Brexit – For or Against?

A couple of Wirral Leaks readers have been in touch seeking clarification on last night’s Brexit vote after hearing on the BBC local news that ALL North West Labour MPs voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal. This would appear to be very poor reporting or deliberately misleading information from the BBC – nothing new there then!

The confusion arose after they’d earlier received this message :

frank brexit

Here’s how the Liverpool Echo reported how Merseyside MPs voted :

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 07.22.33

We  await with interest how today’s ” No Confidence” vote in the House  of Commons goes. We know at least one North West/Merseyside/Wirral MP who won’t be looking forward to a General Election should Theresa May lose …


13 thoughts on “Brexit – For or Against?

  1. It becomes even more apprent just where Wirral Council Cabinet has been led and orchestrated in the devious, underhand, behind closed doors manipulation for over the last few decades. Remember when you vote always “Pick a New Face”

  2. Frankenfield did not earn the nickname “Red Tory” for no reason. He is a true blue conservative and always has been but like the proverbial double agent he wormed his way into the Labour Party and stayed there for decades. He has built a career as the supposed authority on poverty since 1979 and during this time one could argue he has deliberately engineered it so Birkenhead has become the number one place for poverty and deprivation in the UK.

    He has sacrificed an entire town and helped cause enduring misery for thousands of families in Wirral. Before you launch into listing all his achievements, think about how the Frankenfield marketing engine works. He will put his name on any good news story as long as it makes him look good, fits with his profile as anti-poverty campaigner and allows him to expand his control or influence. If you doubt this just look at his record over the past 39 years compared with the alleged achievements of the past two years.

    Initiatives such as the poverty supermarket, feeding Birkenhead, Royal visit etc are more about high profile initatives to promote Frankenfield than they are about seriously doing anything about relieving poverty and suffering in Birkenhead and the wider Wirral. It is all a marketing machine to push the Frankenfield agenda of making him look good. Proof of his loyalties lie in the way he voted for the Conservative Brexit policy when all other North West MPs voted against it.

    • We’ve been singing this song for years. A cynical poverty tourist with a warped Victorian moralist world view. Oh and he’s a corrupt hypocrite,let’s not forget that. That’s a song we hope to be singing from the rooftops very soon…

  3. Wirral Council employ Kingdom litter enforcement knowing they have been kicked out of Liverpool and the illegal activities they use, the same staff are imported to Wirral….look for the WhatsApp scandal, ignored by Wirral Council.

  4. A Civil War beckons. The UK is finished. Scotland will be independent, and rightly so. Ireland will be reunified, and rightly so.

    There is no “British Identity”.

    Warm beer on a Sunday afternoon and a piss-poor cricket match.

    Goodbye UK, goodbye Britain, goodbye England.

    A 97 year old wanker driving his new Range Rover! This country is a joke.

    RIP UK.

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