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Red Right

One thing that we failed to mention in our Exit Stage Left story concerned with Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin’s bitter and twisted ‘personal statement’ at Monday’s full Council meeting was her mention of the threat of  the ideological driven ‘hard left’ and those who have ‘no ideology but will do the bidding’ . Like that’s never happened before! For far too long Labour councillors have been willing to back all kinds of abuses of power as long as they got an easy ride and the only ideology at play was pure self interest.

However Matron may want to do some research as to whether the ‘lefties’ are quite as ideologically pure and driven as she makes out.Also at Monday’s meeting Bromborough Labour councillors Jo Bird and Joe Walsh vote in favour of building a housing estate with a golf course attached on  Wirral’s Green Belt. Perhaps they think it’s for social housing and communal sporting facilities and not luxury homes and an exclusive private golf course?

Another example of Matron applying the blinkers when it came to having a pop at former Labour council leader Yvonne Nolan and her being ‘parachuted in’ to safe Labour ward was when it came to up and coming Labour councillor Liz Grey. As you can see from correspondence we’ve received below there is currently a ‘wrong’ and a ‘right’ sort of socialist. Which is which is becoming increasingly hard to tell!


So as Frank Field prepares to embark on his new career as an ‘Educator’ with his new Free School for Birkenhead perhaps he has a position in mind for the rapidly rising star on Labour’s benches at Wirral Council

Elizabeth Grey ( Liz to the comrades) managed to convince the good members of Bidston St James to select her despite being another emigre . They also don’t seem to have a problem her being the Head of Religious Education at the prestigious (and private fee paying) Birkenhead School.

Comrade Grey obviously doesn’t see any problem with private education and would no doubt be an asset to Mr Field’s new school.Either way it’s reassuring that despite announcing his ‘retirement’ Phil Davies is still scrabbling around gettting as many of his place men (or women) into position as possible to try and force his Golf Course, Growth Company and privatisation of the NHS through before he leaves the people of Wirral to clean up his shitty mess…

6 thoughts on “Enter Stage Right

  1. Can I squeeze a mention in for self-declared Birkenhead Labour MP in waiting, “hard left” Councillor Tony Norbury who was in attendance at this meeting?

    On the one hand he was terribly upset that the Tory Mayor would not allow him to respond to hard right Independent Councillor McLaughlin’s toxic stream of bile, but on the other hand, he also voted to put his name to building luxury homes and a (Trojan Horse) golf course in Hoylake at the very same meeting.

    When you add that to the two disabled children’s schools that he voted to close and demolish during his SIX year tenure …

    … it kind of makes you wonder which political bed these chancers are sleeping in. Hard left … Hard right … or …

    … ££Soft££Comfortable££Duck££Down££Feather££Bed££?!

    Emphasis on the “duck down”.

  2. I’m done with democracy. Particularly their version of what democracy means. To them, the narcissistic sycophants who place themselves on the ballot paper and beg for our vote to propel them onto the path of glory, local celebrity and monetary reward, their version of what’s right, wrong, good, bad and what is or isn’t a democratic system of governance has little in common with what ‘we’ all believe in.
    And it’s not just upon the Wirral peninsular. It’s all over Blighty. This political era of self entitlement, we know best, and their holier than thou view of themselves has infested every single tier of our British political system. They’re all, every single one of them, detached from what does us good and affixed with super glue to an ideology of what does them good.
    There’s more, much more to helping the people and governing Wirral than tipping up at a Council meeting, talking bollocks, sticking your hand up and voting yay or nay on an issue that fucks us all up a little bit more as we slide ever closer to fiscal doom, social discord and a future opening for absolute chaos. It takes kindness, empathy, a sense of what’s right and wrong and above all, a sincere desire to help rather than hinder our fucked up society.
    Given what the parliamentarians have done to us all regarding our vote to leave the totalitarian neo communism, force for bad European Union, the goings on throughout all the Council Chambers across our once fair nation, I’m actually hopeful that a Dictator will soon emerge and tip the whole bag of rats into a sack and steer us all away from the political abyss that’s looming ahead of all of us.
    Yep! A Dictator. A kindly benign force for good who’ll rip up the old order of doing things, lay the foundations for some kindness and truth within our politics and then, after about ten years of him or her dictating this, that and the other to fix things for the better, he or she then quietly fucks off leaving a legacy that’ll allow us all to start again.
    In the meantime I will never vote again. For anyone. They can send the perfect human being up my path blessed with a shining aura of brilliance and kindlliness and who’ll be well schooled in the art of presentation and political persuasion and I’ll tell him or her, both sexes are equally capable of tapping on my front door waving a leaflet, ‘fuck off or be beaten senseless with this here four pound lump hammer’.
    They can all get stuffed. I no longer believe in the future prospect of orderly democratic rule and if John Brace’s coverage of Matron’s address to the Council Chamber is anything to go by, I’m not the only one out there who’s come to this conclusion. Give me some truth! And while I’m hanging about waiting for it, and deep down I fully realise it ain’t coming anytime soon, give me some public disorder involving something akin to what’s going on in France.
    Perhaps civil disorder and a bit of Ale House scrapping might just be the answer to our current predicament!

  3. Nothing new in Labour politicians sending their children to prestigious, fee paying schools which they publicly demand be closed in the interest of “social inclusion.”
    Ms. Abbott and “Holier than thou” Yvette Cooper come readily to mind.

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