The Twelve Days of Christmas : Day Eleven – The Otter/Blott Incident

Joe Blott – the former Wirral Council Super Duper Director who inspired such admiration and reverence. 

When not gallantly attending Wirral Council meetings and recording the goings on for posterity it would appear that John Brace has taken to attending and reporting on Tribunal hearings. Up until now the cases have been fairly humdrum but we just had to comment on the latest featuring a certain ‘Leyland Otter’ v Wirral Borough Council.

Read more here: Senior Manager at Wirral Council dismissed for gross misconduct for email about Joe Blott

Now we didn’t know whether ‘Leyland Otter’ was an alias referencing a Beatrix Potter character – or if the definitions on Urban Dictionary are anything to go by – the best gay porn name ever! But no! apparently Mr Otter was Chief Investment Officer at Merseyside Pension Fund which is administered by Wirral Council.

However it would appear that Otter came a cropper by making offensive remarks about former Wirral Council Super Duper Director Joe Blott which inadvertently found their way to Blott via Mr Otter’s friend Mr H (we don’t know if this is the fella from Steps but nothing would surprise us in this astonishing story ). For those who are interested to find out what a toxic and dysfunctional organisation Wirral Council is, was and always will be it will be really informative to read the Tribunal decision notice here

More specifically Otter’s offensive comments read as follows :

Nigbo’s witch doctors voodoo spell on Blotto seems to be working quicker than I anticipated!

Hope the CUNT is in the primary stages of inoperable brain bum hole and liver cancer and that his demise is lingering and agonising which is no more than that deceitful, lying corrupt piece of SHIT OVERPAID FUCKING CUNT deserves!

We will finish the FUCKING TWAT off when we incinerate the CUNT on BONNYNIGHT!

Hope you are practicing the dance and chant that I forward to you from NIGBO’S WITCHDOCTOR.

FMB The Marsh will be wondering WTF IS going on in the garden when we get going….like the LAST ONE with NSG although…..mind you….he might have found something to WARM HIMSELF UP avin GREAT SEX in the compost heap(s) or out in the Jigger!”.

Oh dear that’s not very nice is it ? But then we can’t say we’re particularly sympathetic to ‘Blotto’ as as far as we’re concerned he and current Wirral Council CEO David Armstrong are the senior officers most complicit and collusive in the biggest cover up in Wirral Council history and therefore, whilst not condoning some of the Anglo- Saxon language, we can certainly agree with the ‘corrupt’ bit. But then what does Blotto care about how he’s perceived by his former colleagues with his record breaking £390,000 pay-off , which ironically included pension contributions?

Meanwhile if his Freedom of Information requests are anything to go by (read here ) we’re sure Mr Otter would have some interesting information concerning the administration of the Merseyside Pension Fund and particularly about the chair of Pensions Committee and soon to be ex -councillor Paul Doughty. Hopefully he knows where we are…

14 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas : Day Eleven – The Otter/Blott Incident

  1. Hmmm.

    Would it have worked the other way around if Blott had sent an email Blotting the Otter and the Otter had lodged an internal complaint against the Blotter?

    Probably not, er, because the Blotter was a right f*cking slippery Del Boy Trotter, a hypocritical Snotter, and the Otter would have come a cropper.

  2. G’day Leaky

    What a pair of slimy arseholes

    Blott on the wirral landscape and “Legweak” and integrity and honesty weaker.

    I actually saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears the former in that courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters lying his arse off “not recalling” ad nauseum and having had numerous meetings but not writing a note.

    What a super duper director.

    Not quite up their with “Philly “FUCKING” Liars” bessie The Stinking Ashtray that is AdderleyDadderlyDooLally but more like a turd on Addles shoe.



    Happiest of happy New Years Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Ps Lordsville

      I bet the Blott on the wirral landscape took notes at his payout meeting the vile cretinous moron.




  3. All the hallmarks of WBC contained herein.

    At the highest level internecine wars and extreme nastiness. Vendettas dissembling well we all know the story.

    Yet Mr Otter is deprived of his money whereas a financial officer who lied and dissembled in reports re ISUS and the big fund gets to retire on pension and with £47 k.

    I count my public service whistleblowing as enough charity to last my lifetime. When first I reported to WBC I innocently knew nothing of the depth of corruption there, boy did it cost me dear.

    I had never read wirralleaks nor Paul Cardin both of which are required reading.

  4. If there is a Hell, the soul of Blott will be cast down, fighting, raging, screaming, and consigned to its deepest, darkest recesses for ever and for “alway” .

    If there is a Heaven, the soul of Otter will swim through a sparkling, bubbling stream, where he shall hunt and eat succulent, golden trout and sit on the bankside, in perpetual joy, and grooming his silken coat for all eternity.

  5. I admit I feel sympathy for the Otter. Twenty years , over 50, with enhanced redundancy rights..all lost.

    And yet so many bad bandits have made it to redundancy regardless of their DEEDs not their words.

    This dismissal one day before redundancy was churlish and vindictive. Evidence there is that Blott has lied so how does a liar have feelings to upset?

    This is once again law buttressing the status quo rather than seeking justice

    • Bainbridge didn’t write the story tho’ .
      It was ‘Local Democracy Reporter’ Tom ‘Media’ Houghton who was late to the party on this one.
      Not so much ‘captured’ as ‘prostrate’

      • Yes, Bainbridge has just departed the Liverpool Echo, the other day. I mentioned him because he’d tweeted to say he was working on a tribunal story about a man called Leyland Otter. I find Bainbridge’s snooty, haughty smugness bordering on difficult to bear. I’ll assume he’s off to The Guardian now to fulfil his middle class, right wing dreams and ambitions.

  6. Beggars belief everyone seems to have reacted to the “c”word.. hr ,senior management judges etc .. but not the other c word CORRUPT.. the man has clearly been pushed to the edge of his personal beliefs , looses it and conviently gets a gross misconduct … as an outsider tax payer I can see through the expletives and ask the question why did Mr Otter profusely dislike Blott ( and the answer isn’t because everyone else did) ??

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