The Twelve Days of Christmas : Day Nine – Wirral Borough of Culture 2019


We understand that in accordance with Wirral being picked as the Liverpool City Region’s Borough of Culture 2019 the public are being asked to devise a logo that encapsulates the cultural delights of the peninsula.

Details of the criteria can be found here

If any of you would like to share your artwork we’d be delighted to publish in our Wirral Leaks gallery.

As you know we’ve been long concerned about the culture of Wirral Borough Council rather than the culture of the borough and what’s more we suggested a rebranding of their moto/logo during their ‘ Annus Horribilus  of 2012. We felt as though their old   “By Faith and Foresight”  just didn’t cut it anymore  and suggested a “rebranding”. We’re wondering whether to submit our efforts as part of our cultural contribution to the borough along with the following explanation of our artwork.

SERVE MEDIUM DICO VERUM   – “Serve the public – tell the truth “.
 The crest will need changing too  – the bird on the top suggests we’re all being shat on from a great height.The horn should be appropriately replaced by a whistle and the trident is all too suggestive of the three wise monkeys ( hear no evil,see no evil,speak no evil) and as for the lions rampant with golden handshakes – well what can we say???…..We think it is appropriate to maintain the helmet – although perhaps in a more appropriate colour  –  our heraldic advisor tells us that  blue signifies truth and purple stands for justice.
Eldritch  (our former butler) – although not usually known to be “good with colours” –  advocates purple as he says a purple helmet would finish off Wirral’s coat of arms off nicely…….


3 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas : Day Nine – Wirral Borough of Culture 2019

  1. G’day Leaky

    Can you help me with my entry (or maybe yours).

    To represent wirral I think you could portray for me the perfect logo.

    Can you sit on your photocopier and have your bits dangling as well.



    If it is wirral it has to be clearly a male arsehole with dangling bits and haemorrhoids.


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