Frank Field’s Bread and Circuses (Special Royal Edition)

Red Braces

“Listen Janette dear, I’m well aware of your Republican tendencies but the Royals have their uses in times of trouble so do be a sweetie and step away from Twitter next week… and anyway never forget I’m more regal than any of them…”

Of course we couldn’t let the news pass that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Prince Harry and Meghan) were visiting Birkenhead next week following the invitation from its MP Frank Field. Needless to say Frankenfield is ‘delighted’ as desperate times call for desperate measures and is there anything more desperate that roping in the royals to prop up your popularity and putting out the flags when support within the local Labour Party is flagging?

Will Frankenfield be showing the royal couple round the town he likes to call ‘Beirut’ and which is inhabited by people he refers to as ‘scallywags’ ? Needless to say local measures to tackle violence,poverty ,deprivation and anti -social behaviour will be highlighted on the royal mini-tour of the town which we are sure will leave a lasting and positive impression. But let’s not forget a trip to see the Wilfred Owen statue shoved to the side of Hamilton Square. Just let’s hope Prince Harry doesn’t don his Nazi regalia as our Fun with Fascism story highlighted it seems to be de rigueur on Wirral for someone to rock up at a World War One commemoration dressed up as a fascist.

prince nazi

We’re not sure that an introduction to Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘ Power Boy Pip’ Davies is not such a good idea though . What if one of the nation’s sweethearts asks the usual royal question “And what is that you do? …”  They might be in for a bit of a shock at the answer but then let’s face it Pip is unlikely to answer truthfully is he?

Perhaps a better option to be a guest of honour would be ardent royalist Cllr Janette Williamson – she must  want to enquire how Prince Harry’s dear grandpapa is, for as we know from this story she takes a particular interest in the wellbeing of the Duke of Edinburgh…






11 thoughts on “Frank Field’s Bread and Circuses (Special Royal Edition)

  1. Who will take presidence…..Princess Meagan or ou very own Princess Paula (surely she of the Chamber will make an entrance!)…

  2. Frankenfield should be showing Harry and Meghan the New Ferry bomb site. Could be a master stoke in tellnig them that the government he hates (or does he these days) haven’t put a penny to support those people who have lost businesses and homes. He could even spill the beans that Wirral Clowncil even charged home owners to fence off their properties after their homes had been damaged by the explosion.

  3. “Lefty” Williamson was plying me for information on Twitter back around the time she slagged off the Duke. And flattering to deceive.

    But not long after being elected, I was blocked and the betrayal of her voters commenced in earnest. So here she is today, with bogus, stated principles lying in tatters.

    Having brown nosed and sucked up to the hard right, ascended to their ranks on the abusive executive, she’s extremely happy to cut jobs, prop up austerity, close down and demolish disabled children’s schools and to continue doing the dirty on all those hoodwinked people who believed her election leaflets were slightly more valuable than used toilet paper.

    Which they weren’t.

  4. Why do some people wear bright coloured bracers? There’s got to be a reason behind it all. Tropical birds employ bright lurid colours to attract a mate, as do other creatures of the Earth who swim, crawl or fly in order to increase their numbers. Can Frank be that much different to other creatures of the planet who want to get penetrated or be penetrated for the purposes of love?
    Now I’m not suggesting for a moment that Frank wears red bracers in order to propagate our species and become subject to a physical act of love. You’d be an odd sort if you did and I’m not that odd.
    But, wearing red bracers is clearly a form of signalling. Quite what the signal is I’ve no idea but he’s definitely saying something to those of us who can get easily impressed by bracers that are coloured red.
    Perhaps red bracers are a sign that the wearer is a person of prominence and deserving of admiration. Perhaps the wearer missed out on the last belt on the shelf in Saville Row or perhaps, just like the Natterjack Toad that croaks particularly loudly just before spawning and turns a bright hue of crimson red just before the spawn gets fertilised by another toad, Frank is genuinely looking for love.
    God only knows! And he or she does. God knows everything. His or Her godly omnipresence would quite quickly be able to explain why Frank wears red bracers whilst serving the people of the Wirral who’d sooner use a belt than wear bracers and take the chance, a pretty good chance, that if they walked into a local Pool Ale House wearing a set of red bracers, the likelihood would be they’d get a good kicking and thrown through the door to shouts of ‘fuck off Frank’.

  5. BOOMERANG… for H & M (Harry and Meghan)

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (James Griffiths, the Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

    • Happy New Year “Inty”

      Utmost respect to you my darling but everybody knows that

      H & M

      stands for “Highbrow” and Me

      in no particular order me being named as Whistle Blower 1

      Not quite as loud as “Highbrow” but equally as proud to have tried to save wirral £2,000,000.00


      Being thwarted by Jones Jones Tour Adderley Davies Davies Foulkes Wilkie Norman Burgess Armstrong Basnett Ball Bradbury

      Luv ya La xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



      The star of the show of course being “Philly “FUCKING” Liar may he resign from Tranmereiedre and rot in fucking hell.

      After he publicly and properly apologises to H & M

  6. How the hell has this washed up, corrupt pantomime dame been allowed anywhere near royalty .. and who made him a Wirral ambassador ?? i am deeply deeply ashamed that his dishonourable lying mouth has been allowed to speak on our behalf .. 🤨🤨🤨🤬🤬🤬..

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