Fun with Fascism


Oh ja, they did!…

We admit to be being late to the (Nazi) party with this one. But we couldn’t help presenting you with this stocking filler brought to us by an appalled reader before we move on to our Wirral Leaks ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Special :

It has been brought to my attention by a very upset /disgusted couple who bought tickets to attend a concert ‘Then and Now commemorating 100 years since WW1’

The charity evening held at Wallasey Town Hall was to raise funds for the Mayor’s Charities on Friday 30th November.

Apparently the evening included the comperes (2) wearing Swastikas and performing Nazi salutes, and wearing Hitler moustaches, all part of the elderly  comperes’ ‘comedy routine’

I am told the event was organised for the Mayor & Mayoress by 2 members of the Wirral Conservative party Sheila Clarke and Cherry Povall* ( one a current councillor and the other a past councillor) why would anyone find this blatant distasteful act acceptable.

My source also said the sound system broke down, and in their opinion the evening was poorly executed/organised.
Also in attendance (as guests one would assume) were the Deputy Lord-Lieutenant, and Mayors from other areas, heaven only knows what they thought.
This person also informed me that high ranking TA (Territorial Army) personnel were in attendance and I am sure they must have been very upset, disturbed and embarrassed at this clear display of fascism! Fascism is never funny in my opinion.
*who we’ve been since informed were allegedly responsible for ‘organising food’ only 
We can only disagree on one point and that is that in the right hands satire and bad taste can be a good thing when it comes to undermining fascism. Let’s face it – it’s our stock in trade.Think Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ or Mel Brook’s ‘The Producers’. Otherwise it’s Prince Harry in Nazi drag or that ‘situation comedy’ abomination ‘Heil,Honey I’m Home’  – crass ,embarrassing  and WTF were they thinking!?
But then Wallasey Town Hall is well used to harbouring right wing fanatics – it’s just a shame that most of them seem to be in charge of the local Labour Party!

10 thoughts on “Fun with Fascism

  1. It’s not really surprising that “comedy” Nazis should turn up at Wallasey Town Hall.

    Hard right Labour’s Jim Crabtree had a soft spot for “Britain First” according to his Facebook account. And look how well HE did inside the hard right Labour executive, rising to chair of the Fudge it and Risk It Committee before ending up in court on a charge of making a menacing phone call and landing a suspended prison sentence. What with a highly placed alleged racist occupying very senior councillor posts for many years, it indicates to me that possessing certain, “special values” is no hindrance to making good, steady progress !

    Back in the day, the Queen Mother herself was ready to put in a good word for her family should Adolf have forced himself upon her and our nation 75 years ago. What a wonderful example to set to wealthy, impressionable, unpatriotic types.

    This modern day propensity for Tory MPs and Tory councillors to secretly dress themselves up in Nazi gear when they think nobody’s looking points to a long and keenly held regret that good old, good sense fascism was never allowed to prevail.

    If the Fuhrer had gotten his wicked way, imagine how easy it could have been to slot oneself into the local Nazi party, speaking German, clicking your heels, oppressing the masses and getting all your people-wrecking, society-trashing policies through at the first time of asking.It would have been simply delightful; torture chambers, mass graves, far right blood coursing through one’s veins, fluttering hearts and hard ons all round. Tory Party heaven.

    Instead they’ve been forced to go along with this tiresome, desultory pretense ever since Hitler’s demise. “Oh, darlings, wasn’t it such a relief? How simply marvellous that good old Blighty fought off the Hun? And democracy, freedom of speech and human rights won through. And how spiffing for the frightful hoi polloi and the plebs that good sense prevailed and they got free public healthcare under the NHS without once making a contribution towards their hugely expensive care?”

    • Monsieur Cardin

      Let us not forget the Nazi Soviet pact, nor Pierre Laval, turning from socialist to despised first minister of Vichy, nor Ribbentrop pleading with Soviet ambassador en route to railway to return to Russia that Barbarossa was not my idea please tell them in Moscow

      All to demonstrate that politicians choose party or policy by expediency not conviction. The conviction led ones end up in the gulag or like yourself pushed out of polite society

  2. Turning on your own party here Leaky; looks like the Conservatives made a bad choice this time a bit like our very own Corbyn.

    • I cannot imagine Adrian’s charity collections will ever reach the interest to be earned on the lost £2m in the Marcus account of Goldman Sachs.

      A sop merely to cover decades of mismanagement and the covering up of the same

  3. Merry Xmas

    you great people of wirral

    The Lord of Wirral
    Paul Cardin
    Martin Morton
    Dr rum Doctor
    et al

    Have a wonderful Xmas

    You scum bag lying arseholes


    May your turkeys’ rise from the table peck your eyes out and shit in the holes.



    Luv you guys in the first list XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Second list stinks like lying shite.

    I promise to never let you forget what was done to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers until we get that proper public apology “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”.


    • Grazie mille!

      My dad was named after Mussolini – no lie! He was very popular in Italy you know…until a silght mishap in Abyssinia which lead to a bit of hanging upside down. Thankfully, the Italians were never really serious about fascism or war, Captain Bertorelli in ‘Allo Allo’ is a pretty accurate depiction of the Italian non-passion for war. They’d rather eat good food, drink wine and chase the ladies as a priority – especially English ones, which is how I got here. Nor sure what our Councillors are up to with their Phoenix Nights comperes, maybe they thought they were paying hommage to Blakey from ‘On the buses’ as he had a very Hitleresque nasal ferret.

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