Wirral Waters and That Sinking Feeling

FOOD BANK and 500 apartments for Seacombe

As previewed last week in Place North West  Council’s prime chronicler of  all things Wirral Waters/Wirral Waters One/Whatever last night’s  Planning Committee approved plans for 500 apartments :

A reserved matters application for Wirral Waters One, a 500-home project at East Float Dock in Peel’s Wirral Waters will be considered at planning committee next Thursday, with a recommendation for approval.

Along with an application for 430,000 sq ft of offices in a mixed-use creative industries quarter at Vittoria Studios East, the scheme was submitted in May for reserved matters, the two applications meeting the condition set at the granting of outline consent in 2012 over the phasing of development.

The apartment scheme is proposed by Peel Land & Property and Legacy, a company founded by footballers Rio Ferdinand, Mark Noble and Bobby Zamora. The JV said in October that it intends to start work on the Glenn Howells Architects-designed scheme next summer. Comprising a mix of 256 one-bedroom and 280 two-bedroom apartments, 20% of the scheme will be classed as affordable dwellings.

Turley’s planning statement said that is design terms, “the building façades utilise a mix of materials including corrugated sheet cladding and a pre-cast construction which will provide identity and character. Bold colours will complement the existing maritime environment.”

The project is funded by Aviva and also counts the council as a partner, Wirral having agreed a business case for the project at a cabinet meeting on 1 October.

Wirral Waters Apartments Set For Approval

As you can see on the webcast below Planning Committee Chair and serial liar Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes  (what could possibly go wrong? ) seems to be conceding that any idea that Wirral Waters is about business development has been thrown into the River Mersey with the International Trade Centre. It’s all about investment opportunities for second home owners now – but as we’ve asked before who is going to live in these so called ‘luxury’ apartments ?

Wirral Waters Planning Committee

The day after all this was approved it was announced that Chief council officer quits £115,000 post after just a few months . The Chief Officer in question being Brian Bailey , who is someone we brought to your attention when he was appointed in our  Peel, Pillow Talk & Forked Tongues post. We are left wondering whether Bailey’s decision to quit has anything to do with developments (or non-developments) or he’s been in touch with his old mucker from Blackburn & Darwen Council and former Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess? – ” What’s that you say Bri, Foulkesy is chair of the Planning Committee and  George Davies is the Cabinet member responsible all this ? They and their protector Frank Field were my undoing . My advice would be to get out before they’re out to get you!”

We also ask ourselves whether there could be another clue in the Place North West Wirral Waters promo :

No major issues with the proposal are highlighted by statutory consultees, with the only potential sticking point being a notification from the council’s housing officer that depending on level of occupation, some apartments could fall below the threshold of the Nationally Described Space Standards, although Wirral has in any case not yet adopted NDSS.

So basically can we deduce that Wirral Waters is to be reduced to rabbit hutches offering high yield returns for rich investors – if they can get anyone to live in them!





12 thoughts on “Wirral Waters and That Sinking Feeling

  1. Q. Who would move here?

    A. People with loadsamoney, no ambition, no concept of taste or culture, and who can’t use Google.

    So that rules out everyone, except crooks who don’t give a shit about living within the jurisdiction of a historically abusive, corporately bullying council and are only here to take what they can, exploit as many people as possible, then fuck off abroad before they get caught with their hands in the till.

      • Liptrot & Halliday should take this under the Wallesy Growth Company and turn it into a reality.

    • G’day Pe

      I think we will all find that JQ has been put in his place.

      Probably The Chamber Pot’s dunny cleaner where he can clean up all Basnett, Jones, Adderley and Davies shit.

      Doesn’t he know that at wirral nothing is said by any party or it might spoil all their jollies.



      Stay at em Peewee XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • JQ has definitely got a very wild imagination and I would
        say he feels very much at home with all the bullshiting
        strategic partners

        The crazy thing about they all pay to be one

      • James, I believe “Displaying a United Front” is the kind of disgusting euphemism that’s issued, rolled out, put up and nailed there on banners above Town Hall, Brighton Street and the relevant “creative hubs”…


        …to conceal the accumulating shite and distract us from the embedded crooks’ malicious, corrosive, self-serving antics.

        Behind it all, the sheer, ugly capacity for bullying, threats, smack-downs, inducements, rewards for bad behaviour and the squandering of our cash to prop it all up is a whole other story. Exactly how this succeeds and “works” could grace the pages of a non-fiction piece of literature as thick as a 2002 pre-Skype, pre-WhatsApp Merseyside telephone directory.

        Council Tax money is collected, stored, then Liverpool Central Station’s Martin Liptrot is rewarded with a fat cheque on the first working day after the 18th of each month and entrusted to crawl freely around this cesspit, selecting morsels of untruth, sampling them, tasting them, cleansing them, polishing the worst of the turds and doing the required deals that are needed to put out a “SPOTLESS” image, unchallenged by any moderating, exposing influence…

        …except for engaged members of the public like us, of course. We can be the determined group of yellow vests who destroy this charade.

        Fuck ’em… and their guilty friends and family.

  2. G’day Paul and you My Lord

    I was talking to “Highbrow” yesterday for the first time in ages.

    Nothing has changed regarding the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off.

    We whistleblowers have not had the Davies public apology we so deserve.

    If he thinks paying “Highbrow’s £10,000.00 + court costs is enough I will have to revert to calling him “Phil the Very Very Very Very, Slimy Elusive, Lying and Deluded Dill” instead of a much more accurate description “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”.

    I digress.

    What we were both agreeing on is that Jones, Jones, Adderley, Basnett, Tour, Ball, Armstrong, Foulkes and Davies and Davies must at some time, probably when they go to bed must

    regularly hate themselves

    they must feel ashamed

    they must feel disgusted with their actions.



    There lies will fester and eat them up.

    We were saying how we both sleep very well knowing we tried to save wirral £2,000,000.00 but were thwarted by the above scum bag arseholes pretending to be decent human beings.

    They are not.

    Apology please “Philly “FUCKING Liar”

    Luv you guys and “Highbrow” sends his regards. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Highbrow better be careful next time he is out running in New Brighton in his yellow high vis outfit…. he may find himself surrounded by Wirral Council Riot Police…. the ‘fucking French speaker’ will get what for… haha

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