytravel trains sees fit to feature  Birkenhead’s ,er ,’tree’. The comments in the Metro article are priceless but the most telling for us is from ‘Lesley Thompson, 52’

‘Awful, isn’t it? Says it all doesn’t it for Birkenhead now. There’s hardly any shops now are there?

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There isn’t even ‘a Christmas tree’ there now either as vandals have helped put the Meccano metal monstrosity out of it’s misery. Whilst we’re not advocating vandalism , perhaps it was for the best, as scrap metal outside an empty shop somehow doesn’t scream ‘the spirit of Christmas’ to us.

However back to our main story which concerns a customer who was merrily browsing the stock in the shop we mentioned at the start . What is then described to us as a ‘uniformed ‘WBC’ litter monitor’ came in to the shop and started harassing him for allegedly dropping a cigarette end on the pavement outside. Apparently as this was disturbing for other customers they were asked to stop arguing or take their argument outside. The customer stayed, the litter monitor left saying he would be calling the police and waited outside the shop with another ‘uniformed litter monitor’. When the customer claimed sanctuary in the shop and didn’t leave the ‘uniformed WBC litter monitor’  reluctantly got in their car and drove away. Whilst the customers were willing to accept that a discarded tab end is littering they were aghast at the belligerent tactics that were being used.

The shop owner was apparently unable to tell shocked customers whether the ‘WBC litter monitor’ was from Kingdom Security or whether they were being funded from the Birkenhead Improvement District  (BID) levy. If anyone knows the answer please let us know. All we can say is that we can only imagine that it’s hard enough getting customers in through the door without them being harassed when they get in…


5 thoughts on “Tab Ends and Trees – Rubbish on the Streets of Birkenhead

  1. You couldn’t invent it!

    When are people going to realise the Wcoc are skanking all the bid levy payers
    as for their members brainwashed comes to mind

    Mr.big (JQ) has gone very quiet?

    • You have to wonder whether Jonathan Quinn of the Chamber of alleged Commerce had something to do with the scrap metal tree, he being an engineer and all that and very keen to recycle any old tat. Maybe this is why the tree has disappeared and he’s slunk back into the shadows?

  2. Maybe the Kingdom thugs have got a spring in their step following the council’s decision to protect the identities of their dodgy contractors’ bullies and grant them immunity from any potential disciplinary measures / sacking.

    It seems they can flex their muscles and do what the hell they like now, knowing they’ll be in the clear and won’t / can’t be identified. All paid for by our council tax, which will be going up again soon to cover it.

    According to the news item I saw today, the ‘journalist’ who supplied Kingdom with the following leaked WhatsApp message (and others):

    “What’s the official line on kicking little sh*t kids in the head? Is it a proper no, or just frowned upon…?!”

    …had REDACTED the names of the culprits, so Kingdom managers then took the opportunity of closing ranks and not disciplining them because they “didn’t know who they were”. The council fell into line behind this. All very convenient.

    Kingdom are quoted as saying, “Kingdom expects more from its staff”.

    As for us, following this hard right Labour climbdown and the protection of the bullies, we’ll be expecting more belligerence, more bullying and more harassment.

  3. G’day Leaky

    I am not going to comment on this tab ends in Birkenfuckinhell.

    I am waiting for your follow up article on




    Mate, they just go along with “Philly “FUCKING” Liars” LIES.

    They need disposing of in no particular order


    In it for what they can get.

    Name one of these fat two faced barstards that is under 15 stone.


  4. G’day Leaks

    I do apologise.

    I do want to comment on this item.

    How could I not mention tab end “The Stinking Ashtray” AdderlerleyDadderleyDooLally and his fag “The Chamber Potty”.

    They have been taking the piss and the big bucks out of wirral for years.

    They don’t want to do a days work hence Wirral “Funny” Bizz getting away with £2,000,000.00.

    They knew all about what was going on but he was in a smoke haze and she was poisoned with peroxide.



    Invest Wirral was as effectictive as The Chamber Pot.

    What a pair of lazy arseholes.

    Where does his ridiculous football shirt hang now Liverpool are in the last 16


    ha ha ha ha ha

    Missing you Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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